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Disability Board - Minutes     
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Type of Meeting:          Regular Meeting of the Disability Board


Call To Order:              8:10 a.m.


Roll Call:                      Bassett, Cero, Goodman, Hagstrom, and Jackman

                                    Staff:  Holmes, Segle, Tubbs

Absent:  No Absences




(1) Approval of Minutes from Prior Meetings – Moved by Bassett and seconded by Hagstrom to approve the Disability Board meeting minutes of October 20, 2008.


(2) Claims approved by Secretary – Moved by Bassett and seconded by Hagstrom to approve the claims paid by the Secretary totaling $4,190.12, dated October 20, 2008 through January 15, 2009.  Motion carried unanimously.


(3) Claims Submitted for Board Authorization – Moved by Cero and seconded by Hagstrom to approve the following claims:

                 $1,222.57 – Medical Equipment for Sleep Apnea

                 $   392.00 – Eye Glass Lenses (including $100 for frames & 80% of the cost of lenses)

Motion carried unanimously.


(4) Disability Leave Applications – None Submitted.


(5) Disability Leaves Approved Administratively – None Submitted.


(6)  Review of RCW 41.26.030 & 41.26.150 “Medically Necessary” Language – Secretary Segle reviewed the RCW language related to LEOFF 1 medical expenses with the Board.


(7)  Review Data Related to Vision Expense Reimbursement Rule/Consider Rule Change – Secretary Segle reviewed a Vision Coverage Comparison Chart, which detailed the LEOFF I vision coverage of other Washington cities and counties.  The Board and staff discussed the data and determined that the City of Mercer Island’s policy did not require any changes at this time.


      The Board directed Secretary Segle to draft proposed language for Lasik surgery for the Board to consider at its next meeting.  Secretary Segle was also directed to provide the Board with the average cost of vision claims.  Secretary Segle agreed to bring back the information at the next regularly scheduled Disability Board meeting.


(8)  Review Claims per Councilmember Cero’s Audit Request – Secretary Segle presented the back-up information for the claims pulled at the October 20, 2008 meeting.


(9)  Review Data and Time of Disability Board Meetings – Moved by Hagstrom and seconded by Bassett to change the start time for regular Disability Board meetings to 8:30am.  Motion carried unanimously.




There was none.


ADJOURNMENT:   9:00 a.m.


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