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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Jane Ditzler at 6:36pm at the Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.


Roll Call

Members Present: Jane Ditzler, Helen Martin, Ellen Hochberg, Judith Powers Leithe, Katalin Pearman, Kevin Curry, Sara Liberty-Laylin, Fred Poyner, and Pam Rock. Absent: Beth Brennen.


City Council:

Councilman Dan Grausz



Amber Britton 



Chair, Jane Ditzler, Introduced and welcomed guest Jon Lucia from MIVAL. Jon was at the meeting to present three art pieces for consideration for inclusion in the 2010 Mostly Music in the Park event poster. Following review and comments by Arts Council members, a vote was held. The art with musicians and drums was selected - “Old Dogs New Tricks” by artist Ginny Rees. 


Jane asked Jon to thank MIVAL for their support of the Call for Artists. 




Sara made a motion to accept the February minutes as amended: 

Page 2, Staff Report, 7th paragraph:  Change $2,000 to $2,500.

Ellen seconded the motion. The motion passed. 


Chair Report

Jane thanked everyone on the council for keeping her up to date.  Fred, Jane, and Kevin joined Amber at the City Council meeting for the banner presentation. Jane thanked everyone for attending. The Banner project was approved with one change. The City Council decided to restrict the call for artists to Mercer Island artists. There was also a discussion at the City Council meeting about where the 1% for Public Art is going to go, and the Arts Council will need to begin to think about that. The City Council may want to use some of this money. 


A request was made for Arts Council members  to ask any MIVAL artist they know to get excited about this project. Councilman Grausz clarified that even if members are a part of MIVAL, they must be residents of Mercer Island to participate.   


Ellen forwarded the Call for Artists to Cindy Johnson, Mercer Island High School Graphic Art teacher.  She, in turn, sent the information to all her students.  Amber indicated that it was purposely left open to amateur and professional artists with no age limit.


Judy asked about banners and if a vendor was selected. Amber noted that final selections would be made next week.


Elizabeth Helms, Mercer Island Reporter, contacted Jane about the Call for Artists. Jane also informed her about the Arts Council Silver Anniversary, but noticed that it didn’t make it into this Reporter. She wanted a lot of detail on it, so Jane felt we should be getting some good publicity on this soon.


Beth and Helen said they would like to work on the Silver Anniversary.  They asked if anyone else would be interested.  Ellen and Sara said they would help but didn’t want to be committee members.  MIVAL has expressed interest in participating.  


Staff Report:

Jane asked if new Arts Council members have business cards.  Amber said cards can be ordered for the new members. Ellen asked to be included in the order as well.



Amber confirmed that contracts have been sent out to all of the bands..  She noted that the website is up, and sponsorships are coming in.  It looks like there may be as many as four title sponsors this year although none are yet final.


The total amount being spent on bands is $8,400. The budget amount was $13,500. Show Brazil will have dancers with their band. Magnoila Road is a fund band that will perform all kinds of music from the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s.


Helen asked if collector pins could be created using some of the remaining band budget.  Amber will get prices on pin vendors.  Katalin suggested providing something that would advertise to the next generation of kids, e.g., pens, pencils, crayons.  Jane thought budgets could be shared to increase what we need.  She asked Katalin to look into it. 



Meet the Author

·         Feb 13, Michael Medved’s presentation of his book was well packed with 83 people.

·         Lance Rhoades Greek presentation coming up. 

·         Pam is excited about local author Garth Stein’s book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, a dog’s perspective of life with its owner. She has contacted his publicist to arrange an event in the fall. There is a movie being made this summer with Patrick Dempsey. It should be a popular event. 


Helen mentioned Percy Jackson books are really hot right now and kids are excited about Greek Mythology. She asked if Lance could talk with kids. Judy said she thought he could - Lance is a teacher and marvelous presenter.  Jane suggested YTN for location instead of Aljoya and asked Ellen if she could work with Pam for availability.


Judy suggested kids be invited to Greek event.  Ellen can get information into schools if she can get the information early enough. Katalin asked to be cc’d on the email.


The film series is going well. The turnout has been good. A Shakespeare birthday party weekend (two day event) is scheduled in April. There will be entertainment, and cake and ice cream will be served. All ages welcome. 



The current show ends March 26th.   The Northwest Collage Society show will start on March 29 and run through May 7th.  The Artists’ reception is on April 1, 6-8pm.  


The Gallery committee met on February 15  to review applications and submissions for 2011 and 2012. The committee voted on those they would like to see in gallery. Most of the artists have been contacted. Gallery committee also addressed the idea of jewelry as ongoing extension of gallery and as a possible revenue source. They are coordinating with Diane Mortenson, Recreation Superintendent, and Jana Raasch, Community Center Manager. Diane’s concerns include looks, visual, and logistics.  CCMV is considering all requests for Community Center Space and trying to work out and weigh them all.  


Public Art

The Banner Project has been approved by City Council. Discussion included a lively debate which raised some good questions and helped the Arts Council make a case on why this is a good public art project and how it helps our community. Thanks to the Public Art Committee and Amber for their help on this process.


The Call for Artist went out.   A meeting was held with MIVAL to present the packet and answer questions. For the most part, it was well received.  One member said she was a member of the group but didn’t live on the island.  Councilman Grausz said City Council made the decision to limit the competition to Mercer Island Artists, and might have had discussion if they had known the circumstances. However, the decision was made and must be adhered to.


Discussion was held in response to a question as to whether MIVAL could make a submission as a group.  Amber pointed out that the packet says “one artist” for all designs. It was agreed to  follow the Call for Artist packet and not allow a group submittal.


Fred announced that artistic vitrines (secure glass panel display cabinets) from a traveling display will be made available by the museum for purchase at a discount by various organizations in Washington State. The cost is $1500 apiece. This is a good opportunity. They range in size from a foot square, with the largest being several feet wide. They will be available in the next six to eight months. A request was made for photos. It was felt they might be considered for jewelry display. 


Community Relations

Helen Martin and Sara Liberty-Laylin reported that information is ready to go out to participants for 3rd Thursday. The deadline is  April 5th.  Checks will be sent to Helen so they can be recorded ahead of time. A request was made for Amber to send outstanding funds from last year. Amber said that checks should be made out to the City. 


Helen said entertainment was requested from businesses to create excitement for 3rd Thursday.  Hoping to get High School students and artists who just want to sell CD’s or accept donations. It would be good exposure.  Ellen asked Arts Council members to let her know if they know of artists (for music or fun visual art or anything) that might be interested in performing for a bare minimum fee or out of the goodness of their heart. . 


Amber asked to see the packet before it is sent out to businesses. Helen noted it is basically the same as last year with the language cleaned up.  


Special Events:

Katalin Pearman reported that Judy Leithe has been working on the Veteran’s Presentation. All details have been nailed down - music, speeches, cake and fun stuff.  It will take place right after the parade. Aljoya is sponsoring the Raretones. Everything is on track with the VFW.  Amber noted that Katalin coordinates committee members and Judy clarified she will keep working on this event after her term ends.



Sara met with staff to begin developing an online volunteer form that can be linked to from the all Arts Council web pages. Volunteers that sign up online will only be contacted for areas where they have indicated an interest.


Sara will have hard copies once database is finalized.  Amber felt that staff should be able to handle the data input, but would look into Voice volunteers for assistance if more help is needed.



·         High school fine art showcase – March 23 and 24:  Multi-media including choir and percussion band, jazz orchestra, choirs…everything. Visual arts and food this year for the first time. Fun event.  Wednesday will include two sets of concerts featuring every music performer in the school system. High school and middle school art programs will be represented with every elementary student represented as well. Tickets: $7 ahead, $10 at door. 


·         Leap for Green - 24th of April this year.  Jane felt the Arts Council should have a presence.



The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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