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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Call To Order:

Beth Brennen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the Luther Room, Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


Roll Call:

Present:  Beth Brennen, Kevin Curry, Jane Ditzler, Judith Powers Leithe, Helen Martin, Cynthia Nuzzi, Katalin Pearman, Sandra Schilling, and Marcia Thomas.  Absent: Councilman Sven Goldmanis and Ellen Hochberg, Tudor Sherrard.


Staff Present: Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts.



The new Community Center Manager, Jana Raasch, came in to introduce herself and say “hello”. 



The minutes of the December 12, 2007 meeting were amended as follows:

-Under Chair’s Report, 1st paragraph, next to the last line, change the word additional to addition.

-Under Chair’s Report, 3rd paragraph at beginning of line 3, change $4,000 to $1,000.

It was motioned by Judy Leithe to:   Approve the regular meeting minutes of December 12, 2007 as amended.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Chair’s Report:

Chair, Beth Brennen began her report by commending Arts Council members on the quantity and quality of publicity being done for Arts Council Events. 


Beth reported that she has been contacted by Joy Johnston, the City Publicist, in regards to the Arts Council participating in the Earth Day Celebration. The main idea discussed was an Art Contest that would include all ages. Beth said Ellen Hochberg indicated that she would very much like to do this and volunteered to be the Arts Liaison to the High school. Following some initial discussion, Beth asked everyone to forward their ideas to her.  She will meet with Ellen prior to the February 12 deadline to come up with a plan. 


In further discussion, It was suggested that the artwork be displayed in the meeting rooms at CCMV on Earth Day and that there be a “People’s Choice Award” for various age categories.  Cynthia Nuzzi suggested a theme of using recycle materials in support of “Going Green”.  Entries would have to be limited to two dimensions.


Beth indicated that two tickets for the MIHS Ensemble and Jazz Bands have been received as a “thank you” to the Arts Council for the grant that was given to help fund their fundraiser.  have been received from the Mercer Island Ensemble as a “thank you” to the Arts Council for the grant that was made to help fund their fundraiser.  Ellen, Sandy and Marcia indicated an interest in attending.


Mostly Music in the Park: 

Amber Britton reported that she and member, Tudor Sherrard plan to meet to review music received to date.  He will then begin scheduling committee meetings.


Amber will contact the high school band to see if they would be interested in performing at MMIP.  They already perform at Summer Celebration!


Literary & Shakespeare:

Judy reported that the “Looking Ahead” and “MI Weekly” both featured good publicity for Literary programs this month.  Also, the MI Reporter had a calendar item about the upcoming French Film, Amelie”.  Judy complimented Beth on the new Winter Bookmark.  It is being widely distributed.


Judy reported that she recently spoke with George Mount of Wooden O Theatre about the possibility of making improvements to the Amphitheatre as our next project.  He indicated that if we can give them a five-year commitment or contract, they can apply for a grant from King County, which they could also apply toward this project.  Amber also met with George. She explained to him that if we were to agree to a five-year contract, that Wooden O will have to commit to a set amount for those five years.  This was one of three projects discussed at our last meeting.  Amber stated that the city is already proceeding with a plan for new lighting for the Amphitheatre. This is separate from the Arts Council project.  Jane Ditzler said she is very interested in the downtown light pole art and would like to see this to any amphitheatre improvements.  Amber and Beth both assured Council members that funding could be spent on one project or split between two or three projects.



No Report




Katalin Pearman reported the Laurel Nelms show opened in the Gallery on Monday, January 7.  The artist reception is planned for Thursday, January 17.  The next show is proving to be a little more complicated.  Eileen and Katalin will meet to iron out the details.


Katalin reported that the MIVAL show brought in a gross of about $6,000.  The Gallery cut on that is 25%, or about $1,500.


Lance Carleton has not yet installed his sculpture.  Katalin will be meeting with him next week.


Public Art:


No report.


Community Relations:

Helen reported that the winter dance has been scheduled for Sunday, January 13.  The band will be “Orchestra Z”.  She requested that committee members come at 3:00 pm to decorate and set up.  She indicated that the committee has already started thinking about next year’s theme and that they are leaning toward a “Sock Hop”.


Staff Report:

Amber reported that there has been a query as to whether or not the Arts Council would like to take over Third Thursday.  The current group has some money, solid A-boards, etc. 


Judy Leithe made a motion that we incorporate third Thursday into the Mercer Island Arts Council.


In discussion, it was concluded that perhaps a committee should be formed to help choose the art.  Helen said that she would like to chair this committee.


Amber stated that the Arts Council would not spend any funds for this project this year.  The current governing body has some funding.  The Arts Council would handle any sponsor income and distribution of any funds spent.  The money that comes in is what will be available to be spent.


Chair, Beth Brennan called for a second and a vote on the motion before the Council.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


There was some further discussion of possible projects identified at last months meeting for money budgeted to be spent in 2008 from the 1% for the Arts Fund in 2008. 


With regard to the light pole banners, Sandra Schilling suggested we need to be cognizant of what we already have as far as lamppost art in the city.  Katalin suggested one of the Arts Council future meetings might be a walking meeting to discuss light poles and to see how many the city already has, where they are located and what could be added.  Marcia suggested we first decide whether we want permanent art or banners. 


Kevin felt we could get a lot more bang for our buck with banners.  He thought there might be some existing hardware available.  He will do some research on this. 


In conjunction with this, Amber will find out what and where the plan is for floral beautification in the downtown area.


Amber will clarify that there is $60,000 available from the 1% for the Arts Fund to be spent in 2008.


It was agreed that there is not yet enough information to make a decision regarding what project or projects will be chosen.  Further research and a walking tour are planned.  Further discussion will be continued at the February meeting.


City Council Report:

No Report.


Adjournment:   8:30 pm


                                                                                                            _______________________________                                                                                                      Beth Brennen, Chair





Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Scribe


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