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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Call to Order

The meeting called to order by Chair, Helen Martin, at 6:43 pm at the Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040


Roll Call

Helen Martin, Judith Powers Leithe, Jane Ditzler, Katalin Pearman, Kevin Curry, Ellen Hochberg and Beth Brennen. Absent: Tudor Sherrard.


City Council Absent:

Councilman Bruce Bassett.



Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts



Roxanne Shepherd, Senior Development Officer and Troy Monson, Associate, from Arts Fund, 10 Harrison Street, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98109.

Roxanne Shepherd and Troy Monson were present to share information about Arts Fund with the Arts Council.  Arts Fund is where businesses meet arts in the community.  Currently there are 56 businesses in the associates program in 2009. Troy is an associate employed by Boeing.  Roxanne is employed by the Arts Fund. 

Arts Fund grants were 2.9 million dollars last year. Arts Fund supports 65+ groups annually – large and small in diverse ways.  Their website is  Arts Fund is a private non-profit organization. They are about the arts thriving. They do consulting at no cost to the requesting organization.  Beth Brennen asked what the Arts Council could do to help Arts Fund.  Roxanne suggested talking to people about the Associates Program. If you know of a company that might be interested in doing some kind of a workplace drive, you could refer them to Arts Fund.



Beth Brennen motioned to approve the minutes of April 8, 2009 with the following amendment.

Page 2, Community Relations:  Change the first bullet under AYPE Update: The AYPE Folk Life Festival theme this year is Folk Life Festival AYPE.


The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Chair Report

Helen gave an update on 3rd Thursday.  The theme will be Blues and Brews.  Helen said that Ken Lafin with MIVAL has been a huge help in getting artists to the locations for 3rd Thursday.  Make Mercer Island beautiful planters will be displayed again this year.




In Tudor Sherrard’s absence Amber presented the new Utility Bill flyer for Mostly Music in the Park.  Flyers will be mailed out with Mercer Island utility bills.  The flyer is in two colors this year. Beth Brennan asked what the flyer cost to do in 2 colors. Amber didn’t have that number with her, but said she could bring it to the next meeting.



Beth Brennen reported that additional stimulus money will hopefully be coming from President Obama for the arts.  We will need to show ways we could use this money for programs we would have funded but couldn’t for lack of money.  For example, the floral enhancement design that was planned for Mercer Island, but the City Council did not approve it for lack of funds.  It would have cost about $5,000.  Anyone that has ideas please let Beth know.




Literary and Shakespeare

Judy Leithe reported that that Shakespeare’s birthday party was held on May 7th.  The film Hamlet was shown. There was a wonderful birthday cake.  There were only about 12 people in attendance as there was a miscommunication and the high school students did not show up. 

The film “white fang” by Jack London will be shown at the Community Center on May 28.  This is sponsored by Rotary.  There are two pre-play lectures scheduled:   “Looking for Richard”, a documentary and “Taming of the Shrew”.  These are at 5:30 with the plays to follow at 7:00 pm




Katalin Pearman reported that the Northwest Watercolor show is coming down Saturday. The Seattle Co-Arts Show will be going up that same day. Their reception is from 3-5 pm on Sunday, May 31.


We had one of the biggest receptions we ever had with the NWWS show.  Several pieces of art sold that night totaling around $6,000.  MIAC will get 25% of that.


Katalin received a call from a woman on the island who is considering donating some sculptures to the city.  She and Helen will be meeting with her.  They hope to have more information to share at the next meeting.


Katalin reported that following the Seattle Co-Arts show are:  (1) d’Elaine Johnson.  She does myths and legends from all over the world. She will also give a presentation during the reception about the myths and legends. We are tentatively looking at July 16 for the reception.  (2) AYPE. (3)  In the fall, there is a Brenda Zager commemorative. (4) MIVAL Oct. 19 to Dec 19.

Katalin is working on the 2010 show schedule.


Community Relations 

Jane Ditzler reported that AYPE is now being called AYPE-100. Mercer Island has been chosen as one of the best picks for places to celebrate AYPE by the Eastside City Arts magazine.


Jane announced the deadlines for items in the summer edition of the City Quarterly and 98040 are coming up.  Nannette Basset volunteered to have her group take distribute AYPE flyers.  Amber reported that the MI Reporter is trying to drive more to their website. The parks department has a banner.  At the end of the month they give you a report on how many hits you’ve gotten.  Parks signed up for a year.  If the Arts Council would like to be a part of it, we would include it in ours – it is a top banner on the entertainment page and it rotates through the front page.  There would be at a minimal cost to the Arts Council.


Jane would like to have the $350 Mercer Island Reporter page, a page in 98040 and something on the banner page.  She’ll get the numbers to Amber to be sure it can all be covered in the budget.

Mary Grady, editor of the Mercer Island Reporter, wants to interview Jane.


Jane reported that AYPE postcards, tickets, etc. will all need to be done by July 1.

Dave Anderson is willing to do the Salmon Feed.  He needs six people to volunteer to help.  We need servers, hosts and hostesses.  Jane needs additional 10-12 volunteers.  Jane asked everyone to please come on

September 16th.  There will be jobs for everyone.


Farmer’s Market will allow us to sell tickets in the street.  MIVAL is reserving an open air booth (at Farmer’s Market) and has offered to let us share it. Volunteers will be needed once a week for about six weeks to man this.  Amber said the Arts Council could have a booth at the Summer Celebration, but that it would have to be manned for the entire weekend.  You could share a booth with someone else too. MIAC could advertise all of their programs. You could sell tickets.  Judy voiced concern that doing all of this may be stretching ourselves too thin.  Jane agreed that we may not be able to do them all.


Staff Report:

The Arts Council recommendation for support of Youth Theatre Northwest was supposed to go to City Council this week, but since the ordinance has to be changed, all of the paperwork didn’t get completed in time.  It will now go to Council June 1.  If you want to come out in support, please do.

Amber handed out the nominations sheet.  Council members indicated interest for office or program positions.  Board positions will be voted on at next month’s meeting.


There are currently three vacancies on the Council. We have some really good applicants.  Amber thinks the city council will come up with the three choices at their next meeting.  Katalin is concerned that applicants know that this is a working board.  It was agreed that as soon as they have their orientation they should be required to rotate through the various committees to become familiar with each one. 


MMIP Poster –John Lucia said MIVAL was interested in doing an SC poster.  Since we have posters designed for SC for the next two years, Amber suggested they might like to do one for MMIP.  A poster was also created in house for MMIP.  She presented both of them to the MIAC for them to make a choice. 


Beth Brennen motioned to approve the poster design by MIVAL.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Amber distributed the city policy on approval of a bench donation.  She reported that Judy Clibborn bought a bench and she donated it to the city.  The Arts Council is being asked to make a location recommendation to the city.  The bench has to be indoors or covered.    Helen Martin will meet with three other members of the Arts Council and come up with a recommendation.


Amber distributed nomination forms for the Executive Board and Program positions for the coming year.  Members noted their interest, and the forms were collected.  Executive Board positions will be voted on at the June meeting.  Program positions will also be determined at the June meeting.



The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm


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