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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Call To Order:

Beth Brennen called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm in the Slater Room, Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


Roll Call:

Present:  Beth Brennen, Judith Powers Leithe, Katalin Pearman, Helen Martin, Marcia Thomas and Tudor Sherrard.  Absent: Councilman  Sven Goldmanis, Andrea Woolley & Sandra Schilling


Staff Present: Jennifer Berner, Nancy Woo and Eileen Hemmis Trifts.



There were no appearances.



It was moved by Member Judith Powers Leithe to approve the regular meeting minutes of  October  11, 2006 with the following amendments:


Page 1, under Minutes: in the second line of the amendment to September 13 minutes, change next to last word in the second line from “Ross” to “Gross”.

Page 1, under King County Performance Network, insert the word “she” as the 4th word on the first line.

Page 2, under Gallery: change second word in second sentence from “points” to “paintings” and October 18 to October 19.

Page 2, under Community Relations: In the last line of the second paragraph insert the words “up to” before $2,000

Page 2, under Staff Report: Change fourth word in second sentence from “not” to “no”


The motion was seconded and passed.


Chair’s Report:

Beth welcomed and introduced Nancy Woo, Arts and Special Events Coordinator, to the Arts Council members present.  Nancy is the new City Liaison to the Arts Council.

The City Sister Association is planning an adult exchange with our sister city, Thonon-Les-Bains, August 4 through 11. To date, the superintendent of schools and (amended)Mercer Island’s Mayor are planning to attend.  It is open to everyone. Beth encouraged Arts Council members to consider it, and let her know if they would like to attend. Attendees will be staying with families of Thonon-Les-Bains. The only cost would be for transportation.


Mostly Music in the Park: 

No report.


Literary & Shakespeare:

Judy distributed the fall 2006 Film Schedule.  A “Meet the Author” night is planned for Tuesday, November 14 for the book Franca’s Story by Diane Kinman.  Two films are scheduled: Moonstruck on November 12 and City Slickers on December 10.  Judy reported that they are planning to show musicals in the spring.


King County Performance Network:

No report.



Katalin reported that the MIVAL show is still up in the gallery.  It has been well received. Seventeen pieces have sold to date for a total of about $3,000.


With regard to hanging art in the Community Center gallery, Katalin reported that Diane Mortenson suggested the Arts Council consider setting aside a budget for a professional hanger to come in on a quarterly basis to help hang the shows.  Jennifer indicated that the Arts Council did not specifically budget for this, but that money is available.  Tudor Sherrard offered his services. His schedule would allow him to come in and hang art during the day. He can do the physical work if someone else will supervise the layout.  Beth indicated that she also enjoys hanging artwork.  Katalin stated that the next show is scheduled to go up on January 15.


Katalin reported that there is an issue with the quilts from the opening of the Community Center.  Terry Patmeyer Pottmeyer (amended) has spent hours framing them so that they can permanently be on display in the Community Center. She wants them to be hung upstairs.  Jennifer Berner said that  we are encouraging hanging them in the children’s area (downstairs). It seems like a good fit and there really is no room upstairs.


Public Art:

No report.


Community Relations:


Helen reported on the status of the Fall Dance to be held at the Community Center on November 18.  No tickets have been sold to date.  Posters have gone up at a number of businesses in the community.  A large poster is ready for display at the Community Center. Flyers will be included in the Mercer Island Reporter on the Wednesday before the dance. It is also hoped that an article, perhaps on the band, will be featured in the Mercer Island Reporter. Helen will contact Mary Grady at the Reporter with a press release.


Additional ideas to spark ticket sales included giving complimentary tickets to some groups along with the flyers and/or poster, and sending flyers out to the elementary grades.  It was suggested that Aljoya, Island House and Covenant Shores be contacted to see if we can send them some tickets on consignment.  Jennifer advised Helen and the Arts Council that sandwich boards are being made and should be ready tomorrow.


Jennifer reported that she has received a commitment from Aljoya for $1,500 and she has sent them an invoice for this amount.  


Helen reported that she is continuing to work on the Arts Council Calendar. She is having some email problems. She sent it out to Beth and Jennifer on October 24, but neither of them has received it.


Helen reported that she is also working on a newsletter deadline calendar.


Staff Report:

Jennifer Berner reported that the new member applications have been forwarded to the City Clerk for the Mayor’s approval. Only 3 of the 4 will be appointed until Andrea Woolley’s resignation is received.  It is anticipated that the Mayor will make the appointments at the November 20 City Council meeting.


A request has been received for a letter of support of the new PACE project, a new performing arts center to be located in Bellevue.  Beth will draft a letter and Nancy will finalize it for her signature.


Jennifer distributed a draft of the 2007 Work plan for discussion and input. It was determined that most of the Arts Council programs will stay pretty much the same with the addition of a special Projects/Events category under  which community dances and other smaller events will be covered.  


Jennifer suggested that Helen might want to update Community Relations as to how we want to advertise in 2007.  Helen agreed to send a draft to Jennifer.


It was agreed that Associates will be added to the Work Plan along with Program Chairs.  It was further agreed that Funding, Personnel and Planning could be combined under the single heading Executive Board.


Jennifer will send out an updated draft for review. It can be finalized at the December meeting.  Budgets will be reviewed at the December meeting as well.


With regard to the December meeting, Beth Brenner volunteered her home as a location. There will be a short meeting followed by a social time. Spouses will not be invited. This will be a chance for new and existing Arts Council members to spend some time together and get to know one another.

Beth will forward her address and details prior to December 13th.



City Council Report:

No Report.



No report.


Adjournment:   8:15 pm


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