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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Call To Order

Chairperson Rita Moore called the meeting to order at 7:41 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call

Rita Moore, Chairperson, Bruce Bassett, Don Cohen, Jim Owens, and Marguerite Sutherland were present.  Mike Grady was absent.  Diane Kinman has resigned from the board because she has moved off of Mercer Island.



Pete Mayer, Director of Parks and Recreation

Paul West, Arborist

Stephanie Cangie, Admin. Assistant, were present.



Motion by Trustee Sutherland and seconded by Trustee Bassett to approve the minutes of January 5, 2006.  Unanimously approved.



Lori Cohen

Barbie Cohen


Old Business

Bench Donation

Motion by Trustee Owens and seconded by Trustee Sutherland to approve the donation of a Fairweather

T-2 Series bench in honor of Don Cohen’s  60th birthday.  Approved by 4-0 votes with Trustee Cohen abstaining.


Quadrant Monitoring

Trustee Owens walked all three quadrants and reported that due to all the rain some areas were boggy.  He complimented the Parks Maintenance staff for clearing the major trails from downed branches after all the storms we’ve had.  Trustee Owens observed a pile of brush in one of the quadrants due to storm clean up and suggested it be removed as it is a fire hazard.


Next meeting quadrant monitoring assignments:

            Bruce Bassett – SE Quadrant

            Jim Owens – NE Quadrant

            Don Cohen – NW Quadrant


Trail Map

Paul distributed a revised trail map.  To create better communication about the trails with the public, the board, and staff, Paul requested the Board decide how to name the trails.  The Board decided to work on naming the primary trails first.  The Board discussed including a naturalistic educational component in naming the trails.  Suggestions will be presented at the next meeting. 


NW Quadrant Access Driveway

Paul requested permission to put 20-30 feet of gravel on the path at SE 68th.  This will allow easier plant delivery service and sanican service.   It’s very muddy and rutted.   The Board agreed.  



Update/Discussion of Implementation of Encroachment Policy

A draft letter was distributed for the Board to review.  The letter has been reviewed by the City Attorney’s office.  The Board directed staff to send out the encroachment letters to those who have not responded to the previous mailings.  Chairperson Moore asked that a letter not be sent to Mr. Ogata at 8421 E. 63rd Street, as she is currently working with him to remove and restore his encroachment.    The letters will be signed by Pete Mayer and sent certified mail, receipt requested. Trustee Cohen shared a newspaper article concerning a Queen Anne park encroachment.


Post – Major Storm Monitoring Assignments

In the future, when there is a major storm, the Board agreed to walk the quadrants and report to Paul via e-mail immediately.  Assignments were distributed as follows: 

Trustee Bassett – SE quadrant

Trustee Cohen – NW quadrant

Trustee Owens – NE quadrant


City Council Retreat

Director Mayer reported on the City Council’s retreat.  Parks and open space was a prominent agenda item. The Council directed the Parks and Recreation Department to prepare a strategic plan that is  concise and  clear, but captures the salient issues, goals, objectives of the parks and recreation department.  The strategic plan  will be presented to Council on November 6, 2006 with adoption of the plan on December 4,  2006.  This document will satisfy state requirements for grant funding. 


Conservation Easements

In response to the Chairperson’s request, staff has attempted to investigate the conservation easements on Mercer Island, however, research by several staff members has yielded that no one entity tracks conservation easements.


Summer Celebration! 2006

Chairperson Moore suggested the Board think about a theme for the booth they will man for Summer Celebration! and bring those ideas to the Board’s next meeting.


Annual Report

Chairperson Moore will prepare the annual report 2005. It needs to be presented to the Board at its April 18 meeting in time for submission to City Council’s May 1, 2006 meeting.


At 9:09 p.m. the Trust Board recessed into Executive Session to discussion potential property acquisition.


The regular meeting reconvened at 9:19 p.m.



Adjournment:  9:20 p.m.


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