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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Call To Order:

Chairman Jim Owens called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call:

Jim Owens, Chairman, Rita Moore, Vice Chairman, Bill Duvall, Don Cohen, Diane Kinman, and Marguerite Sutherland were present.  Sven Goldmanis was absent.



Paul West, Arborist, and Stephanie Cangie, Admin Assistant were present.



There were no public appearances.



Minutes of October 7 were approved with the following changes:

1.  Forest Stewardship – The last sentence should read: Trustee Owens, Sutherland, Duvall, and Kinman will phone possible attendees a week before the workshop.

2.  2005-2006 Work Plan – Council Presentation – The last sentence should read:  Trust Board members are encouraged to attend the November 1 Council meeting.

3.   Pioneer Park Trail Guide/Signage/Maps – The first sentence should read: Paul has printed several hundred trail maps.  Insert a second paragraph that reads:  Trustee Duvall asked about the possibility of constructing kiosks at the main entrances to Pioneer Park on which a trail map and trail information could be displayed.  Trustees agreed that a kiosk could be helpful to park users.  Pete Mayer indicated that the Parks Department will develop a standardized design for a trail kiosk for all of the city’s parks that could be used for Pioneer Park.  Pete will include Pioneer Park in planning for the kiosk design.

4.   New Business – Insert at end of paragraph: Pete will return to the trustees with suggestions for responding to this concern. 






The boundary encroachment brochure and letter were mailed on November 1, 2004 to property owners whose property abuts Pioneer Park.  Copies were provided to the Trust Board.  Trustee Moore offered to help with planting plans for those encroachers who contact the City for help with restoration, once the encroachment has been removed. 


Forest Stewardship Meeting 10/28/04

Ten people attended including four Trust Board members.  Suggestions by attendees included the following:

1.  Create a brochure to encourage seniors to volunteer

2.  Create an e-mail account for volunteers to report their hours

3.  Schedule some of the volunteer projects on Sundays rather than only on Saturdays

4.  Create a flyer to encourage school service learning.


Fall Planting Day 11/6/04

There will be six Earth Corps volunteers who will lead the other volunteers.  These Earth Corps volunteers have been working in Pioneer Park all summer.  There are two projects planned:  planting of shrubs in the back yards of two homeowners who have adopted the park area behind their homes in the northwest quadrant, and the planting of 300 trees where the invasive removal was done this summer.  Irrigation supplements will be planted with each tree to provide less water stress for the new plantings.  Paul will provide “cheat sheets” telling the volunteers how to plant the trees.  Trustee Duvall has put up the signs, and Chairman Owens will help man the sign-in table.  Staff will submit a photo and article to the Mercer Island Reporter.


Pioneer Park Maps Distribution

Trail maps have been distributed to the Library, the Chamber of Commerce, and at the trail head on 68th.  Paul will create a supply.  Other suggestions for distribution included QFC in the coffee area.  



Paul will provide Trustee Moore with a disk of photos from the summer planting. The next recreation guide comes out in early December.  Staff will prepare a teaser directing readers to the web site.


Dogs in Pioneer Park

At the next meeting in January, Pete Mayer will report ideas for signage that encourages dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash or under voice control while in Pioneer Park.  Trustee Duvall suggested that a sign with language that takes an educational approach could be rotated by the Trust Board members to different parts of the park.





SE 68th Power Line Project

Paul reported that he had a group of Earth Corps volunteers working on doing more in-depth evaluation of the trees along SE 68th but has not reviewed the data yet.  There are trees along the south side of SE 68th Street to the east of Island Crest Way as you go down the hill towards East Mercer Way.  There are power lines that run along the south side of the street and in 1997 the City and Puget Sound Energy took on a project and they took a lot of trees underneath the power lines that had historically been falling into the lines and causing power outages.  That was the first phase of the project that was to be continued by taking out more trees to the side of the power lines that are inside Pioneer Park and that phase was never done. After walking through the area with the Puget Sound Energy forester in the spring, he pointed out 18 trees that are in imminent hazard to the power lines.  Paul wants to include root rot trees that could also endanger the power lines. All the trees along that edge were topped 15-20 years ago to protect the power lines; however, the re-growth is weakly attached and ready to fall onto the lines.  The forest management plan calls for new conifers that will be compatible with the power lines that will create a forest edge that will be able to stay there, resist root rot, and provide the canopy needed.   


Chairman Owens suggested that a public meeting and walk-through be held prior to the work starting to educate people as to why the work is going to be done. He also suggested information signs near the park area beforehand.


There is funding in the Forest Management Plan to get this project underway during the next two years.


Paul will come to the January meeting with a plan on how and when to proceed with this project.


Open Space Trust Board Brochure

Chairman Owens will review the mock-up trifold brochure prepared by staff and get it ready for the Board to look at in January.


There will be no meeting on December 2 due to the Luther Burbank Master Planning meeting at 7 p.m. at Islander Middle School in the Library.   Next Open Space Trust Board meeting will be on January 6, 2005.


Adjournment:  8:45 p.m.


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