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Wednesday, April 10, 2002


Amanda Clark, Rosalie King, Beth Brennen, Debbie Hanson, Susan Landon, Frank Mandarano



Heidi O’Brien



Jen Berner, Diane Mortenson


City Council Liaison:

Sven Goldmanis


Approval of Minutes:

Rosalie moved that the March 13th minutes be approved as amended.  Under the Community Arts report should be the following change; the volunteer judges for the 8th Congressional District High School Students Art Competition will be Rosalie King and Linda Lacey.  Motion Carried.


Secretary Report:

Debbie Hanson: Read letter to go to Eugene Ferguson congratulating him on citizen of the year.  Debbie will include any personal experiences members may have had with him in the letter.  Susan, Rosalie and Beth gave input.  Debbie will revise letter and have everyone sign.  Phil moved to send the letter as written to include the personal experiences and then mail.  Motion Carried.


Treasurer Report:

Phil King: Recapped financial report.  Jen Berner reviewed budget.  Rosalie moved to transfer $3000 from the gallery to publicity line item to cover the cost of the new logo design.  Motion Carried.


Chair Report:

Susan Landon: Summarized the April 1st City Council presentation of the Arts Council Annual Report and 2002 work plan & 5-year plan.  April 27th retreat at Farmers, 9am-1:30pm.  Staff will send out reminders and invite new members.




Special Committee Reports:



Phil King: Phil will organize the terms and conditions needed regarding the former chair sitting on the executive board, by invitation of the board for one year following their term as chair, and bring to Arts Council for approval.  The High School radio station may loose its license, Phil will research more and have a grant application sent if appropriate.


Performing Arts:

Beth Brennen/Debbie Hanson: Four MMIP meetings were held and all bands have been chosen.  Beth handed out the schedule.  Debbie is soliciting more students to sit on the Film Committee before the first meeting is set.



Beth Brennen: The Fiction Contest and Poetry Café went well.  Daniel at the library would like to continue the events for the future.  The Fiction Contest had 425 applicants, 100 people attended the award ceremony.  Twenty-five attended the Poetry Café .  Carole Glickfield will be here April 25th.


Standing Committee Reports:



Heidi O’Brien~absent: No Report.


Public Art:

Amanda Clark: Gallagher Hill; submissions due April 19th and will be reviewed April 25th.  Memorial Policy; committee members have further changes that Amanda will show at May meeting.  Paul Weiden; Jen, Greg and Amanda will determine the best spot at Homestead Field for the art piece, after viewing it.  Veteran’s Memorial Project; April 1st presented information to City Council, Amanda highlighted the discussion items from the meeting.  A public meeting will be held April 24th at the Community Center.



Frank Mandanaro: Graphic Artist Ken Trimpe with Creative Department presented three versions of the logo the council is most interested in.  Discussion was held regarding which design would look best in different publications.  Consensus was that it should read Mercer Island Arts Council not Arts Council of Mercer Island.  Rosalie suggested looking at a new design with it written correctly.  Phil moved to look at another design with it written correctly.  Motion NOT Carried.  Debbie Moved to have the artist rework all three designs with a small Mercer Island on top, eliminate “of” and Arts Council below.  Discussion held, and Debbie reworded the motion to read: rework designs “B” and “C” with a small Mercer Island on top, eliminate “of” and Arts Council below.  Motion Carried.  Council discussed more intense colors as well.


Community Arts:

Staff: Amanda suggested integrating the new logo on the cover of the Artist Directory.



Rosalie King: Received a letter from Thonon regarding working together on an Art Show.  Will Work with Frank to research the Elephant sculpture.  The Gallery committee voted to put money down $375 on the Smithsonian Show.  Gallery Committee met Friday, April 12th to review more slides.



Debbie Hanson: Mercer Island Reporter Grant submitted.  Target grant submitted by May 1st.



Staff Report:

Jen Berner: No Report.


Other Business:

Rosalie shared a thank you card from Patti Murphy.


City Council Liaison Report:

Sven Goldmanis: Congratulated new executive board.  Discussed  the April 1st City Council meeting.  Sven feels that $50,000 is not enough for the Veteran’s Memorial Project and is working on getting more.  Possibly the community would be willing to donate.


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