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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Call To Order:

Chair, Helen Martin called the meeting to order at 6:44 pm in the Calkins Room, Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA  98040.


Roll Call:

Present: Beth Brennen, Kevin Curry, Jane Ditzler, Helen Martin, Katalin Pearman, and Judy Leithe.  Absent:  Ellen Hochberg, Sandra Schilling, Tudor Sherrard and Susan Sears.


City Council Liaison present:  Bruce Bassett


Staff present: Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts.



There were no appearances.



The following correction was made to the minutes of June 11, 2008:

Under Community Relations, third paragraph.  Delete “James Kazan” and insert “the owner of the US Bank building” in its place.  Delete “salmon bake in his building” and replace with “and band in the parking lot”.

Beth Brennen made a motion to accept the minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Chair’s Report:

Helen reported on a new Artist Trust web site that lists grants and a calendar. She has posted the Third Thursday Art Walk, and feels it could be an additional resource for Arts Council Events.


Theatre Puget Sound is offering some classes ($175 per person). On September 14, there is a vendor fair, resource workshop and VIP reception coming up.


Farmer’s Market was this Sunday. There was a presentation during which they thanked the arts council publicly for our donation. It was noted that the first Sunday Market was a huge success.



City Council Report:

No report.


Mostly Music in the Park: 

In Tudor’s absence, Amber stated that they are looking to reschedule the Lost in the Fog concert that was cancelled due to rain.  We will have to pay the sound company, but they are only going to charge $500. The earliest the band is available is Thursday, Sept 4th. We just have to be sure the sound company is available that date. It will be heavily advertised. There was some discussion about the sound being a little low for some concerts; especially the single vocalist.  Amber said that if you notice something like this to let her know as they are able to tweak it.


Literary & Shakespeare:

Judy distributed flyers on the classics on film presentations for this fall.  It is a Hollywood western retrospective, and should prove to be lots of fun. Lance Rhodes is continuing with commentary and Q&A for each film. After the fall film series, films will no longer be shown at the Library. Judy would like to begin showing films in the evening, maybe at the Community Center.


Perry Lorenzo will be here in September with the first presentation for the Ring Cycle.  Judy said she is no longer considering selling tickets for the series. It will be free.


Veteran’s Recognition went very well. Dave Reichart and Mayor Jim Pearman both spoke.  There was a little bit of a scheduling conflict with the band. Next year Amber will work with Judy on the scheduling to be sure everyone finishes on time.


Shakespeare was fabulous. They just get better and better. Perry Lorenzo did a great job.  They were well received and all of the performances were packed. This was Wooden O’s 15th year of performing Shakespeare in the Park.  Costco provided a cake to celebrate. Judy has sent them a “thank you”.




Beth reported on the 4Culture July 24 meeting. Tina Hogget, Education Outreach Coordinator for 4Culture.  will hold a meeting once a quarter at the downtown 4culture headquarters in pioneer square. Subject matter will include things like how to commission public art, select the artist, etc.  The cost is $25.


Amber indicated we still have money to spend from the 2006 4Culture grant.  Junk Chimes will be at Summer Carnival from noon to 4 pm next Friday.  Also, the group Molten Vocals will be at the National Senior Citizen’s Day.  The Arts Council is listed on the publicity as a sponsor.  Show Brazil is also booked.


The Trash Apes sound interesting too. We might try to get them for “get out and play day”.


Amber indicated that she has to talk with Charlie Rathburn about the process for obtaining the grant money.



Katalin Pearman reported that the Art Student show was well received. Not financially successful, but they were very happy with it.


The current show is a photography show.  The opening reception went very well. Good turn out. Good entertainment.  Our next show, Washington Women Painters, is being hung on Monday, September 8.  Katalin asked for volunteers. They will drop off art from 10 to 2, but we will need some help hanging after 2 pm.  The reception is September 18th.


The MIVAL holiday show goes up on October 20.  Jane has volunteered to spearhead the hanging.  She did it last year and did such a good job; they requested that she come back again this year.  Jane said they are limiting everyone to 2 pieces this year. Jane would like to get the lockable cabinets. She said that Ikea has them. They are white with glass doors for $120 apiece. She is hoping we can buy two. Kevin and Jane will go to pick hem up.  Amber will look at the budget.


The MIVAL reception is on the 23rd October from 6-8 pm.  They would also like to have a silent auction this year. Whatever they get from it, it will benefit the junior artists.  Everyone agreed that it would be a good idea.

Beth volunteered to do the reception.  Jane will help.


Public Art:

In regard to the banners in downtown area, Kevin said we will have to decide whether we want off-the-shelf or designed brackets. Bruce mentioned that the Farmers Market is also looking at doing some banners.  He felt this was something we could work together on this.  Amber agreed that since they have already got a good head start on this, we could benefit from it.  Kevin said he would rather spend the money on more banners than a custom bracket system.  Amber mentioned that the new light poles at Luther Burbank are banner ready.

It was agreed that it might be nice if we had one designer produce them all; so that the MIAC and Farmer’s Market banners were similar.


Kevin would like to establish a “First Annual Mercer Island Art Boat Festival and Picnic” as an official MIAC event for Saturday, July 11, 2009 at Luther Burbank Park.


Katalin made a motion to pursue the idea of a summer Art Boat Festival and Picnic for 2009 during Summer Celebration.  Jane Ditzler seconded the motion and passed it unanimously.


Helen suggested Kevin start coming to as many events as possible with his “duck boat” and start publicizing the event.


It was agreed we need to get moving on the items previously approved by the Arts Council as public art: the banners, wall of the community center and the amphitheatre.


Jane brought up going to visit some glass studios. The end goal is to do the wall of the ccmv and find sculptures for the amphitheatre. It would be a way to familiarize ourselves with some of these processes.  Amber reminded everyone that a call for artists is required for all public art.


Councilman Bassett suggested the Arts Council align themselves with the Friends of Luther Burbank. Judy Roan might be a good contact.  There could be some real synergy there.


Community Relations:

Jane has been in touch with and found more and more exciting collections for the Alaska Yukon Exhibition. She wants to know whether or not we can find sponsors and increase our insurance because the pieces we have so far are invaluable. There was some discussion regarding the security. Councilman Bassett stated that the Community Center is currently understaffed and that valuable items might not be appropriate for display.  He suggested some of the big heavy pieces like a totem pole would be more easily secured and therefore more appropriate. Helen suggested we might consider a more secure location



Staff Report:

Amber reported that the budget has been submitted and won’t know for a while yet if it is approved.  She and Helen worked on it and feel it is a more accurate, working budget than what we did have. 


With regard to performer contracts – when we need a performer or show of some sort we have to do a contract ahead of time. A signed contract and W-9 should be submitted three weeks before their performance if possible – especially in order to have a check ready to hand to them right after their performance is finished.  Amber distributed a form to be completed and returned to her.  Once received, she can then generate the contract.



Adjournment:   8:44 pm



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