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Monday, April 03, 2006

Call To Order
Mayor Bryan Cairns called the meeting to order at 7:33 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.

Roll Call
City Councilmembers Sven Goldmanis, Mike Grady, Dan Grausz, El Jahncke, Steve Litzow, Deputy Mayor Jim Pearman and Mayor Bryan Cairns were present.

David Whitus, 8938 SE 54th Street, representative of MI-Dogs, spoke about the conflict between Dog owners and other park users.

Roger Morris, 6629 119th Ave SE, Bellevue, visits Luther Burbank Park with his small dog, he stated that the off-leash area is not well maintained and does not accommodate all dogs.

Randal Houtz, 8517 SE 76th Place, member of MI-Dogs, complimented Guy Michaelson, believes the Master Plan increase the separation of park users with dogs from those without, he is also concerned that the sandy shore should stay the way it is.

Theresa Worlictch, stated animals serve as a support to the elderly and being able to walk their dogs at Luther Burbank Park is needed.

Alan Merkle, 5080 west Mercer Way, urged the Council to do nothing on SE 46th Street.

It was moved by Councilmember Jahncke; seconded by Councilmember Goldmanis to:
Approve the Study Session & Regular Meeting Minutes of March 20, 2006 as amended:
Page, AB 4070, Item 7, 2005 Year End Transfer,
Finance Director Chip Corder discussed the net surplus available of $1,423,494 available for year end transfer. Council previously agreed not to spend in 2006 more than 20% of the year end fund balance or approximately $300,000. The Finance Director listed some options for the expenditure of this 20% the remaining 80% including LEOFF I long term care, public information coordinator position, sewer lake line, fire truck replacements, south fire station renovation or replacement, open space vegetation management, property tax reduction, and/or redemption of community center bonds. Council discussed these options.
Motion Passed 7-0.

Consent Calendar
Payables: $ 573,565.44  
Payrolls: $ 472,201.04

AB 4075: 2005 Island Crest Way Resurfacing Project Close-Out: Accept the completed 2005 Island Crest Way Resurfacing project and authorize staff to close out the contract.

AB 4076: SE 24th Street Resurfacing and Pedestrian Improvements Project Close-Out: Accept the completed SE 24th Street Resurfacing and Pedestrian Improvements project and authorize staff to close out the contract.

AB 4077: 2005 Residential Street Improvements Project Close-Out: Accept the completed 2005 Residential Street Improvements project and authorize staff to close out the contract.

It was moved by Councilmember Jahncke; seconded by Deputy Mayor Pearman to:
Approve the Consent Calendar and the recommendations contained therein.
Motion Passed 7-0.

Regular Business
AB 4078 Public Hearing: Townhome Code Amendments (2nd Reading)
The Mayor opened the Public Hearing at 7:51 pm. There being no comments the Mayor closed the Public Hearing.

It was moved by Councilmember Grausz; seconded by Councilmember Litzow to:
Adopt Ordinance No. 06C-04 amending MICC Chapter 19.03 and MICC 19.16 to revise lot area, setback and coverage standards, particularly as they relate to Townhomes include amendment #1 from AB 4078 Exhibit 3 that clarifies that allowing a required yard in a tract or easement does not allow either the reduction of the size of a required yard or allow the required yard to be located off-site.
Motion Passed 6-1 (Councilmember Goldmanis dissented).

AB 4079 Public Hearing: Presentation of Luther Burbank Master Plan
Parks & Recreation Director Pete Mayer introduced Guy Michaelson from The Berger Partnership and Kristin Anderson from Norton-Arnold.

Guy Michaelson described six park elements for Council consideration several that have generated a heightened level of interest by the public.

The Mayor opened the Public Hearing at 8:12 pm.

Nancy Hofferman, 7250 92nd Ave SE, President of MI Preschool Association, read a statement regarding the MIPA’s position on Luther Burbank Park.

Phil Flash, 3005 69th Ave SE, concerned that the shoreline erosion problem is not being adequately addressed.

Susan Higgins, 9829 SE 40th Street, is happy to see that shoreline stabilization is listed as high priority; she asked where the dog park is ranked.

Myra Lupton, 3443 77th place SE, spoke about public control of public property, sensible frugal use of assets we have, acceptance of the rowing/sailing clubhouse.

Joy Thompson, 8400 SE 33rd Place, complimented the design team, objected to a boathouse and a private club using the park.

Stowe Sprague, 4553 84th Ave SE, would like a water feature if there is going to be a clean sand element and shade element near the beach to be considered. Spoke about off-leash dogs and possible enforcement strategies.

Jim Rauch, 6010 93rd Avenue SE, stated that the OLA is not useable for many people and that is why dogs are off-leash. Hopes that this plan will produce a suitable off-leash area.

Dorli Mason, 3205 Shorewood Road, is curious to see the actual boundary of the proposed OLA.

Amy Vickers, 7634 85th Place SE, spoke about her dog being bit by a dog that was off-leash at Luther Burbank Park.

Bitty Rauch, 6010 93rd Avenue SE, stated that Luther Burbank Park is the only place that dogs can run off-leash, it’s their playground.

Whitney Colbert, 1405 N 20th Street, Renton, visits Luther Burbank every day with her dog. She also spoke in favor of the rowing facility and its benefits.

Marguerite Sutherland, 5425 96th Ave SE, spoke on behalf of Friends of Luther Burbank Park, would like the park to stay as natural as possible and the preferred concept design is overdevelopment of the park.

Bill Mohn, 4809 East Mercer Way, visits Luther Burbank almost daily and sees the need for a better OLA and for keeping dogs on-leash in the park.

Ann Welston, 8806 SE 60th Street, told about her three children being knocked over this weekend by large dogs that were off-leash at the beach at Luther Burbank.

Susan Higgins, 9829 SE 40th Street, stated that some dog owners are inexperienced.

John Swift, 9724 Mercerwood Drive, is a proponent of dog socialization and tremendous value in the dog park at Luther Burbank

Kris Kelsay, 4743 Fernridge Lane, is impressed with the plan and the process.

Deborah Ferse, 3203 84th Ave SE, asked the Council when and how is the master plan will be funded, will there be a levy, will there be a private partnership?

Leslie Moore, 4730 89th Avenue SE, asked if there is a way that the OLA will not turn into a mud pit. She also asked if the current location is the best place for the OLA.

Randal Houtz, 8517 SE 76th Place, stated that many people are opposing a rowing facility because of the accompanying motor boat.

Ruth Pompermayer, 8551 SE 80th Street, hopes the Luther Burbank will continue to be a safe place for children and dogs.

Elizabeth Gross Nichol, 7640 SE 72nd Place, expressed need for safety in the on-leash area and that enforcement is key.

Tudor Sherrard, 6601 SE 25th Street, stated that there is an enforcement problem and Mercer Island police and King County don’t have the time or manpower to help right now.

The Mayor closed the Public Hearing at 8:55 pm.

Following Council discussion of the main issues regarding the Master Plan for Luther Burbank Park staff was directed to bring back the plan for adoption at the April 17th Council meeting.

AB 4074: Public Hearing: Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan
City Engineer Patrick Yamashita presented the proposed 2007-2012 Transportation Improvement Plan. He discussed the new improved format of the TIP, public comments received, construction costs, neighborhood traffic, elements of the TIP, funding, and he provided an update on the SE 40th Street Corridor Study.

The Mayor opened the Public Hearing at 10:07 pm.

Ralph Jorgenson, 8040 84th Avenue SE, lives in the Island Point Community, described the neighborhood’s support for the crosswalk at 84th and 80th and the funding they have raised to help expedite the process.

Stanley Piha, 8360 SE 46th Street, does not support the staff proposal for SE 46th Street and asks that no changes be implanted on SE 46th Street.

Michael Yost, 4400 84th Avenue SE, likes the idea of some changes along Island Crest Way including 3 lanes with center turn lane, hopes that there will be no stoplights south of SE 40th on Island Crest Way, and would like the speeding on Island Crest Way to be addressed.

Stephen Nielsen, 8350 Merrimount Drive, stated that people treat Merrimount to Island Crest Way more like a freeway on-ramp. He thinks that more enforcement and awareness is needed. Urged the Council to avoid installing a light at that intersection.

Kathy Morrison, 5437 Island Crest Way, Principal at Island Park Elementary, spoke about improvements that are needed at the intersection of 53rd Place and Island Crest Way.

Bill Gaines, 8411 SE 46th Street, asked that no changes be made to SE 46th Street except maybe more signage.

Stowe Sprague, 5453 84th Ave SE, thanked Nancy for her help and response to their neighborhood’s concern. She asked why 25 mph must be applied to all residential streets; 84th Ave SE is very narrow and 25 mph is too fast and walking down the street is out of the question.

Andy Voss, 8403 SE 46th Street, thanked the City for the study of SE 46th Street. He asked the Council to do nothing on SE 46th Street, but encouraged further study of more signage.

Lisa Samuelson, 4629 84th Ave SE, also representing the Gelfand's at 4640 84th Ave SE and the Jared's at 4664 84th Ave SE, asked that nothing be done at SE 46th Street and that other safety measures be looked into including turning SE 46th Street into a one way street.

Kris Kelsay, 4743 Fernridge Lane, believes that 53rd Place is not part of the TIP b/c there is no neighborhood group to support it, but many people use it every day.

Suzanne Lusina, 4620 84th Avenue SE, agrees that nothing should be done on SE 46th Street and that 25 mph is excessive on 84th Ave SE.

The Mayor closed the Public Hearing at 10:30 pm.

The Council discussed elements of the proposed Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan and directed staff to return at the May 15th Council Meeting for adoption.

Other Business
Councilmember Absences:
Councilmember Goldmanis will be absent on May 15th.

Planning Schedule:
Councilmember Litzow would like to move the Animal Control Ordinance back one month and would like to have a town hall meeting first. The cabinet will discuss the issue at their next meeting.
Councilmember Litzow requested that the May 15th meeting be shortened.

Board Appointments:
There were none.

Councilmember Reports:
Mayor Cairns re: Friends of the Mercer Island Library meeting.
Councilmember Litzow re: Planning Commission vacancy.
Councilmember Goldmanis re: Mayor Cairns appearance on TV.

Executive Session
The Council recessed into Executive Session at 11:22 pm to discuss potential/pending litigation RCW 42.30.110(1)(i) for approximately 30 minutes. The Executive Session adjourned at 11:58 pm.

Adjournment: 11:59 pm

[Important Note: The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded on tape and are filed in the City Clerk's Office. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also filed in the City Clerk's office.]


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