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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Call To Order:

Chair Barry Massoudi called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm at the Mercer Island Library, 4400 88th Avenue SE, Mercer Island, Washington.


Roll Call:

Present: Barry Massoudi,  Erin Curtiss, Judy Leithe, Beth Brennen, Katalin Pearman, Margaret Minnick,  and Councilman Steve Litzow.

Absent:  Susan Landon, Sandra Schilling

Staff Present: Jennifer Berner, Stephanie Cangie



There were no public appearances.



It was moved by Member Beth Brennan and seconded by Member Erin Curtiss to

Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of February 9, 2005 as written.

It was seconded and the motion passed.


Treasurerís Report:

Jennifer Berner advised that the Cityís Finance Department will be able to set up its report printing for the Arts Councilís budget so it matches the new budget format developed by the Arts Council


Chairís Report:


The Council received a document from Chairman Massoudi outlining the Recruitment Process, Orientation Process, Roles and Election Process for the Arts Council, and Public Input Process.  Motion by Member Beth Brennan and seconded by Member Judy Leithe to accept the contents of the document as written and develop a ballot for the May elections using the following model:

1.       Council members will have at least three choices in mind for a program assignment for the next 2 years

and bring those choices to the April meeting

2.       At the April meeting, Jennifer Berner will facilitate and write everyoneís choices on a board/paper visible to the entire Council

3.       Council members will negotiate and discuss if there are any program assignments sought by more than one person

4.       If there are any positions sought after by more than 2 people, the final decision will be made by the Excecutive Board and announced and voted on at the May meeting.

Motion unanimously approved.


Member Beth Brennan suggested that the public input process be focused on a specific project.  Chairman Massoudi suggested that the public be asked for their ideas on what other program areas they would like the Council to consider.    Motion by Member Beth Brennan and seconded by Member Judy Leithe to keep the Public Input Process as part of the document.  Unanimously approved.


Draft Ė Roles and Relationship Guidelines

Motion by Member Margaret Minnick and seconded by Member Erin Curtiss to accept the contents as written of the document, Roles and Relationship Guidelines.   Unanimously approved.


 Performance Arts:

Member Beth Brennan reported that the performers for Mostly Music in the Park have been selected.


Member Brennan also reported that the Sister City Art Exhibit is a permanent exhibit offering 40 or 70 paintings.  Jennifer Berner will evaluate the space available in the new community center to determine the number that can be accommodated.  Jennifer Berner asked Member Brennan to find out how long the Sister City exhibit will be kept as the Gallery Committee will want to schedule the exhibit space.


Member Brennan attending the King County Performance Network/4 Culture meeting.  The King County Library System will pay for two performers:  one is a literary performer who will perform at libraries and the other is a pantominist who will perform at Southcenter.  Member Brennan requested two performers for Mercer Island.  One is a chalk artist and hopefully King County will pay for this performer.  The other possibility is a three-person strolling performer costing between $1,665-$3,200.



Member Judy Leithe shared the upcoming literary events as advertised in the Spring/Summer Recreation Guide which will be available to the public on March 25, 2005.



No report.                     



No Report.


Public Art:

Member Margaret Minnick distributed copies showing an art piece created by Wayne Chabre and suggested it be considered for the outside of the new community center using some of the 1% for the Arts funds.  The cost is $25K.  Motion by member Beth Brennan and seconded by Member Katalin Pearman that the Arts Council investigate some options for choosing art to be located in a City venue using the 1% for the Arts monies.  Member Minnick will work with staff to contact the community center architect and the community center project construction manager regarding the potential placement of art in the entry at the new community center.  Motion unanimously approved.          

Member Judy Leithe and Member Katalin Pearman will develop a plan for the Veteranís Memorial dedication in late May.  They will report their ideas at the April 13 meeting.       



No Report.



SECO Project 

Jennifer Berner reported that Susan Landon is continung to work with Development Services Group of the City to develop scenes to cover the construction site screens.


Community Arts:

Member Erin Curtiss distributed information concerning the Olympia Art Walk in April 2005.   



No Report.


Staff Report:   

The City Clerk will be advertising for all Boards and Commission openings beginning March 23, 2005.  Member Margaret Minnick submitted an article to staff that might be used for recruitment.  Staff will pass this on to the City Clerk.


City Council Report:                

No Report.


Adjournment:   8:31 pm


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