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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Chair Bryan Caditz, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 



Chair Bryan Caditz, Susanne Foster, Ann Nielson, Bert Loosmore, Lucia Pirzio-Biroli and Council Liaison Grausz were present.  Commissioners Scott Kuznicki and Emmet Maloof were excused.



Steve Lancaster, Development Services Director, George Steirer, Principal Planner, and Shana Crick, Planner, were present.  



The minutes of September 24, 2008 were approved.




AGENDA ITEM #1 – PUBLIC MEETING: Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club Peak Project.


Shana Crick, Planner, provided a brief overview of the project and compared the current proposal with that presented during two previous study sessions. Ms. Crick responded to questions from the Commission.


Ed Weinstein of Weinstein A/U, representative for the applicant, gave a brief presentation and overview of the project and answered questions from the Commission.


Karen Kiest, the applicant’s Landscape Architect, discussed the project and answered questions from the Commission regarding vegetation proposed. Commissioner Foster stated that proposed landscaping should be used as a teaching opportunity for children, and that native plants should be used. Ms. Kiest also addressed questions from Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli concerning a bioswale on the site.


Debin Schliesman, the project architect with Weinstein A/U, detailed how the bioswale will be used to treat parking lot runoff prior to it entering the proposed infiltration system. 


Chair Caditz requested information about a proposed pedestrian access. Mr. Weinstein responded to Mr. Caditz’s questions.


Commissioner Loosmore expressed concern about the preservation of mature trees on site. Director Lancaster spoke to the City’s process for tree removal and replacement evaluation. Ms. Kiest discussed the applicant’s proposed tree retention and replacement plan.


Commissioner Nielson requested clarification about setbacks, which was provided by Mr. Weinstein.

The Chair opened the meeting to public comment. Amanda Clark of 4319 86th Avenue SE offered support for the project.  Bob Thorpe of 5800 W Mercer Way submitted to the Commission his suggestions for combining the PEAK outdoor play area with the adjacent Country Village Day School. Stowe Sprague of 4553 84th Avenue SE detailed concerns about the adequacy of the play areas proposed by PEAK. Ms. Sprague also stated that Country Village does not have any knowledge of Mr. Thorpe’s plan. Mr. Thorpe responded to Ms. Sprague’s comments. Chair Caditz closed the public comment portion of the hearing.


The Commission began discussion of the project. Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli moved to approve the project with the conditions proposed in the staff report, as well as the following:


1) More detailed exterior lighting plan shall be provided.

2) Review of the pedestrian and bicycle access circulation on the site with respect to MICC 19.12.050(A)&(B).


Commissioner Nielson seconded the motion.


Commissioner Nielson moved to add a condition requiring staff to review if incorporating plants for teaching would be required under MICC 19.12.010(B)(3). Commissioner Foster seconded the motion. The Commission voted 0 yahs and 5 nays.


Commissioner Foster proposed a condition requiring the applicant to consider the inclusion of educational and environmental features in the landscape design consistent with the MICC. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Nielsen. The motion passed with 5 yahs and 0 nays.


Commissioner Loosmore moved to require the applicant to provide a detailed list of species and sizes of mature trees being retained and being removed in support of demonstrating compliance with MICC 19.12.020(B)(12)(a). The motion was seconded by Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli. The amendment passed with 5 yahs and 0 nays.


The main motion to grant Preliminary Design Review Approval as conditioned passed unanimously.



No other business was introduced, and there were no reports given.


ADJOURNMENT:          9:30 PM


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