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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Call To Order:


Chairperson Don Cohen called the meeting to order at 6:14 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call:


Don Cohen; Chairperson, Tina Lanzinger, Peter Guyer, Fletch Waller; Vice Chairperson, and Dan Grausz; Council Liaison, were present. Elliot Newman and Rita Moore were absent.


Staff Present:


Keith Kerner, Parks Superintendent

Deborah Alexander, Senior Admin. Assistant

Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator

Alaine Sommargren, Forest Steward




(1)           It was moved by Trustee Waller, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:

Approve the minutes of June 11, 2009.

Motion passed 5-0




There were no public appearances.


Regular Business:


(I)         Welcome new Trustee Peter Guyer – Don Cohen


Chair Cohen asked Trustee Guyer to speak a little about himself. Chair Cohen said he contacted Trustee Guyer a few weeks ago to welcome him and express how much the Trust Board was looking forward to his marketing experience and his connections to the schools on the Island.


(II)         North East Quadrant Ravine Trail – Paul West


Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator, talked about budget set aside to do trail repair and maintenance in the amount of $10,000 for each year. This was part of a Council decision made in 2002 in conjunction with the Pioneer Park Master Plan with the intention of maintaining the investments over the long term.


Paul showed some photographs of some trail work already done in the South East Quadrant where the trail was re-graded.


Paul explained some specific problems on the Ravine Trail with traffic (likely bike, dog, and pedestrian) bypassing the steps which is causing a lot of erosion and vegetation damage. He showed some photographs of sections where the bypassing is occurring. Paul presented the Trustees with several options for addressing the problem:


1.     Do nothing except minor repairs on the steps, continued maintenance and rebuild the steps when they fail.

2.     Repair the existing steps as they are in place and create or use the existing bypass trails that are started to form them into more formal bypass trails that might include a surface treatment to prevent erosion and or timber to shore up the sides.

3.     Rebuild the existing steps entirely with box crib steps and create bypass trails for those as well.

4.     Decide that we don’t want any bypass of the steps and come up with a solution to prevent it.


Paul showed a diagram of box crib steps and described the benefits of this kind of step construction. The Trustees asked questions and had a discussion that included (among other things) safety, financial details and timing.


The Trustees decided that they would like to explore the topic in more detail at the next regularly scheduled meeting on August 13, 2009. Paul West will bring back a full staff report and proposal at that time.


(III)        Wayfinding/Interpretation Project – Keith Kerner


Keith Kerner brought in two samples (bollard and “artificial” rock)  that could be used for placing Wayfinding/Interpretation signage in Pioneer Park. He also showed a sample of a design for a sign which could be used. This topic will be revisited at the next meeting due to time constraints.


(IV)       Summer Celebration! Update – Don Cohen & Staff


Paul West informed the Trustees that Earth Corps would not have a booth at this year’s Summer Celebration, but that maps of Pioneer Park would be available at the Parks & Recreation booth.


(V)                                   Next Meeting – Don Cohen


The next meeting is August 13, 2009.



Adjournment: 7:03 pm


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