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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Call to Order

The meeting called to order by Chair, Helen Martin, at 6:37 pm at the Luther Burbank Park Admin Building, 2040 84th Ave SW, Mercer Island, WA


Roll Call

Helen Martin, Judith Powers Leithe, Jane Ditzler, Ellen Hochberg, Tudor Sherrard, Katalin Pearman, Kevin Curry and Tamar Babar.  Absent:  Beth Brennen


City Council Liaison Bruce Bassett was absent.



Diane Mortenson and Eileen Hemmis Trifts



Genny Rees and Nancy Axell were in attendance from MIVAL.



It was moved by Council Member Jane Ditzler to approve the minutes of January 14, 2009 with the following corrections:

            Page 2, 1st paragraph, 3rd line:  Change the word “was” to “has”

Page 2, 3rd paragraph, 1st line: Insert the word “Reporter” between MI and knows.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


City Council Report

No Report


Chair Report

Helen Martin, Chair, reported to the Arts Council that she will be presenting the 2009 Work Plan to City Council at their meeting on February 27th.




Tudor Sherrard reported that the MMIP Committee is on track. Ads have been placed in a number of newspapers and they have more submissions this year than ever.  The Committee is listening to music and will be narrowing down the list very soon.


Literary & Shakespeare

Judy Leithe reported that the new audio video equipment has arrived.  It is designed for indoor use and has its own speakers, so can be used in the Slater Room at the Community Center. It is powerful enough to use out doors, so it can also be used in the amphitheatre. The equipment consists of an LCD player, DVD player, speakers, and a 7’x12’ portable screen.


The films are going well and have successfully transferred from the Library to the Community Center.   Two films have been shown with the new equipment to date.  The Library is continuing to show films as well.



4 Culture

No Report



Katalin Pearman reported that there is one more week left of the current Gallery Show.  It was well-received though not much sold.  Jane Ditzler stated that the reception was excellent. It happened to be on the same night as a King County rental at the Community Center. They were very impressed and the comments were good.

With regard to the Gallery receptions, Amber Britton stated that Michael Biller has offered to provide music for all of them.  She felt that it is very nice background music and it would make it easy to turn it over to him do it each time.  However, it might complicate things somewhat if we wanted to have someone else provide the music for a change.  Michael knows a lot of musicians on the island and regionally. He is very well connected and has always come through for us – even on short demand. Jane Ditzler suggested that he could act as an agent as long as the Arts Council maintained veto power. He could be responsible for coordinating the music without having to personally perform in each show.  It was noted that he would not receive compensation.


Katalin reported that the next show, Puget Sound Sumi-e artists, will be hunt on Saturday, February 21. It officially opens on the flowing Monday.  The reception is scheduled for March 6th.  Amber mentioned that a small amount has been budgeted this year to provide snacks or lunch for volunteers who hang shows.  They are usually there for a long day.


The Gallery Committee met and we have a full schedule for 2010 – 8 shows in all.  Katalin is working on getting the dates firmed up.


Katalin asked Amber to fill everyone in on where the Sculpture Garden vandalism stands.  Amber said the Sculpture Garden is like the indoor gallery.  We send a list of pieces on display to the Washington Cities Association to be added to the insurance property list.  We are making sure that all of the pieces have been reported and are covered. The pieces that were removed and vandalized were very well hidden in the bushes near the sculpture garden.  The Police and the Parks Department both searched and didn’t find them.  A visitor to MI found the Island Poles.  His friend who he was visiting came the next day and claimed he found the other pieces.  We don’t know what happened.  Steve Jensen is going to clean up the Island Poles. Eileen Trifts is working with him and the Parks Department to get them reinstalled.  Larry McLaughlin is the other artist and he is just waiting to see what the insurance company says to see what the next step should be. Amber stated that we have taken all of the plaques out of the park.  They all have the prices on them, and we are thinking about re-doing them without the price.  Perhaps with the downturn in the economy, this might be the way to go for now.


Public Art

No Report


Community Relations

Jane Ditzler stated that the deadline for the MI Quarterly and Spring/Summer Rec Guide is coming up. She has sent everything to Amber.  She asked Tudor and Judy to get their information in too.  Jane will submit AYPE information to both publications. 


Jane reported that the opening day for AYPE has changed.  It is now the 16th of August.  Jane said she is looking for help in August with AYPE.


She updated everyone with the following information:


Ø  The Peter Donaldson Salmon People lost their funding from Seattle. If our budget funds unfreeze, he will appear and do a short digest, and he has a video he can run.  He will try to set it up to perform at the high school.  He will take care of everything.


Ø  We don’t know who is going to do the Salmon bake yet.  It will be from noon until 2:00.  At 1:00 the programs start. 


Ø  Bellevue Parks had a Native American Story Teller that they said was fabulous.  He is willing to do a 45 minute program for $175.  This is less than he would normally charge, but he is very interested in AYPE and is willing to give us a break in the price.


Ø  There will be a kid’s contest – building “Inooksook”  (in the image of man) out of stone..  We’re thinking of having two age groups and having it run from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  There will be some volunteers on hand to keep the kids under control. 


Ø  We were worried that we might not have enough wall art, but we will now have a number of   historic photographs and Sue Sherwood and “The Big Read” will send us a big poster of a wolf.  One of the books they chose is “Call of the Wild”.  They are going to have a contest in the 7th grade here on the island where the kids will write about the time and history of call of the wild along with a separate art contest. We can have their artwork and writing hanging on the wall. The NEA grant that Sue Sherwood has gotten will supply “Call of the Wild” books. 


Ø  Sue Sherwood will be building a storefront in which she’ll put some of the valuable things – antique salmon can labels, trade beads and blankets.  She is supplying the wood.  We are paying for Plexiglas.  She is looking for builders now.


Jane reported that Harvey Barnes, Facilities Coordinator for the Community Center, met with the Committee about the totem pole and storefront and other details for the show.  Everything seems to be going well. Amber brought up the fact that Harvey still has to pass the totem pole and storefront in front of the CCMV Manager, Jana Raasch.  She didn’t foresee a problem; she just wanted to be sure everyone knew it hasn’t yet been approved.


Jane mentioned that she spoke with Judith Roan and Seiko Konja about MIVAL involvement in AYPE.


Katalin Pearman said that she had googled AYPE.  It is a huge thing.  It is felt that this literally put Seattle on the map.  It is very important in Seattle’s history.


Katalin suggested we try to do a raffle if we can get a cruise line to donate a cruise.


Staff Report

Amber reported that Parks and Recreation Director Pete Mayer has accepted a new job with the City of Vancouver and will be with us through March.  There will be an interim director until a new director is hired.


Amber said she was asked to talk about the potential of working more with the Farmer’s Market.  We have been asked to be more involved as a Parks and Recreation Department.  Amber suggested maybe we choose the last concert of the year and have it on the same day as the Farmer’s market and earlier time wise.  Tudor said he was all for it.  However, it might be better following the market or slightly overlapping.  The market ends at 2:00.  Amber suggested maybe the concert could begin at 1:00.  Tudor said he thought this would be a great way to get food at the concert since we have been unable to get food vendors for MMIP.  Helen thought it was a good idea to at least try it once and see how it works.  If it is successful we might want to do more earlier next year.


Amber reported that Diane asked her present some purchasing guidelines.  She asked her to emphasize that approval should be obtained prior to spending money.  Receipts can then be submitted for reimbursement.    


Jane said that there are a lot of people with big expenses for AYPE.  We are paying for mounting and other things – big purchases.  She asked how those should be handled.  We don’t know exactly how much it is going to be.  Amber said they will need to get an estimate for each expense.  How each is handled will depend on who the vendor is as to how payment will take place.



Judy Leithe announced that Tamar Baber is going to co-chair the Shakespeare Program.


Kevin Curry announced that he and Jane briefly discussed the banners.  We need to come up with a number of banners for the business area.  Anyone that is interested should send him an email. Jane asked if a banner could be done for AYPE for this year.  It is quite attractive and she would like to see it added to our banners if it is okay with everyone.  Chair, Helen Martin said it should be included in Kevin’s proposal and the Arts Council will vote on it.




The meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm


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