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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Call To Order:

Beth Brennen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the Luther Burbank Room, Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


Roll Call:

Present:  Beth Brennen, Judith Powers Leithe, Katalin Pearman, Kevin Curry, Jane Ditzler, Marcia Thomas and Helen Martin.  Absent: Councilman Sven Goldmanis, Sandra Schilling, Ellen Hochberg, Cynthia Nuzzi, and Tudor Sherrard.


Staff Present: Jennifer Berner, Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts.



Clare Meeker

8035 SE 33rd Pl, #1

Mercer Island, WA  98040


Clare Meeker came to the Arts Council representing the sale of two oil paintings from the collection of artist, Florence Palmer. Both paintings represent I-90 construction at Mercer Island in the 1990’s.  Clare gave a short background on the artist. She indicated that the artist would like to know if the city would be interested in purchasing one or both of them.  The price for the paintings are $500 apiece or $800 for both.


The Arts Council discussed the paintings and the fact that they could be purchased out of the 1% for Arts Fund. They agreed that they were unusual and could be of historical interest.  As to the question of placement of the paintings should they be purchased, Jennifer suggested they could replace paintings coming down at City Hall at the entrance to the courthouse.


Marcia Thomas motioned to purchase the two paintings by Florence Palmer for the price of $800 and also to ask for a budget amendment to request funds from the 1% for Art Fund to purchase the two paintings.


The motion was seconded and passed.



It was moved by Member Judith Powers Leithe to approve the regular meeting minutes of June 13, 2007 with the following amendment: under Literary and Shakespeare, 2nd paragraph, first line:  Change spelling of “Woolery” to “Woolley”. 

The motion was seconded and passed.


Chair’s Report:

Beth Brennen began by first complimenting council members on recent ads featured in the Mercer Island Reporter. 


Beth reported that the 78th Avenue Street end project is now on the front burner.  Rich Conrad, the City Manager, recently informed Beth that the permit process has been completed. The developer will pay for 100% of the plaza, including a sculpture and a water feature.  Rich has asked Beth, Jane and the Chair of the Design Commission to get together and review the developer’s water feature and sculpture.  The developer has chosen an artist, Harold Balazs.  Beth circulated some information on the artist.  There is some question as to whether the water feature and sculpture are one in the same or two separate items.  Beth felt certain that the Arts Council could also have a say in the placement of the art.  Jennifer Berner suggested that the Arts Council find out what their vision is and then decide if we (the Arts Council) want to supplement it in any way from our 2008 budget.



Mostly Music in the Park: 

Jennifer Berner gave the report in Tudor’s absence.  She reported that the sign in Mercerdale Park is unable to be any larger than what we currently have.  The thought now is to enlarge the type and place only two bands on the sign at a time with the dates they are playing, and rotate the signs weekly to provide maximum visibility.


Literary & Shakespeare:

Judy Leithe reported that the Perry Lorenzo postcards went out today.  The Wooden O “Shakespeare in the Park” poster has also gone out.  Perry Lorenzo will be here on July 21 for The Merchant of Venice and on July 28th for The Merry Wives of Windsor.


The sonnet read-off is complete.  There are several winners who may be invited to read their sonnet prior to the performance of one of the plays.


Judy gave an update on the discussion at last month’s meeting regarding an event to honor our veterans and those currently serving our country.  The event will be held at the end of the Summer Celebration Parade on July 14th.  Refreshments will be served.  Judy will say a few words and introduce Mayor, Brian Cairns, who will say a few words of thanks to the Mercer Island Service Organizations.  Jennifer suggested that the MI Reporter be advised.


Judy reported that an Alfred Hitchcock retrospective is planned for the fall in conjunction with a high school poetry group overseen by a middle school creative writing teacher.  The goal is to encourage high school students to read and write poetry.


4 Culture

No Report



Katalin Pearman reported that a gallery opening was held on Thursday, June 21, for the Gary Gumble & Eric Montoya show, which runs from June 18 to August 2.  The Gallery Committee is still working on the 2008 schedule. Seattle co-arts pulled out so they need to fill that slot.  There was some discussion of having a show of Florence Palmer’s work, perhaps in conjunction with another artist.


Scheherazade is not up in the outdoor gallery.


Public Art:

No report.


Community Relations:

Helen gave an update on, a new community information website sponsored by Countrywide and Aljoya. They will be selling t-shirts (instead of bumper stickers) at MI Chiropractic and the Countrywide booths at Summer Celebration.  The cost is $8 each or 3/$20 with all proceeds to go to Youth & Family Services.


Staff Report:

Jen Berner thanked everyone for their support during Summer Celebration! preparation.



City Council Report:

No Report.


Adjournment:   8:10 pm


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