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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Call to Order:

Development Services Director Richard Hart called the regularly scheduled Design Commission meeting to order at 7:34 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 


Roll Call:

Commissioners Bryan Caditz, Marcia Dawson, Emmett Maloof, Lucia Pirzio-Biroli, Callie Ridolfi and Carla Weinheimer were present.  Commissioner George Wittman was absent. 


Staff Present:

Richard Hart, Development Services Director, Katie Knight, Deputy City Attorney, and Shelley Bolser, Associate Planner.


Selection of New Chair and Vice Chair:

Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli nominated Commission Dawson for Chair (Commissioner Weinheimer seconded).

Commissioner Maloof nominated Commissioner Caditz for Chair (Commissioner Ridolfi seconded).

Commission vote was split 3-3. 

Director Hart advised that the Commission elect a Vice Chair and leave election of Chair to the next meeting.


Commissioner Maloof nominated Commissioner Dawson for Vice Chair (Commissioner Ridolfi seconded).

Commissioner Dawson nominated Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli for Vice Chair.  There was no second.

Commissioner Dawson was elected Vice-Chair by a vote of 5-0 with one abstention (Commissioner Dawson). 



The minutes of June 22, 2005 were approved by a vote of 6-0.





Action Item #1:

The applicant, RW Thorpe and Associates for the Mercer Island Beach Club, requested preliminary design approval for a remodel and additions to the building, pool, and landscaping (major new construction) at 8326 Avalon Drive.


Commissioner Caditz disclosed that he holds membership with the Mercer Island Beach Club, but does not feel this disqualifies him from making an impartial decision on the Design Commission.


Vice Chair Dawson disclosed that she worked as a consultant for landscape architecture at the Mercer Island Beach Club in the past, but does not believe this causes a conflict in her review of the application.


Shelley Bolser gave the staff report and noted that this is the first time the application has come before the Design Commission. 


Shawn Parry, a member of the board at the Mercer Island Beach Club and a resident of 8320 Avalon Drive, and Kurt Jensen of Jensen Fey Architecture and Planning at 7730 Leary Way NE in Redmond WA gave the applicant presentation.


Commissioners had questions and comments about the following items:

·         The pool cover structure and material

·         The pool cover support framing

·         The applicant plans to shield existing lighting in the parking lot.

·         Renderings of the pool cover in open and closed positions are needed to determine the visual effect.

·         Deck space at the second floor

·         An ADA accessible path between the parking lot and the building

·         Lack of detail, correct scale, and dimensions for the pool bubble in elevation drawings

·         Lack of adequate material samples to determine the visual effect of the addition

·         Concern about completing necessary shoreline permits

·         The need for architectural sections of the site to understand the grade changes and visual effect of the additions

·         The Commission as a whole expressed concern about the lack of detail and the lack of sufficient information to properly review the design. 


Three individuals offered public comment.


Jim Clarkson of 8340 Avalon Drive expressed concerns regarding year-round operation of the pool areas of the Beach Club, increased traffic, and lighting of the pool and pool cover. 


Lucy Copis of 8360 Avalon Drive expressed concerns of the visual effect of the pool cover.


Norman Pruitt of 8330 Avalon Drive expressed concerns of the lighting requirements of the pools and pool cover.



Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli moved to continue the preliminary design review hearing for the proposed remodel and addition at 8326 Avalon Drive.  Commissioner Ridolfi seconded the motion. 


The motion passed by a vote of 4-2.   (Commissioners Maloof and Caditz dissenting)



Commissioner Caditz moved, and Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli seconded, to continue the preliminary hearing subject to the applicant providing the following information and fulfilling the following conditions:

1.       The applicant shall provide additional information regarding the following:

a.       Clarification of the scope of proposal, including any accessory buildings per MICC 19.12.020(B)(3)(c) and 19.12.060(B)(1).

b.       A sample of the pool bubble material, per MICC 19.12.030(B)(4)(a) and 19.12.030(B)(4)(c).

c.       The interface between site design and stormwater collection/treatment, including shoreline impervious surface and landscaped areas, per MICC 19.12.040(B)(2)(c) and 19.12.040(B)(4)(b).

d.       Landscape buffers, per MICC 19.12.040(B)(7).

e.       Meters and mechanical units location and screening methods, per MICC 19.12.060(B)(3).

f.         Garbage and recycling area locations and screening methods, per MICC 19.12.060(B)(5).

g.       Lighting plan, including existing and proposed fixture locations, details, and wattage levels, per MICC 19.12.070(B).

2.       The applicant shall apply for any necessary shoreline permits prior to final Design Commission approval.  Significant changes to the final Design Commission approved paving plan shall require Design Commission approval. 

3.       The applicant shall implement all SEPA mitigation conditions for traffic, parking, noise and lighting impacts in the SEPA MDNS dated May 18, 2005.

4.       The applicant shall implement all CUP conditions regarding membership, traffic impacts, access to the site, stormwater runoff, lighting, and setbacks in the CUP approval dated June 24, 2005.


Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli moved to amend the motion, and Commissioner Ridolfi seconded, to add item (1)(h):

h.       Comprehensive descriptions of the pool cover, buildings, and structures on site per MICC 19.12.030(B)(1).

Commissioner Ridolfi moved to amend the motion, and Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli seconded, to add item (1)(i):

i.         Clarification of the impervious surface portion of landscaping, per MICC 19.12.040(B)(4)(b).

Commissioner Dawson moved to amend the motion, and Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli seconded, to add item (1)(j):

j.         Physical samples of materials and colors, per MICC 19.12.030(B)(4).


The amended motion passed by a vote of 5-1 (Commissioner Maloof dissenting).




Council Liaison Report:

Councilmember Jim Pearman reported that the City Council had approved the Comprehensive Plan with one change to the Housing Element, noting that the City will look at one innovative housing project in the near future. 


Councilmember Pearman also conveyed the Council’s direction to the Design Commission to limit design hearings to one hour and closely follow Robert’s Rules of Order during meetings. 


Director’s Report:

Director Hart commended Vice Chair Dawson on conducting her first meeting as Vice Chair.  Director Hart also noted that the Commissioners should always identify themselves before speaking, for the record and that the Chair should announce time constraints for all participants before each hearing so applicants and the public are aware of presentation time limits.  He noted the correction that preliminary design review hearings are limited to an hour and a half, and study sessions and final design review hearings are limited to one hour based on policy direction from the City Council.  This will require that Commissioner not spend excessive time on detail, and instead look at the “big picture” items.   


Next Regular Meeting:

The next Design Commission meeting is scheduled for July 27, 2005 at 7:30 PM.  Sound Transit seeks final design approval for a new Park and Ride and the Mercer Island Country Club seeks preliminary design approval for a remodel and addition.


Commissioner Absences:

There are no scheduled absences at this time.


Adjournment:   9:24 PM


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