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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Call To Order

Chairperson Rita Moore called the meeting to order at 7:38 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call

Rita Moore, Chairperson, Diane Kinman, Vice Chairperson, Bruce Bassett, Don Cohen, Jim Owens, and Marguerite Sutherland were present.  Sven Goldmanis was absent.



Paul West, Arborist

Stephanie Cangie, Admin Assistant



Bill Duvall, 7300 Island Crest Way, volunteered to keep the maps supplied in the various holders.  He requested the maps be folded differently or the maps be redesigned to fit the holder;  that staff add appropriate information to the back of the maps such as how to volunteer or how to donate to Pioneer Park;   that the new map containers have holes drilled in them to create better drainage because they are collecting moisture. (He is also willing to drill the holes.)  


Paul said he will take the display containers back to the supplier and try to get something more weather proof.  Bill stated that the plot on Island Crest Way that he has cleared of invasives is again showing weed growth.  He would like to grow vegetables.   Chairperson Moore suggested adding the brochure about the Open Space Trust in with the maps.


Bill was presented with a City of Mercer Island wristwatch for his years of service on the Board.



The minutes of the May 5, 2005 meeting were unanimously approved.


Old Business


Paul distributed a draft narrative matrix he created using the criteria established by the Board.


He explained that the Board has certain actions it can take on encroachments.  Not all of those actions pertain to all the situations.  This matrix is a tool to look at which actions might pertain to which situations.

Paul suggested the Trust review the matrix and make the comments on how it thinks it should be. 


Trustee Cohen questioned if the City Attorney has been asked if a property owner encroaching can make a periodic payment of money.  This has not been asked.  This might be a condition of continuing an encroachment.  An appropriate action might be to use the money could for restoration in Pioneer Park.


Paul West stated that the City of Seattleís policy is to collect a fee because they interpret it as part of State law that does not allow public goods be used for private use.


Trustee Sutherland suggested that there would need to be a termination clause in a payment situation and that it should be common knowledge they are paying for their encroachment.   It was stated that it is important that there be a uniform process so that some neighbors donít get a better deal than others.



The Board decided to table this discussion.  Staff will talk to the City Attorney regarding the payment option for keeping an encroachment intact.


Quadrant Monitoring

Trustee Sutherland walked the NE quadrant.  On the north side of bridge there were BMX ramps set up and she broke them up. The ramps were northwest of the creek.  She asked if steps could be added on the west side of the bridge.  Trustee Moore suggested a sign that says Restoration Area Please Keep Off and add some blockage.  Paul suggested a log or a lot of brush to discourage people from using this approach.  Paul will look at it as early as feasible.


Trustee Cohen reported that when you walk down the steps near the bridge dirt goes down the steps and asked if this can this be maintained.  Paul informed that the Eagle Scouts will be cleaning this up during the summer.  In the SE quadrant the Eagle Scouts are also laying some gravel.


Trustee Bassett suggested that a sign be placed at the bridge advising users itís a dead end trail.


Monitoring assignments for next month are: 

Trustee Cohen Ė NW quadrant

Trustee Kinman Ė NE quadrant

Chairperson Moore Ė SE quadrant.


Paul reminded the Board to send their monitoring observations to him via e-mail, and he will share them with the remainder of the Board.


Summer Celebration! Booth

Using the Chamberís movie screen, Chairperson Moore displayed the pictures and captions she suggests using on a display board as well as handouts to the public for the Summer Celebration! Booth, July 9 and 10, 2005.   Other items for the booth include the maps, the Open Space Trust Board brochure, the book, Pioneer Park Ė a natural history, which will be sold for $5, a large sample of ivy with its root, a gel pack, and some of the tools used for invasive removal.  Board members will work with Chairperson Moore to cover the shifts. 


New Business

Forest Management Plan Update

Paul reported that the Earth Corps crew has been working in an area they started  on the Mercer Island High School Day of Service Learning known as Area 11.  Itís the SE corner of the NE quadrant.  They have cleared a lot of blackberry.  Itís a canopied gap area with a lot of root rot and a lot of trees will be planted this fall.  Earth Corps will go back to Area 7 and do some maintenance and finish Area 21 which was started last fall.


Paul has applied for a $22K grant from King County to do a trial experiment with gel packs.  The grant would allow a scientific experiment with the gel packs. 


Paul reported that there has been some trail brushing in Pioneer Park that has  not been up to the departmentís standards. He has received phone calls regarding the brushing in the NW quadrant that is not attractive.  If the Board sees it, it is being fixed.  Additional training is being done  with the summer staff.  Paul is also supervising an Eagle Scout project of putting  gravel in boggy areas in the SE quadrant. 


Annual Report 2004

Trustee Owens will write the annual report. 

Paul will write the agenda bill to accompany the Annual Report. 



Adjournment: 9:07 p.m.


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