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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Helen Martin at 7:30 pm at the home of Arts Council member, Beth Brennen, at 4140 96th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA  98040.


Roll Call

Beth Brennen, Kevin Curry, Judith Powers Leithe, Katalin Pearman, Susan Sears, Tamar Babar, Jane Ditzler, and Ellen Hochberg.  Absent:   Sandra Schilling and Tudor Sherrard


City Council Liaison:

Bruce Bassett



Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts



It was moved by Council Member Ellen Hochberg and seconded by Council Member Katalin Pearman to

Approve the minutes of November 12, 2008 with the following amendment.


            Under the 4Culture Chair Report, third line – delete the sentence, “However, the council did not get to this item.” and replace with “Beth made a presentation to the Council.”


            Under the 4Culture Chair Report, third line – next to last word, change “have” to “be”.


            Motion passed unanimously.



Chair Report

Sock Hop:  Chair, Helen Martin, opened with discussion on the Sock Hop scheduled for January 11 at the Community Center.  A band has not yet been secured.  Possibilities discussed included the Dusty 45’s, 2 Scoop Combo, and Max.  Ellen also had a possibility, though she didn’t know the band’s name.  She will contact them.  Amber reported that the budget is around $1,500, which includes sound.  She also noted that a dance instructor is still needed.  With regard to marketing, Amber will cross promote the Sock Hop in a flyer that is already scheduled to go out to the schools for another recreation program just prior to the dance. 


Third Thursday: Helen reported that this was the first year that Third Thursday was under the umbrella of the City.  Advertising was more expensive than anticipated.  She would like to add MIVAL artists and take walking tours from QFC.  Third Thursdays run May through October (6 months).  Helen said it is a lot of work and she could use some help this year.  Ellen Hochberg said that she was willing to help with everything but fund raising.  Tamar Baber and Jane Ditzler also said that they would like to be on the Third Thursday Committee.  Helen indicated that she will be in touch to set up a meeting. 


Arts Council Goals:

Helen reviewed some of the goals she set as Chair at the June meeting.

  • 2009-10 Budget:  Complete.  Amber said that the next one will be in two years.  Work should be scheduled to begin in the fall of 2010 for the 2011-12 Budget.
  • Five Year Plan:  Do we need one?  Beth suggested Helen talk to Diane Mortenson about it.  It was felt that five years might be kind of far out.  Amber will check to see if a five year plan is required.  Bruce Bassett commented that similarly to the City Council – that long term vision and dreaming a little bit is more about what you might want to see.  Katalin asked about a retreat this year.  Amber said it is in the budget. Beth volunteered her week at Hansville Lighthouse to host the retreat.  She will get the dates for spring and summer so a date can be set.
  • Keeping a Running Action Item List:  Helen, as chair, will put together an action list shortly after each meeting with target dates and who is responsible for what.
  • Expansion of Community Relations into All Island Schools: Helen would like to check the budget for advertising for the Arts Council with the High School Paper.  Ellen suggested targeting specific items.  Helen also suggested inviting teenagers from the high school to an Arts Council Meeting to see what ideas they might have.
  • Continue growing an email list for Arts Council projects and programs.



No report.



Literary & Shakespeare

Committee Chair Judy Leithe reported the Classics on Film have wrapped up for fall.  Beginning with the winter session, Classics on Film will now be held at the Community Center during the evening.  There are two Perry Lorenzo lectures scheduled at the Community Center in February and April.




Committee Chair Beth Brennen reported that she and Katalin Pearman attended the King County Advocacy Meeting at Bellevue Art Museum.  The meeting addressed how to get the most for the Arts out of a limited budget.  4Culture is one of the best resources available. 

Beth reported that there was a presentation on PACE, the new regional performing arts center in Bellevue.  Construction is scheduled to start in 2011.  It is mostly privately funded.  Rosita Romero, a member of the Washington State Arts Commission, lives on Mercer Island and owns ISIS in Pioneer Square, would like to give a presentation at an Arts Council meeting – possibly in January.




Gallery Chair Katalin Pearman reported that total sales for the MIVAL Show was $2,004, with $501 (25%) in Arts Council revenue.

She reported that the David Fishman – Csilla Tecsi Show will run from January 5th through February 20th.  Katalin will be doing the reception but asked that she will need help.  Amber will call to find some music.  It was agreed that the Artist Receptions in 2009 should be changed to start and end a half hour later – from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, beginning with this reception.



Public Art

No Report.



Community Relations

Jane Ditzler stated that the deadline for the Spring/Summer Rec Guide is the first part of February. She asked Council member to send their submissions to her along with a cc to Helen. The next quarterly will be in April.


Jane reported that AYPE is going like “gangbusters”.  There is now a manager at Aljoya; however, they have not yet given us an answer about the exhibit.  The show at the Community Center is growing and now includes musicians and dancers. Peter Donaldson told Jane that it will cost $3,500 for his show. He has some ideas to raise some money and do it all for free. 


Jane said she hopes to have answers from Aljoya and Peter Donaldson by February.  She said that more people are going to be needed to help with AYPE before long.


Jane reported that she gave a grant request for a Fiddler on the Roof performance to the Executive Committee.  It is the only request received to date.  There is money available.



Staff Report

Amber Britton reported that the Community Center is experiencing some conflicts with our meeting space.  They have asked us to move the January and February meetings to Luther Burbank. 


Jane Ditzler motioned that:  We tell the Community Center that we will be happy to move Arts Council meetings to Luther Burbank.  The motion was seconded by Katalin Pearman and passed unanimously.




No announcements.




The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


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