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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Call To Order:

Beth Brennen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the Luther Burbank Room, Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


Roll Call:

Present:  Beth Brennen, Katalin Pearman, Judy Leithe, Sandra Schilling, Helen Martin, Marcia Thomas and Tudor Sherrard.  Absent: Councilman  Sven Goldmanis & Andrea  Woolley


Staff Present: Jennifer Berner and Eileen Hemmis Trifts.



There were no appearances.



It was moved by Member Helen Martin to approve the regular meeting minutes of June 14, 2006, with the following amendments:


Under Roll Call, page 1, correct spelling of Andrea Woolley’s name.

Under Chair’s Report, page 2, correct spelling of Tudor Sherrard and Andrea Woolley’s names.

Under Literary, Page 2, 2nd paragraph, 3rd line, change the word approval to approve.

Under Literary, Page 2, 2nd paragraph 4th line, strike Marcia and Helen and insert and Marcia


The motion was seconded and passed.



Chair’s Report:

Beth reported that she has sent out an email to Council members with current committee positions and positions that are still available.


With regard to open positions, Helen stated that she distributed a flyer regarding the open positions on the Arts Council to MIVAL. She received a response from Kevin Curry, an artist and lawyer here on Mercer Island. He is most interested in the Public Art Position. He indicated to her that he intends to submit his application to the City.


There was some discussion of a recent article in the MI Reporter regarding $60,000 that the City Council has earmarked for a pedestrian project in the town center.  Jennifer stated that Pete Mayer, Parks Director and Richard Hart of DSG are both aware of the project and will inform the Arts Council when the time is right for their involvement.  There was some discussion regarding additional sites that could be considered for similar improvements. Sandra mentioned an asphalt area located in front of Great Clips that she personally would like to see improved. As an example, she suggested a planter with integrated artwork.  Jennifer said that we should have funds available in the 2008 budget for a project of this nature.  Additional ideas included changeable banners for street poles.  Jen suggested that once the Public Art position on the Council is filled, that we get this on the agenda.  Jennifer asked everyone to email her any additional ideas they have.


Mostly Music in the Park: 

Sandra reported that a wrap-up party is scheduled where the committee will review their successes and set goals for next year.  There was some discussion regarding the possibility of providing a way to shade the sun from the bands that play the earlier concerts.


Literary & Shakespeare:

Judy Leithe reported that the current season’s film schedule is listed in the recreation guide. Of special note is Storytellers and the Cinema with Lance Rhoades, Director of Film History and Theory at the Seattle Film Institute, on October 1. An ad is planned in the MI Reporter for the last week in September.


King County Performance Network:

Katalin reported that she recently attended a local Arts Agency Coordinator Meeting.  She reported that KCPN publicity will consist mostly of web based ads this year - no printed publicity other than possibly postcards. These are site-specific performances. One will not be performed on Mercer Island this year, but there are a number of performances planned for surround cities.



Katalin reported that the Gallery Committee has scheduled shows for 2007.  These include a photography show featuring Ruth Gross, an 85 year old Island resident and another photographer or Zumi painters;   Get from Diane....



The Schedule is as follows:


            October 16 - December 14:  MIVAL Holiday Show

            January 15 - March 9:  Sumi, Puget Sound Sumi Artists & Ruth Ross Photography

            March 19 - June 8:  NW Water Color Society  

            June 18 - August 3:  Eric Montoya

            August 13 - October 5:  Barbara VanDyke Shuman, Marlene Marczewski, Marianne Harlor And Nancy Bogni

            October - December:  MIVAL multi-media Holiday Show



Community Relations:

Helen reported that she has been getting the word out about the remaining open positions on the Arts Council. She is working with a contact at Youth and Family Services to get information on Arts Council programs out to youth and families. She indicated that she plans to work with the high school too.


Helen has been working with Karen Kaser on the Community Halloween Dance.  The plan is to hold an instructional session on Cajun Dancing prior to the actual dance.  The band will provide the sound system. The fee for the band is $250.  She estimated dance teachers for the instructional session would be around $100.

Additionally, the band would like a split from the door. Helen’s goal is around 200 people at $5/person.  Noah’s Bagels is interested in bringing in food to sell and would be willing to pay a fee of around $200 to do so. 

Possible dates were discussed.  It was agreed that October would be too soon.  Helen made a motion that the Arts Council will research, hold and fund a fall dance in November. The motion was seconded and passed


The dance committee will consist of Helen, Sandra, Marcia, Beth and Karen.  Tudor volunteered his assistance where needed.


Staff Report:

Jennifer Berner reported that Alan Silverman has submitted a proposal to redo landscaping around the Hope Sculpture at his expense. The Parks Department crew is working with him to determine exactly what that will be.  Jennifer asked for Arts Council feedback. The general consensus is that the Arts Council is very comfortable leaving this in the hands of the Parks Department maintenance crew.


Jennifer stated that Art Tech will do a complimentary review of our art collection so we can prioritize our maintenance list.


Jennifer reminded everyone that we are coming to the end of the year and two major reports will soon be due.  The 2006 Annual Report and The 2007 Work Plan.  She encouraged everyone to assign numbers of people to events that occurred in 2006, if they have no already done so.  Jennifer will bring what she has to date to the next Arts Council meeting for additions and revisions.  She will also bring a working template for the 2007 Work Plan. A polished copy can then be reviewed at the November meeting and it can be finalized in December.


City Council Report:

No Report.


Adjournment:   8:10 pm


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