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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Call To Order

Chairperson Rita Moore called the meeting to order at 7:38 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call

Rita Moore, Chairperson, Don Cohen, Vice Chairperson, Bruce Bassett, Mike Grady, Jim Owens, and Marguerite Sutherland were present. 



Pete Mayer, Director of Parks and Recreation

Paul West, Arborist

Stephanie Cangie, Admin. Assistant, were present.



Motion by Trustee Owens and seconded by Trustee Bassett to approve the minutes of March 21, 2006 with one change--rather than Old Business the minutes should be changed to read Regular Business.  Unanimously approved.


Public Appearances

Corinne McNeeley

9425 SE 52nd Street

Mercer Island, WA 98040



Ms. McNeeley requests that in honor of a friend who recently passed away and who walked her dogs in Pioneer Park for several generations, she would like  the existing bench in the NE quadrant of the park to have her friend’s name engraved on it and two dog bronze castings placed on the existing bench.  Trustee Cohen disqualified himself from participating in this matter because of the donation that was recently made by his family and friends.  She is willing to donate money to the park and would pay for the engraving and the dog castings.   The Pioneer Park Master Plan states that bench donations in Pioneer Park will follow the Donations and Memorials Policy adopted by City Council.  Director Mayer will review the Donations and Memorials Policy’s guidelines and respond to Ms. McNeeley’s request and report back to the Trust at its next meeting. 


Janice Halfon

7190 Island Crest Way

Mercer Island, WA 98040


Ms. Halfon lives next to Pioneer Park and is one of the recipients of the encroachment letters sent by Director Mayer.  She intends to remove the encroachment and will be applying for the encroachment license agreement.  She intends to have this completed within the 3 year period allowed.


Regular Business

Quadrant Monitoring

Trustee Bassett, Owens, and Cohen monitored the SE quadrant, NE quadrant, and NW quadrant, respectively, and have sent their reports to Paul.


Next month’s monitoring:

Mike Grady – NW quadrant

Bruce Bassett – SE quadrant

Rita Moore – NE quadrant


Report on Encroachments

Chairperson Moore has been working with Will Chapman and his Boy Scout troop at the Ogata property located at 8421 SE 63rd Street.  The encroachment has been removed, including the removal of invasives from the property line to the path.  The Ogata encroachment was 20 feet to 25 feet deep and included lawn, invasives, and a very large wood pile.  The wood pile is gone.  The rotten materials have been disbursed.  Most of the invasives are gone, and plants that were donated by the owner have been planted.  Some of the area was also covered with wood chips.  For the file, Chairperson Moore provided a detailed report from Will Chapman describing this project.


Paul distributed a status report on responses to the March 31, 2006, certified letter that was sent to those homeowners who had not responded to previous encroachment letters.  Twelve of the encroachments are fully resolved.  Five are in the process of being resolved. Seven encroachments are not in the process of being resolved, including some property owners who have not responded and some who have not applied for an encroachment agreement.  There are three who have not responded to any of the letters sent.


The Board requested Staff to talk to the Assistant City Attorney, Katie Knight, to advise staff how to handle those encroachers who have not responded, or who refuse to remove the encroachments, or those who are willing to remove the encroachment but not provide restoration. 


Director Mayer will respond personally to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hickman.  They are new property owners of one of the encroaching properties and were not happy with the sternness of the most recent encroachment letter.  Director Mayer will apologize to them and explain how the process has evolved.  The Hickmans are cooperative about fixing their encroachment and will be working with Paul.


Annual Report 2005

Chairperson Moore will send the annual report to Paul West to submit to City Council for approval at its June 5, 2006 meeting.  Any changes need to come through Paul West.


Trail Maps

Trustee Owens suggested the following names for some of the trails in Pioneer Park:  fir trail, alder trail, hemlock trail, cedar trail, woodpecker trail, creek trail, overlook trail,



dogwood trail, chickadee trail, maple trail, trillium trail, and ravine trail. Trustee Bassett also suggested sword fern trail, salal trail, and hazelnut trail.


Summer Celebration! 2006

The Board discussed its commitment to Summer Celebration! 2006 and talked about the focus of their booth.  Chairperson Moore suggested a display of pictures of inside the park.  Trustee Grady suggested emphasizing the solitude of the park.  Trustee Sutherland suggested having information for people who might want to take the bus from downtown Mercer Island to Pioneer Park.  Chairperson Moore would like to promote its quietness and naturalness.  Trustee Cohen suggested “Escape to Pioneer Park” as a theme.  Trustee Owen suggested using a large trail map as part of the display.  The Board suggested offering guided tours and people could sign up for a tour at Summer Celebration!  The Board discussed ways to bring students to the park, emphasizing science opportunities in the park.  Trustee Grady offered to take some photos for a display.  Chairperson Moore will put the display together. 



9:07 p.m.


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