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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Call To Order:

Chairman Rita Moore called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call:

Rita Moore, Chairman, Diane Kinman, Vice Chairman, Don Cohen, Jim Owens, and Marguerite Sutherland were present.  Sven Goldmanis and Bill Duvall were absent.



Pete Mayer, Director; Paul West, Arborist, Stephanie Cangie, Admin Assistant were present.



Motion by Trustee Owens seconded by Trustee Cohen to approve the minutes of February 3, 2005 with one correction on page 3, change the spelling of Council Member Grausz to be spelled, Grausz, not Graucz.  Unanimously approved.


Public Appearances:

Kelly Kirkland, volunteer program coordinator from Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, introduced herself to the Board.  Paul reported that last year the City partnered with Mountains to Sound in Upper Luther Burbank Park.  This year they will work in four parks, including Upper Luther Burbank, Mercerdale Hillside, Island Crest Park, and Pioneer Park, on a rotating basis.  They hope to recruit adult volunteers to work on Thursday mornings on Mercer Island.  Kelly posts these volunteer opportunities on the Greenway’s website, United Way, And


Old Business:


Chairman Moore has completed the March 2005 Trillium to be posted on the City’s Web site. The Trust Board reviewed the text and photos, offered a few changes, and directed staff to post it to the web. 


Letters to Encroachers

Paul and Pete have received phone calls from some of those who received encroachment letters.  Some of the folks have taken care of their encroachment.  Staff will report more results at the next meeting.


68th Street Powerline Project

Paul reported that the trees have been removed by Puget Sound Energy, some logs were removed for stream restoration, and the holes were dug for the new trees.  Earthcorps is planting this week.  


Trust Brochure

The Board reviewed a draft of the brochure and made several suggestions.  Another draft will be presented at a future meeting.


Trail Reports

Trustee Owens walked the northwest quadrant and noted that it looked good.  Trails were in good condition; a lot of people were using the area.  Trustee Duvall walked the south east quadrant and has sent a report to staff.  Trustee Moore reviewed the northeast quadrant and is concerned with the off trail use.


During the next month the following Board members will walk portions of  the three quadrants of the park and report at the April meeting:

Southeast quadrant – Chairman Moore

Northwest quadrant – Diane Kinman

Northeast quadrant – Don Cohen


Written comments need to be sent to Paul West before being distributed to the Board.


Comprehensive Plan

Motion by Trustee Cohen, seconded by Trustee Kinman to have Chairman Moore send a letter to Dan Grausz suggesting that the amendments of the Comprehensive Plan in Parks and Open Space Policy Section 11.10 should include a reference to the Forest Management Plan and the Open Space Vegetation Plan.  Motion unanimously approved.    The second reading of the Plan is set for March 7, 2005.


Meeting with Earthcorps

Paul will contact Earthcorps and ask them to come and make a short presentation to the Trust Board.


Adjournment:   8:54 p.m.


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