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Mercer Island Library Board - Agenda     
Monday, January 22, 2018


Chair Mary Kay Woolston called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm at the Mercer Island Library, Mercer Island, WA.
Chair Mary Kay Woolston, Assistant Chair Richard Winslow, Board Members Sara Berkenwald, Alice MacCormack, and Lori Robinson were present.  City staff was represented by Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director and Tammy Bodmer, Parks & Recreation Senior Administrative Assistant. KCLS staff was represented by Debi Westwood, KCLS Library Regional Manager.
Board Members Sandi Lindstrom and Tim Ong and City Council Liaison Salim Nice were absent
Minutes for November 27, 2017 meeting were approved as submitted.
Agenda Item #1 Open Public Meetings Act Training – Ali Spietz, City Clerk

Ali Spietz, City of Mercer Island City Clerk distributed handouts with information about electronic communications in relation to the Open Public Meetings Act, parliamentarian procedures and meeting minutes. She gave a brief training on how the board should follow these rules/tips and answered any questions that the advisory board had in relation to the rules that govern these issues.

Speitz also explained that the MILB was not subject to the OPMA rules since they are an advisory board and not a governing board, however, the city does require all its boards to follow the rules.

Agenda Item#2: -  Electronic Resources – Debra Westwood

Debi Westwood, KCLS Cluster Manager, presented on virtual resources that the KCLS offers. She highlighted three resources to include RBDigital Magazines, Consumer Reports and (video training library). Westwood demonstrated how to navigate these options. Board members inquired about the public’s knowledge about the resources and how to get the word out about their usefulness. Westwood stated that KCLS can do training sessions at community meetings.
Agenda Item #3:  KCLS Board Updates
Lori Robinson, board member, updated the board regarding the new KCLS Library Director. Lisa Rosenblum started her new position this month.
Board Member Comments –
Mary Kay Woolston, Chair, asked the board to make lists of who they can all actively share the electronic resources with that Debi Westwood presented this evening.
Dick Winslow, Assistant Chair, and Lori Robinson, Board Member, both shared their concerns regarding a letter from Julie Underwood, MI City Manager, regarding the MI Library Board’s charter and role. Bruce Fletcher, MI Parks & Recreation Director, agreed to discuss further with Underwood.
KCLS Staff Report – Library Activities Report

  • Update on start date of Lisa Rosenblum – January 16, 2018

  • Friends Day event – morning of 4/7/18 – Library Advisory Board Forum – Lisa Rosenblum will attend

  • Linda Ernst, Children’s Librarian did a Facebook live event about Importance of play. It can be found on the MIYFS Foundation Facebook page.

  • Lucky day collection has many new releases available for 2 week checkouts

  • Chairs in the children’s section will be cleaned

  • Upcoming spring programs were shared – several STEM related

Mercer Island Staff Report
Bruce Fletcher announced his retirement date as April 30, 2018. Diane Mortenson will become the new City Staff Liaison and will attend the March meeting.
Agenda Items for Next Meeting

  • Discussion on proposed changes to MILB charter – Dick Winslow

Announcements & Communications
Angst film viewing at the High School 
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, March 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Mercer Island Library.
The Mercer Island Library Board meeting was adjourned at 7:34 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Tammy Bodmer, Senior Administrative Assistant


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