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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Call To Order:

Beth Brennen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the Luther Burbank Room, Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


Roll Call:

Present:  Beth Brennen, Judith Powers Leithe, Katalin Pearman, Ellen Hochberg, Tudor Sherrard,  Kevin Curry, Jane Ditzler, and Helen Martin.  Absent: Councilman  Sven Goldmanis, Sandra Schilling, Cynthia Nuzzi, and Marcia Thomas.


Staff Present: Jennifer Berner, Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts.



There were no appearances.



It was moved by Member Judith Powers Leithe to approve the regular meeting minutes of April 9, 2007 with the following amendment:

  • Under Gallery: Replace last word (June) in 2nd paragraph to read April, and another piece will be installed in June.

The motion was seconded and passed.


Chair’s Report:

Beth advised the Council that she, Helen, Jane and Jennifer met recently to discuss publicity for the Arts Council.  The goal was to simplify the process so that it will be easier as well as more efficient.  


  • Helen will coordinate the calendar with Jane’s help. Additionally, Helen and Jane will coordinate with Eileen Trifts and other staff Arts Council information for the Recreation Guide, and quarterly ad (introduction of Shakespeare in the Park and Mostly Music in the Park) in the MI Reporter. Please send information/ideas to them as they become available.  Deadlines are July for the Fall Recreation Guide and July 5th in order to make the July 11 issue of the Reporter for the ad.  Articles can be written by Chairs. Jane has offered her assistance to anyone that would like to take advantage of her experience in this area.
  • Jennifer suggested improving and enlarging the sign at the corner at 78th and 32nd in Mercerdale Park. The goal is to enlarge it enough to list all of the Mostly Music in the Park concerts and make it large enough to easily read. It is hoped that this can be accomplished by Summer Celebration (July 14 & 15).


Additionally, Marcia proposed an Arts Council brochure – something in addition to the summer brochure. It was determined that a bookmark could serve the purpose. They could be made available at the MI Library since many of the Arts Council programs are in conjunction with the library. A fall 2007 bookmark could be followed by ones for spring and winter 2008.  Suggestions for additional items that might appear on the bookmark included the Arts Council Logo, the Arts Council mission statement, a list of programs and mention of the outdoor gallery.


On May 15, Beth attended the Annual Meeting of Washington Alliance for Arts Education at Seattle Rep. The agenda included a panel discussion on art education in schools with Dr. Andy Griffin, Assistant Superintendent of Education, Eric Liu, member of the State Board of Education; (Senator) member of Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education committee moderated by Marcy Silman. Two of the main points of the discussion were (1) that schools with strong art programs do better academically, and (2) art classes offer students who are struggling academically a chance to succeed.  Ellen said that she would be open to becoming a liaison between the Arts Council and the schools.


Beth had two general announcements:  (1) There will be a meeting of non-profit organizations sponsored by Roger Kijos of Youth and Family Services at the Community Center at noon on Friday, June 15.  (2)  Clare Meeker will make an appearance at the July meeting with watercolors by Florence Palmer.


Mostly Music in the Park: 

No Report.


Literary & Shakespeare:

Judy Leithe distributed updated flyers for the Sonnet Writing Workshop and Contest and Shakespeare Summer in the Park Programs.  She reported that they are in the throes of the sonnet writing contest. The deadline is June 18 and the sonnet read off on June 21. Helen suggested Judy have flyers available for Third Thursday and the upcoming Artist Reception for the gallery as both are on the same date.  They could be given to MI florists as well.


Lance Rhodes made a presentation to the high school. It was very well received.  Jeff Woolley and Judy met with several teachers at the high school. They were very excited about having Jeff make a presentation to their students.  Additionally, Judy met with Harriet Weis of the Senior Resource Group.  She is a retired literature teacher from BCC.  They are a group interested in providing activities for seniors on the island.


Two years ago we had a dedication of the Pergola in Mercerdale Park. Judy suggested an annual function similar to this could take place every year. She is talking with Diane Mortenson, who is organizing the Summer Celebration parade this year. She suggested creating a moment to honor our veterans and those currently serving at the end of the parade.  This would be at the Pergola and perhaps with a speaker  - the mayor, a celebrity,  or one of our veterans.


King County Performance Network

No Report



Katalin Pearman reported that the next gallery show is scheduled to go up on Monday, June 18.  The Artist Reception is scheduled for Thursday, June 21st from 5-7 pm.  Featured artists are Gary Gumble and Eric Montoya.  Katalin will have to leave early. She asked that anyone who might be available to be there for the second half of the reception let her know.


The Gallery Committee met regarding 2008 show logistics. 


The Northwest Watercolor Society gallery sales totaled $9,850.  The gallery earnings were 25% or $2,462.  The remaining 75% was paid to NW Watercolor Society.


A new piece of art, Scheherazade, will be going into the outdoor gallery next week.


There was some discussion of holding a cookout and outdoor gallery tour. It was agreed that September might be a good time to consider something like this – tying it in with back-to-school. Jen cautioned that staff support for this would be at a minimum, and an event permit might be required.


Public Art:

No report.


Community Relations:

Helen distributed a draft comment card for discussion. It was suggested that this could be handed out at programs and a box set up to collect completed cards.  Judy liked the card, but suggested that the mailing list not be separated out by activity – too work intensive.  Jen advised that there is an RCW statute against collection of donations in the parks. She suggested changing the wording to reflect mailing donations to the Arts Council c/o the Parks & Recreation Department or putting something on the mailings sent out from the lists that are created.  Additionally, something should be added making it clear that all MIAC events are open to the public.


Helen reported that Countrywide and Aljoya are sponsoring a new community information website,  The Arts Council will be able to post information on the site - gallery openings, special events, etc.  Jennifer reminded everyone to be sure to get releases for any photos that are posted.  The site will be publicized by sponsor sale of bumper stickers at 3rd Thursday.  It is also planned to sell them at Summer Celebration for $1 each, with all proceeds to go to Youth and Family Services.


Jane recommended adding a correction box to the Shakespeare flyers indicating that incorrect information was published in the recreation guide.


Staff Report:

No staff report



City Council Report:

No Report.


Adjournment:   8:10 pm


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