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Open Space Conservancy Trust - Minutes     
Thursday, May 13, 2010

Call To Order:


Vice Chairperson Peter Guyer called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call:


Peter Guyer; Vice Chairperson, Rita Moore, Elliot Newman, Tina Lanzinger and Dan Grausz; Council Liaison were present. Don Cohen; Chairperson, and Fletch Waller were absent.


Staff Present:


Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director

Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator

Keith Kerner, Parks Superintendent

Alaine Sommargren, Forest Steward

Deborah Alexander, Senior Administrative Assistant



(1)           It was moved by Trustee Newman, seconded by Trustee Moore, to:

Approve the minutes of April 8, 2010.

Motion passed 5-0




There were no public appearances.


Regular Business:


(I)             Fletch Waller Appreciation Elliot Newman


It was moved by Trustee Newman, seconded by Trustee Moore, that:

The Open Space Conservancy Trust expresses its deep appreciation on behalf of the citizens of Mercer Island for the creative and sustained commitment of Fletch Waller in his service as a member of the Open Space Conservancy Trust Board.  Fletch has been an inspiration for the preservation of the treasured resource of Pioneer Park in his service not only as a member of the Board and its Vice Chair, but also as the Trust's representative and advocate to the Open Space Bond and Levy Citizen Stakeholder Committee, which resulted in critical increased funding for Pioneer Park.  Fletch has also been one of the "faces" of the Trust Board and Pioneer Park in a compelling Channel 21 video, and has been an innovative participant in many other Trust activities. The Trust will miss Fletch's service, but we know we will be able to continue to call on him for advice and counsel as a citizen and regular Pioneer Park user in future. 

Motion passed 5-0


Vice Chair Guyer relayed a message from Fletch that expressed his appreciation to staff for a card and memento he received.




(II)         Letterboxing Update Elliot Newman



Trustee Newman reported that 60 children signed up to participate in the Letterboxing program at the Leap for Green event. He expressed his thanks to Alaine Sommargren, Forest Steward, for all of her hard work and management of the booth.


He made reference to the You-Powered event flyer that was distributed as the next Letterboxing event. The event will take place on June 5th from 10-2 and will have booths and a barbeque with the proceeds going to Island Vision. The first Letterboxing clues will be distributed and he hopes they will sign up more kids to participate in the program. Trustee Newman asked the Trustees to write a clue for a Letterbox location and turn it into Alaine by next Tuesday.



(III)        Herbicide Protocol Paul West


Paul West reviewed the staff report in the May 13, 2010 Agenda Packet. He reported that Chair Cohen felt that it still did not sufficiently address why non-native species and a loss of canopy are problems in the park, which Paul agreed to add if desired. Vice Chair Guyer posed the question of what might happen if the proposed Herbicide Protocol is not adopted. Paul reported that new invasive species that are currently invading or threatening to invade Pioneer Park would cause damage to the park and it would be a considerable expense to remove this manually.


It was moved by Trustee Newman, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:

Approve the protocol with the amendments as indicated.

Motion passed 5-0


(IV)                                                  Summer Celebration Keith Kerner


Keith Kerner informed the Trustees that the 2010 Summer Celebration! will take place on the weekend of June 12th and 13th. A dedicated booth is available if the Trust Board wishes to have some presence at the festival. The Parks and Recreation Booth also offered to host one or more Trustees to address the public. Trustee Newman stated that there will be some presence at the Rotary Breakfast, and that while he staffed the booth last year he felt it was not a good use of time and resources. Trustee Lanzinger suggested that the Trust Board consider doing an education piece at an event like Farmers Market as an alternative.


Vice Chair Guyer summarized the discussion by stating that the Trustees did not have sufficient interest to have a booth at Summer Celebration! this year. They asked that trail maps be provided at the Parks and Recreation booth to provide to the public.


(V)                                                   Publicising Accomplishments Vice Chair Guyer


Trustee Moore suggested we continue to submit ideas for articles to the Mercer Island Reporter such as the Letterboxing Program. Bruce Fletcher told the Trustees about the Parks and Recreation presence on Facebook, and how that can be used as a publicity avenue for the Trust Board. Trustee Lanzinger suggested we continue to update the kiosk as well. Alaine offered to laminate things for the kiosk so they can last a little longer.


Paul West reported that next Tuesday 380 middle school students are coming to the northwest quadrant along 84th Ave to do invasive removal through Earthcorps.


(VI)                                                  Next Meeting Don Cohen


Deborah Alexander will e-mail the Trustees to determine if a quorum exists for the June 10th meeting. Vice Chair Guyer stated that he would not be able to make the June 10th meeting.



Adjournment: 6:59 pm


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