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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair, Judy Leithe, at 6:40 pm in the Calkins Room at the Community Center at Mercer View.  Immediately following the call to order, new member, Tamar Baber was introduced to the Council.


Roll Call

Beth Brennen, Kevin Curry, Judith Powers Leithe, Katalin Pearman, Sandra Schilling, Susan Sears and Tamar Babar.  Absent:  Jane Ditzler, Ellen Hochberg, Helen Martin and Tudor Sherrard


City Council Liaison

Bruce Bassett



Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts



It was moved by Council Member Beth Brennen and seconded by Council Member Sandra Schilling to

            Approve the minutes of October 8, 2008.

            Motion passed unanimously.


Chair Report

No report.



No report.


Literary & Shakespeare

Committee Chair Judy Leithe reported the status of Literary Programs.

  • The second of four lectures by Perry Lorenzo on the Ring is coming up. 
  • The Hollywood retrospective film series is approximately half complete. This Saturday “The Searchers” with John Wayne will be showing.


4 Culture

Committee Chair Beth Brennen reported that she attended the November 3rd City Council meeting at Parks Director Pete Mayer’s request to speak on behalf of the Arts Council and the Sister City Association in support of the 77th Avenue floral enhancement.  Amended  However, the council did not get to this item.  Beth made a presentation to the Council. There will Amended have be another opportunity at the November 17th Council meeting.   


Beth attended a 4culture meeting on public art. The meeting focused on putting together a call for artists. She has a lot of paperwork to share on this topic. She reported that 4culture will help cities for a fee to organize a call for artists.  They also have a list of artists on their website. Amber reported that we also have a new catalog with photos and artist information.


Beth reported that she recently met with Joy Johnson, City Communication Coordinator.  Joy told Beth that if the Arts Council has a program they would like to have video taped to show on the TV station, she would be happy to consider it.  Councilman Bassett advised the Council that the City Council rejected a proposal for four videotaped segments that were going to cost $5,000 each several weeks ago.  Beth will call Joy to find out if the City Council’s decision would affect her offer.  Amber suggested the Council consider presenting an overall view of the Arts Council and all of its programs rather than focusing on individual programs.





Gallery Chair Katalin Pearman reported that total sales for the Women Painters of Washington Show was $5475, with $1068 (25%) in Arts Council revenue.

She reported that the hanging of the MIVAL show and reception went smoothly and were well attended. 


Katalin reported that she will be scheduling a subcommittee meeting for the 2010 shows.  The 2009 gallery schedule has been updated to reflect a change in the January show artists.  Copies were distributed.


Katalin reported on the status of AYPE in Jane Ditzler’s absence.  They are awaiting word on the funding. Amber said a specific amount was budgeted and she will advise when she finds out if it is approved.  Seattle will also give us some funding as well. Peter Donaldson has not yet responded about performing the Salmon People show.  Jane is still waiting to hear back from Aljoya with regard to the exhibit space for some of the more valuable art pieces. Amber stated that Ron Ryder has consented to have his totem pole and his photo of a native Alaskan long house displayed here at the Community Center.  We will need to have it mounted, and he said we could sell it and keep the proceeds.


Amber Britton is researching which pieces in the outdoor sculpture gallery need plaques.  Beth will walk through the sculpture garden and make notes on pieces that need them. Amber suggested we could order several this year and several more in 2009.


Public Art

Of the three projects we have been talking about, Committee Chair Kevin Curry reported that we haven’t made any progress on the wall. He has done a survey of off the shelf banner brackets, but he isn’t impressed with his findings, He is planning to find out what it might cost to have them custom made.  He stated that Judy Leithe continues to work on the amphitheatre.


Community Relations

Council Member Sandra Schilling requested approval of $2,000 to plant trees in front of the CCMV.  She indicated that she had spoken with Keith Kerner, Parks Superintendent, said he indicated he could landscape this area with trees, however, the Arts Council would need to budget some money for it.  Judy Leithe suggested we might want to finish the three items we have already voted on before taking on anything additional.  Beth Brennen felt it could be incorporated into the wall project.


Further discussion precipitated the decision to research the Arts Council minutes to clarify what was voted on.


It was agreed that there might be some flexibility to incorporate planting of trees into the wall project. Sandra said that she didn’t want to take anything away from the $60,000 for the three projects. Amber said that if we didn’t spend $2000 from the general budget, we might be able to get it from there.  However, she still has things trickling in so couldn’t say right now. 


Beth recommended that Kevin meet with his committee and include the idea about the plantings and come back with a report.  Kevin indicated that his recollection was that the Council did not agree on what they want to do with the wall, but just that they wanted to do something to enhance the Community Center entrance. 


It was agreed to research the minutes to find out exactly what was voted on.


Amber brought up the fact that the wall at the front will have to be free standing as Parks Director Pete Mayer has indicated that this building was built by a renowned architect, and we can’t do anything to attach to the walls or change them in any way. It would have to be free standing.


Katalin Pearman suggested we look at what we want to do with the wall considering the new constraints mentioned by Pete.  Once we vote on that we can decide whether we want to use some of the $60,000 (with something artistic) or to get the money from the general fund.  She felt she couldn’t get behind the planting of trees unless they were somehow in an artistic planting or if they contained artwork around the trees or something like that.


Judy Leithe indicated that she would like some direction on “how to proceed” with the projects that we are working on. Amber suggested she put a proposal together on what she is proposing so that she can give that information to Pete Mayer, specifically for the amphitheatre.


Beth Brennen asked that the public art committee get together and come up with a refined proposal so that we can move forward.


Staff Report

Staff Liaison Amber Britton reported that she would like to meet with new Arts Council Members Susan Sears, Tamar Baber and Ellen Hochberg as well as Councilman Bruce Bassett to review the Arts Council Manual.


Amber gave a status report on the Sock Hop.  The date is Sunday, January 11th. They are looking for a 50’s band, but haven’t’ had much luck thus far.  The Studebakers is a band that is a possibility.  The price is right at $375, but they had no samples of their music and no web site where we could listen to their music. Some suggestions from the floor included the Dusty 45’s and the Cadillacs.  Amber will check into both groups. Amber stated that Helen Martin was able to get a donation from Aljoya as a sponsor. This year the price of a ticket will include a hot dog and root beer float.  She’ll email everyone.


Staff 4Culture update:  Amber reported that the city has requested a bid to get government pricing on an LCD projector, DVD player, media cart and speakers.  If the purchase is approved by 4Culture and the Arts Council, these items be purchased with the 2006 grant money from 4Culture.



Beth volunteered to have the Holiday Party at her home on December 10th.  Admin Assistant Eileen Trifts will get details from Beth and send out an email to everyone in early December.



The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm


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