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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Call to Order:

Chairman Bryan Caditz called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 


Roll Call:

Chairman Bryan Caditz, Vice Chair Marcia Dawson, Commissioners Carla Weinheimer, Callie Ridolfi, Lucia Pirzio-Biroli and George Wittman were present.  Commissioner Emmett Maloof and Liaison Grauz were not present.  There was a quorum.


Staff Present:

Kirsten Taylor, Interim Development Services Director, Jeff Thomas, Principal Planner, and Rick Beeler, Senior Planner were present.



The minutes of August 9, 2006 were approved as written.  




Action Item #1:  Bennettís Restaurant approval of a new awning.  DSR06-036.  Rick Beeler informed the Commission the applicant requested the application be withdrawn from the agenda and rescheduled to a later time.


The Commission agreed.


Study Session Item #1:  Shorewood Heights Apartments comments on proposed new buildings.  Rick Beeler summarized the proposal and introduced John Morosco, Security Properties, Inc., who introduced his team of speakers.  The proposal is for 124 new dwelling units and 237 parking stalls on the north side of the Shorewood Apartments property.


Discussion by the Commissioners.  The Commission felt the proposal had good goals and was pleased to see trails included.  Of prime concern is the relationship of the new buildings to existing Shorewood Apartment buildings.  Large building blocks were disfavored, as was too much fragmentation of buildings.  Buildings shouldnít be squeezed onto the site.  The wooded character of the property should be retained.





Directors Comments:  There were none.


Commissioner Comments: 


In response to questions from the Commission regarding the recent City Councilís survey of DSG customers, Jeff Thomas summarized the survey and its relationship to the semi-annual budget process completed this month.  He suggested the City Attorney come before the Commission to present the survey and Council response.  The Commission concurred.


The Commission requested upcoming agendas be emailed to members.  They also requested notice of items coming before the Planning Commission and City Council.


Concerns about traffic and pedestrians in the Town Center were expressed.  The Commission suggested a workshop be held with the Planning Commission, planning staff and transportation staff to discuss this issue. 


Next Regular Meeting: The next regularly scheduled Design Commission meeting will be December 26, 2006 but nothing is yet scheduled on the agenda. 


Commissioner Absences:  None were mentioned.


Adjournment:   9:10 PM



Respectfully submitted,

Rick Beeler

Senior Planner


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