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Monday, July 18, 2005

Call To Order

Mayor Alan Merkle called the meeting to order at 7:36 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.

Roll Call

Deputy Mayor Bryan Cairns, City Councilmembers Sven Goldmanis, Dan Grausz, El Jahncke, Steve Litzow and Jim Pearman and Mayor Alan Merkle were present.

Special Business

Honoring Joanne Sylvis
Mayor Alan Merkle read a Resolution honoring Finance Director Joanne Sylvis as she retires after 22 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Mercer Island. She was presented with a book of “debits and credits” from colleagues and friends from the City of Mercer Island and a plaque commemorating her service. Citizens, Councilmembers and staff made a few remarks about Joanne.


Vidya Vara, 7408 92nd Place SE, Crisis Clinic Board Member, presented information about the Crisis Clinic as asked the Council to help support it with funding. She described a few of the programs and services the clinic provides and spoke about how Mercer Islanders use the services. Mayor Merkle suggested that Ms. Vara get in contact with Youth and Family Services Director Cindy Goodwin to start the process of a budget request.


It was moved by Councilmember Litzow; seconded by Deputy Mayor Cairns to:

Approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of July 5, 2005 as written and the Amendments to the Study Session & Regular Meeting Minutes of April 18, 2005.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.

Consent Calendar
Payables: $ 1,298,177.41  
Payrolls: $ 499,316.17

It was moved by Councilmember Pearman; seconded by Deputy Mayor Cairns to:

Approve the Consent Calendar and the recommendations contained therein.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.

Regular Business

AB 3998: eGov Online Service Demo
City Manager Rich Conrad introduced Customer Service Team Leader Kirsten Taylor and Parks and Recreation Director Pete Mayer who demonstrated the four main online services of the eCityGov Alliance:,,, and

AB 3989: Second Reading and Status Report of Cable TV Franchise
Deputy City Manager Deb Symmonds gave the Council a status report on the Comcast Cable TV Franchise Ordinance. She discussed the cost of moving the “headend” to the Community Center and the most recent changes to the Ordinance.

Other Business

Councilmember Absences:
Councilmember Grausz will be absent from the August 1st Meeting.
Mayor Merkle will be absent from the September 6, 2005 and October 3, 2005 meetings.
Deputy Mayor Cairns will be absent from the October 17, 2005 meeting.

Planning Schedule:
Schedule the presentation of the forming of the Mercer Island Senior Council to the Council in the near future.

Board Appointments:
There were none.

Councilmember Reports:
Mayor Merkle re: Letter from the Boys & Girls Club regarding the PEAK project, correspondence for citizens seeking to form a Mercer Island Senior Council (Mayor Merkle appointed Deputy Mayor Bryan Cairns and Parks and Recreation Director Pete Mayer as liaisons).
Councilmember Jahncke re: 2005 comprehensive plan amendments & Utility Board update.

Executive Session:
The Council adjourned to Executive Session at 9:18 pm to discuss potential litigation per RCW 42.30.110 for approximately one hour.

Adjournment: 11:35 pm

[Important Note: The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded on tape and are filed in the City Clerk's Office. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also filed in the City Clerk's office.]


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