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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Call to Order:

Chairman Fred Glick called the regularly scheduled Design Commission meeting to order at 7:33 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 


Roll Call:

Commissioners Bryan Caditz, Marcia Dawson, Lucia Pirzio-Biroli, and Callie Ridolfi were present.  Vice-Chair Norman Sandler arrived at 7:35pm after approval of the minutes.  Commissioner George Wittman was absent. 


Staff Present:

Richard Hart, Development Services Director and Shelley Bolser, Associate Planner.



Commissioner Dawson noted a change to the minutes of May 11, 2005 regarding clarification of the landscaping in condition 11 of Action Item 2.  Staff noted the change and will correct the minutes.  Commissioner Ridolfi moved and Commissioner Dawson seconded, to approve the May 11, 2005 minutes subject to the correction.  The amended minutes were approved by a vote of 5-0.





Action Item #1:

The applicant, Bill Stalzer and Associates for SECO Development, requested final design approval for 7700 Central, a five-story mixed-use project located at the block bounded by 77th Ave SE, Sunset Highway, 78th Ave SE and SE 27th St.  The primary address for the project is 2650 77th Ave SE. 


Shelley Bolser gave the staff report and noted a correction to page 1.  The applicant is SECO Development, not Agree Associates.


Bill Stalzer of 603 Stewart St, Ste 419 in Seattle WA, Jim Padoia of Mithun Architects at 1201 Alaskan Way, Ste 200 in Seattle WA, and Larry Smart of Atelier Landscape Architects at 120 Belmont Ave E in Seattle WA gave the applicant presentation.


The applicant presented an alternative design for the southwest corner of the western building and presented a model of the project.


Commissioners had questions and comments about the following items:

·         The cornice would be made of pre-cast concrete or GRC

·         Paving details at the southwest corner of the site have not been provided

·         The vines on the green screen would be the same material as used on the concrete walls

·         Details of the gates at the north and south courtyard entrances have not been provided

·         The bus stop has been relocated south of the 77th Ave SE residential entry and one on-street parking space has been removed.

·         Details of the railings, Juliet balconies, balcony undersides, fenestration, entry canopy, and tree grates have not been provided

·         The center pier on the southwest corner of the west building conflicts with the building entry.

·         The pedestrian residential entry details have not bee provided.


There was no public comment offered.



Commissioner Sandler moved to grant final design approval for the proposed mixed-use development located at 2650 77th Ave SE in the Town Center, as presented on the formal site plans, drawings, elevations, and materials dated January 14, 2005, March 24, 2005, April 5, 2005, May 24, 2005, May 25, 2005, May 27, 2005, and June 8, 2005.  All design changes supercede designs presented in earlier dated documents.  This decision incorporates the findings of the Staff Report and is in accordance with MICC Section 19.11 Town Center Development and Design Standards, and Section 19.15.040(D) of the Mercer Island Code, with the following conditions:

1.       The Juliet balconies, parapet, and architectural details shall be more prominent on the southwest corner of the western building per MICC 19.11.010(B)(1)(e), 19.11.010(B)(2), 19.11.060(B)(2), 19.11.060(B)(4), 19.11.060(B)(4), 19.11.060(B)(10), 19.11.060(B)(12) and 19.11.060(B)(14).

2.       The center pier at the street level façade on the southwest corner of the western building shall be removed to meet the requirements of MICC 19.11.060(B)(3), 19.11.060(B)(5), and 19.11.060(B)(12).

3.       Pedestrian residential building entrances on 77th Ave SE and SE 27th St shall incorporate lighting, paving, and landscaping to emphasize the entrance, subject to DSG Administrative approval, per MICC 19.11.060(B)(8) and 19.11.100(B)(5).

4.       DSG Administrative approval of a complete landscape plan with species, sizes, and placement shall be required prior to building permit submittal per MICC 19.11.100. 

5.       The use of masonry at the two-story level of the building shall be continued and enhanced to meet the requirements of MICC 19.11.010(B)(1)(e), 19.11.010(B)(2), 19.11.010(B)(3), 19.11.060(B)(2) and 19.11.060(B)(4).

6.       The street-level gate to the courtyard entrance at Sunset Highway shall be removed to meet the requirements of MICC 19.11.080(B)(4).

  1. Any tree removal requires City Arborist and City Maintenance Department approval prior to issuance of a site development permit.  Existing street trees shall be preserved where possible, unless removal is approved by DSG staff and the City Maintenance Department.

8.       DSG Administrative approval of species, size and placement of plants for the green screen on Sunset Highway and SE 27th Ave SE shall be required prior to building permit submittal per MICC 19.11.100.

Commissioner Dawson seconded the motion.


The motion passed by a vote of 6-0.





Director’s Report:

Director Hart noted that tonight was Chairman Glick’s and Vice-Chair Sandler’s last Design Commission meeting.  He presented Chairman Glick and Vice-Chair Sandler with City of Mercer Island watches as a token of the City’s appreciation for their service on the Commission.  Director Hart noted that they will ask Chairman Glick and Vice-Chair Sandler back at a future time to celebrate when all Commissioners and the Council Liaison could be present.  Two new commissioners will be present at the next regular meeting and the Commission will elect a new Chair and Vice-Chair.


Next Regular Meeting:

The next Design Commission meeting is scheduled for June 22, 2005 at 7:30 PM.  A Study Session with the Design Commission and staff will be held to orient the Commission with Robert’s Rules of Order.


Commissioner Absences:

There are no scheduled absences at this time.


Adjournment:   8:32 PM



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