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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Call to Order

The meeting called to order by Chair, Helen Martin, at 6:50 pm at the Luther Burbank Park Admin Building, 2040 84th Ave SW, Mercer Island, WA


Roll Call

Helen Martin, Beth Brennen, Judith Powers Leithe, Jane Ditzler, Ellen Hochberg, Tudor Sherrard, and Tamar Babar.  Absent:  Katalin Pearman, Susan Sears and Kevin Curry


City Council Liaison

Bruce Bassett



Diane Mortenson and Eileen Hemmis Trifts



Rosita Romero, WA State Arts Commission and owner of Isis.  The commission goes to a city and holds a meeting from 9-4 all day.  It is open to the public.  Approximately 40 people. She said she was here to invite the Mercer Island Arts Council to invite them to meet here on Mercer Island.   She advised the council members that the Commission is a good resource and that they have a number of grants available.  Their website is


Jane Ditzler asked if we hosted the Arts commission, would we have to pay for a room at CCMV.  Amber said that she would check with the Community Center Manager.


Nancy Axell and Genny Rees were here from MIVAL.  Helen attended the last MIVAL board meeting. In an effort to become better acquainted Helen invited MIVAL representatives to attend the Arts Council meetings. It was agreed that perhaps Arts Council members might like to attend some MIVAL meetings as well.




It was moved by Council Member Beth Brennen and seconded to:

            Approve the minutes of December 10, 2008.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


City Council Report

Councilman Bruce Bassett informed the Arts Council that he had received a clip of music from Mercer Islander, Dave Patterson, for MMIP.  Councilman Bassett said that he will send it Tudor Sherrard as well as forward Mr. Patterson’s emails


Councilman Bassett reported that his wife is working with MIVAL this year.  He suggested we make some effort to build some linkage between MIVAL and the Arts Council.  Helen said she has already started this by calling Judith Roan to work with MIVAL in the 3rd Thursday art walk and attending the MIVAL Board meeting.


Jane Ditzler mentioned that Seiko Konja, MIVAL’s President, spoke with her about perhaps having folks from MIVAL work on AYPE. 


Councilman Bassett suggested perhaps someone from MIVAL could step into the opening left by Sandra Schilling’s resignation from the MI Arts Council. 


Chair Report

No report.




Tudor has calls for submissions in a number of newspapers. He is getting CDs in the mail and thinks there may well be some MP3 internet submissions as well.  He has four meetings planned to review the submissions.  He wants to get the bands on board early.  He AMENDED was has a committee, but invited anyone that is interested to drop by. He is already looking into poster art and t-shirts...


Literary & Shakespeare

Judy said winter film series started “film noir”.  It is a lot of fun.  All movies are now at the CCMV with Lance Rhoades.  Perry Lorenzo is coming up in February. 

Judy recommended that we make our deadlines for the reporter on Wednesday. They move their deadline up if there is a holiday.


Diane said that the Arts Council has $1500 for the year for ads.  If the MI AMENDED  Reporter knows we are committing for a quarterly ad, they should give a better rate.


4 Culture

Beth made presentation to the city council in support of the floral garden display on 77th. It was not approved by the City Council. The design has already been drawn up.  The cost is $15,000.   It occurred to Beth that we do have $60,000, and if we have some money left over from the banners, amphitheatre and community center project that this would be a wonderful place to use it.  Jane Ditzler stated that she felt strongly that if we are going to choose this project as another area to use our money, that we should at least split the cost with the Sister City Association.  Judy Leithe felt we had to finish the three things that have already been voted on.  If one of those cannot be done, then maybe the Arts Council could look at other things, like this, to replace it.


Ellen Hochberg said she would be happy to pursue the community center project.  Diane Mortenson suggested the best way to approach this would be with a written proposal that includes a description/graphic and costs to be presented to the Parks Director, Pete Mayer.


It was agreed that we would note this for consideration should funds come available.  Beth will see if she can get the graphic of the proposal on the floral garden display from Pete Mayer so that people can become familiar with it.




Katalin Pearman was absent from tonight’s meeting.  She asked Eileen to report that there is a gallery reception tomorrow night.  The artists are Csilla Tecsi and David Fishman.



Public Art

No Report


Community Relations

Jane reminded everyone that February 1 is the deadline for items for the spring/summer recreation guide.

There was some discussion about the fact that getting items accepted by the MI Reporter is a hit or miss deal.  Beth said she heard that a separate email should be sent to Mary Grady if you want something to get in the “this week” section. Jane felt we could only continue to send items to them and hope they are printed.


Jane is feeling overwhelmed with AYPE.  We may not have a sponsor for the Salmon Bake.  The opening day is August 3.  We want to make this a big day with Peter Donaldson and the Salmon bake.  We now have to find out if rotary will pick up a big part of the bill or the whole bill for the Salmon Bake.  It is possible Jane can get some extra money from the city of Seattle.  We may also have to rent a flatbed truck to bring the totem poles to the CCMV.  The gallery show runs August 3 through September 11th. 


Diane said the Arts Council did budget for AYPE.  The 4culture grants from 08 & 09 will cover it.  There is $2400 for recreation services and $1,000 under operating supplies. 


We have a soft freeze until Jul 1 on all of our line items by finance.  So, we chose things that were going to happen in the 2nd half of the year.  There was $4,000 budgeted, so we won’t know until July if we actually have that money to use. 


Helen said the Farmers Market opens up in June.  They had received money from the Community Fund.  We might ask them.  Diane said their grant deadline is right around the corner.   Maybe we could consider doing something in conjunction with the Farmers Market. 


In trying to make the opening day really exciting we will have to decide how long we want it to be (with the salmon bake in the middle). We need to have a lot of activities going on.  Petty soon we will need a big committee working on this to get it going.  Genny and Nancy volunteered that MIVAL might be interested.


Staff Report

Diane reminded everyone that the 2009 work plan is due back to Amber by Friday the 30th.  This will give us a week to prepare it along with the 2008 annual report.  The presentation will go before the City Council in February.  They will approve it that night.


Diane handed out breakdowns for the budget for 2009 & 2010.  She covered the items that there is a soft freeze on.  Helen said she wasn’t too concerned about the freeze on advertising flyers for 3rd Thursday. 


Diane reminded everyone that we cannot go over the bottom line of the budget.  You can be flexible within a key line item of the budget, but money not spent on one item cannot be used for something else.


If anyone is interested in learning how to run the new media equipment that is being used for the films, see Amber.


Helen made a request.  She said we have had a new member recently that has not attended very many meetings once appointed.  She would like the council to have a chance to see the applications and give some input before a choice is made.  Also maybe a requirement that they come to a few meetings before they are appointed.


Diane felt the executive committee should be reviewing the applicants.  Beth said we did review the last set of applicants.


Beth thought it would be helpful if the new members could have their orientation meetings soon.  Jane reminded everyone to let the new members know where they can help.



The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm


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