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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Call To Order:

Chair, Barry Massoudi called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the Luther Burbank Room, Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


Roll Call:

Present: Barry Massoudi, Beth Brennen, Sandra Schilling, Peter Langmaid, Judy Leithe, Katalin Pearman, and Cathey Boileau.   Absent:  Councilman Sven Goldmanis.


Staff Present: Jennifer Berner and Eileen Hemmis Trifts.



There were no appearances



It was moved by Member Beth Brennen to;

Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of January 11, 2006 as written.

It was seconded and the motion passed.


Chair’s Report:

Barry reported that the Annual Report and 2006 Work Plan were presented to the City Council and approved on February 6, 2006.  Deputy Mayor Pearman and Councilman Sven Goldmanis both indicated their continued support for the Arts Council.


Jen Berner reminded the Arts Council that any additional monies spent in 2006 from the 1% for Art budget would require City Council approval.  It is separate from the Arts Council budget, which comes from the general fund.


Barry advised the Council members that a Luther Burbank Town Hall meeting will take place at 7pm this evening in this same location.  He encouraged everyone to attend.


Barry presented a request for a $550 grant from the Arts Council submitted by Julie Biggs, Art Teacher at Islander Middle School.  The grant would support Rangoli banner designs to be made by approximately 120 sixth grade students.


After a brief discussion, Sandra Schilling made a motion to approve the $550 grant for the middle school as requested.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.


Jen Berner suggested the Executive Board work on a more formalized process for grant requests.  She suggested making it a once or twice a year process that is advertised to all of the schools with a deadline for submission so that all of the requests are brought forward for consideration at one time.



Judy reported the meet the author, Timonthy Egan, held last night at the Community Center had a very good turn out.  Roger at Island books has been very supportive.  He ran a half page ad in the MI Reporter and hung a banner at the front of his store.  Judy complimented the Community Center staff on the great job they do.



Judy reported that the Stanley Kubric film series is doing well.


Public Art:

Jennifer reported that a deal was recently closed and funds collected from the Avalon Group for the “G Noman Group Three” artwork.  Money for maintenance over the next 20 years was included in the sale price.  The artwork will not move from it’s current resting place in the Outdoor Gallery.



Performance Art:

Sandra reported that the Mostly Music in The Park Committee has 85 CD’s categorized to listen to this week.  There are a lot of good bands.  The decision will be difficult.


Beth reported on the King County Performance Network.  She attended their recent meeting at which the focus was on Art Education in Schools.  She reported that Washington Mutual has funded a new program aimed at educating educators in arts programs.  She reminded everyone that February 14 is Arts Day.  Go to Olympia or send an email to your representative asking for money for the arts.



Beth Brennan reported that there was been some slight miscommunication about the Steven Jensen pieces, so we are not sure of what we are getting.  She is confident, however, that they will be very nice. 


Staff Report:

Jennifer Berner handed out the 2006 Budget.  The biggest change was for Shakespeare.  A rehearsal place had to be found for Wooden O.  She reminded everyone that this is a “bottom line” budget.  Money can be shifted between programs as long as the revenues are brought in.  Any shifts would, of course, need to be approved by the Arts Council as a whole.


City Council Report:

No report.



There were none.


Adjournment:   7:15 pm


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