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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Chair Caditz called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 



Chair Bryan Caditz and Commissioners Susanne Foster, Bert Loosmore, Emmett Maloof, and Donald McLaughlin were present. Commissioner Kuznicki arrived at 7:40 PM. Commissioner Lucia Pirzio-Biroli was excused.  Council Liaison Bruce Bassett was present. 



Katie Knight, City Attorney; George Steirer, Principal Planner; and Shana Crick, Planner, were present.



The minutes of March 24, 2010 were approved by consent, as written.



AGENDA ITEM #1 - OPEN RECORD PUBLIC HEARING: T-Mobile Wireless Communications Facility Final Design Review for file DSR09-021


Shana Crick, Planner, gave the staff presentation and responded to questions from the Design Commission.


Linda Atkins, the Attorney for T-Mobile, introduced Jeffrey Smith of Telcopacific to the Design Commission.


Jeffrey Smith, representative for the T-Mobile, gave a presentation and responded to questions from the Design Commission.


At 8:29 PM, Chair Caditz opened the meeting to public comment. Public comments were provided by Ron Moattar of 4645 88th Avenue SE. Chair Caditz closed the public comment portion of the meeting at 8:34 PM.


Discussion by the Design Commission followed, with questions to staff and Mr. Smith.


Commissioner Maloof motioned to give final approval to the T-Mobile Wireless Communications Facility as depicted by Exhibit 1 subject to the conditions in the staff report and adding a condition that the removed trees shall be replaced with trees of a species and size as approved by the City Arborist. Commissioner Loosmore seconded the motion. The Commission approved the motion unanimously with 6 yahs and 0 nays.







  • Staff conducted elections for Chair and Vice-Chair of the Design Commission.  George Steirer, Principal Planner, explained the process to the Commission. Commissioner Kuznicki nominated Commission Maloof for Chair. Commissioner McLaughlin nominated Commissioner Kuznicki for Chair. Commissioner Maloof was elected Chair with 5 yahs and 0 nays. Commissioner Maloof nominated Commissioner Kuznicki as Vice-Chair. Commissioner Kuznicki was elected Vice-Chair with 5 yahs and 0 nays.  
  • Principal Planner Steirer gave staff comments. He stated that the City is in the process of selecting a new Development Services Group Director who will likely start in a month.
  • Katie Knight, City Attorney, reiterated that the City will be holding a training workshop for Commissioners in the near future. The training will address the Open Public Meetings Act, Public Record Act, and Robertís Rules of Order.
  • Principal Planner Steirer confirmed that the City is considering applications for a new Design Commissioner.
  • The Design Commissioners recognized and thanked Chair Bryan Caditz for his service on the Design Commission.
  • There are no scheduled Commissioner absences.
  • The next regular meeting is scheduled for June 9, 2010.





ADJOURNMENT:          9:09 PM

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