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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Call To Order:


Chairperson Don Cohen called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call:


Don Cohen; Chairperson, Liz Sanderson; Secretary, Elliot Newman, Rita Moore and Fletch Waller; Vice Chairperson were present. Dan Grausz; Council Liaison, Tina Lanzinger were absent.


Staff Present:


Peter M. Mayer, Asst City Manager, Parks and Recreation Director

Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator

Keith Kerner, Parks Superintendent

Amanda Stuckey, Forest Steward

Ben Peterson, Natural Resource Asst

Alaine Sommargren, Natural Resource Asst

Deborah Alexander, Senior Admin. Assistant, were present.




(1)           It was moved by Trustee Waller, seconded by Trustee Newman, to:

Approve the minutes of November 13, 2008.

Motion passed 5-0




There were no public appearances.


Amanda Stuckey, Ben Peterson and Alaine Sommargren who work with Paul West, Park Natural Resource Coordinator, were in attendance for a presentation of the forest health survey.


Regular Business:


(I)         PSE Reliability Project Update – Paul West


On January 5th, City Council will review an agenda bill regarding the PSE reliability project. The Agenda Bill will include the recommendation to only do the portion of the project that includes undergrounding the distribution lines along the south side of the northeast quadrant along SE 68th. The Agenda Bill will also include the Open Space Conservancy Trust Board’s motion recommending against the portion of the project involving installation of an overhead transmission line, with significant tree removal, along the south side of the northwest quadrant running west from Island Crest Way. Paul West reminded the Trustees that the Council has the authority to make the final decision on this project and how much will be implemented.


(II)         Forest Health Survey – Paul West, Ben Peterson, Alaine Sommargren


Ben Peterson gave a presentation of the study results, followed by Alaine Sommargren’s presentation of management recommendations. Paul West recommended that Forest Health Survey results and new management strategy be folded into the existing Forest Management Plan. The Trustees posed some questions and requested clarification on some of the details which were addressed by staff.  Discussion followed.


It was moved by Trustee Waller, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:

1)  Direct staff to develop and implement the 2009 Open Space Vegetation Management work plan to reflect the recommendations from the Forest Health Survey and defer modifications to current chemical application protocols until the Trust Board authorizes such action.


2)  Direct staff to draft amendments to the Pioneer Park Forest Management Plan reflective of the findings associated with the Forest Health Survey and return to the Trust Board for adoption.


Paul West suggested developing a protocol for use of herbicides. Pete Mayer informed the Trustees about efforts being made to achieve salmon-safe certification for all Mercer Island parks. He suggested that staff develop a standard regarding the use of herbicides park system wide and that the Trustees use this standard as a baseline to develop a protocol for Pioneer Park Forest Management.


There was discussion regarding the wording of the original motion, including several amendments which Trustee Waller accepted. The motion above reflects the amendments.


Motion passed 5-0


(III)        Preliminary 2009 Work Plan Development – Pete Mayer


Pete Mayer presented a list of potential work plan items and asked the Trustees for any questions about the items on the list, or  for any new items that should be added. The Trustees added several items. Staff will send out a survey to the Trustees, with these items on it, for the Trustees to prioritize in advance of the next meeting.


(IV)       Horse Waste in SE Quadrant – Keith Kerner


Keith Kerner summarized the staff report on horse waste in the southeast quadrant.  The Trustees discussed some of the possible options outlined in the staff report.


It was moved by Trustee Newman, seconded by Trustee Moore, to:

Recommend staff and a Trust Board member appointed by the chair meet with Saddle Club members and Stevenson’s renters/leasers to discuss the issue and possible solutions involving horse owners.

Motion passed 5-0


(V)        Interpretation/Wayfinding Prioritization – Keith Kerner


Keith Kerner presented the results from the Trustees’ prioritization of issues related to interpretation and wayfinding. Keith will distribute this list to the Trustees in advance of the next meeting.


(VI)       Next Meeting – Don Cohen


Chair Cohen asked that Trustees refer to the 2009 meeting date list to reserve those dates on their calendars. None of the Trustees present had a known conflict for the regularly scheduled meeting on January 8th.



Adjournment:   8:03 pm


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