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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Jane Ditzler, at 6:35pm at the Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA  98040


Roll Call

Members Present: Kevin Curry, Jane Ditzler, Ellen Hochberg, Sara Liberty-Laylin, Natalie Neubert, Katalin Pearman and Pam Rock.  Fred Poyner came in at 7:30pm. Absent: Helen Martin.


City Council:

Councilman Dan Grausz was not in attendance



Amber Britton, Arts Council Staff Liaison; Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director (until 7:00 pm); and Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant



There were no appearances.


Approval of Minutes:

Bruce Fletcher made the following amendment to the minutes under the Staff Report:

1st paragraph, 2nd line:  Change “Planning Commission” to “City Council Planning Workshop”.

Ellen Hochberg moved that the minutes be approved as amended.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Chair Report:

Jane introduced new Arts Council member, Natalie Neubert.


·         Summer Celebration: Jane Ditzler reported that the Summer Celebration booth was excellent.  There was a lot of interest in the banner map. It was unfortunate that a sample of the banners was not available for view.   The 25th Anniversary banner that was in the booth is going up on The Mercer.


·         Washington State Arts Alliance:  It is time for membership renewal.  It was agreed that membership will show support a group that advocates for the arts at a state level.

Ellen Hochberg motioned that we (The Arts Council) renew our membership to the WA State Arts Alliance.  The motion was seconded and passed.


·         Request from Youth Theatre NW: Youth Theatre NW wants to do some partnering with us to support the kick off of their new season.   Specifically, they would like access to the Arts Council mailing list and to advertise on the City website.  Amber will find out what the city’s policy is for non-city partner advertising on the city web site.  It was determined that mailing lists are sacred trusts, and this information will not be shared.   It was suggested that YTN might be able to take part in the 3rd Thursday Street Bazaar on August 19th.


Staff Report:


78th Street Town Plaza Update

Bruce Fletcher advised the Arts Council that this has not gone before the City Council. It has been postponed several times.  The Mayor would like to bring it forward with most of the funding in hand.  A new Council date has not been scheduled.  Once the date has been set, Bruce will advise the Arts Council. He asked for Arts Council support through attendance at that meeting.  


The sculpture or art piece is not included in the $800,000 price tag for the project.  A call for artists for the art piece would be required.  It is not clear at this time just what the Arts Council participation will be on the project. 


Bruce left the meeting at 7:00 pm



Mostly Music in the Park

The “Nowhere Men” are scheduled to play at MMIP for the Mercer Island 50th Birthday celebration on July 18th. 

At 6:00pm there will be a birthday ceremony.  Additional activities include a bounce house, birthday cake and 50 year anniversary buttons to anyone that has lived on the island 50 years or more.  The Nowhere Men will lead singing happy birthday and then sing the Beatles version.

Amber said tk Chocolates delivered the chocolates they are donating to the Arts Council for MMIP today.  The Arts Council will sell them for $1.00 each.  Maximus Minimus isn’t going to be able to come for the birthday celebration, but they may come the next week. 


Shakespeare & Literary

Pam Rock reported that she attended a Shakespeare performance and it was packed.  Amber said it was packed at Summer Celebration as well.


The upcoming Fall/Winter Film Series will feature Orson Wells.


Meet the Author Night will feature Garth Stein, author of The art of Racing in the Rain on October 23rd.  Island Books will bring books for signing.


The Fall Literary program will also include a showing of Dawn on the Island on October 30th in recognition of Mercer Island’s 50th Anniversary.


Theatre of Puget Sound is doing something called Arts Crush in October. It is a way to have many venues that would be willing to put something on.  Ellen will ask YTN if Arts Council might be able to use the theatre in October.  It was noted that in the past Manny has said Sunday evenings are the best.



Ellen Hochberg reported that the Eastside Association of Fine Arts is currently showing in the Gallery.  The artists’ reception was the end of June.  The next show will feature artists Jose Orantes and Blanca Santander.  They have volunteered to help hang the show.


Public Art

Banner Project:  Fred Poyner reported that the contract with artist has been approved.  The production and implementation phases are next.  We were unable to get the banners completed for Summer Celebration.  It is still going to take some work before it is ready to go to the printer.  Discussion resulted in the decision to go with only the Arts Council Logo and not the city logo on the banner.  Most everyone was unhappy with the text on the artwork. Ellen suggested a solid color border or bar on the bottom and add the text there.  


It was agreed, by a show of hands, that the text and the logo should be at the bottom of the banner on a solid bar.  The logo will be small.  Amber said the artist is great to work with, and did not anticipate any resistance.  She promised to have this worked out and have laminated copies of some of the banners to unveil on August 19th. 


Kevin Curry asked if we might work with the artist to design t-shirts.  Amber said the Arts Council/City own the designs and will be able to use them at will. 


Special Events

The Veteran’s presentation at SC! was wonderful.  It was a fabulous event. The VFW has volunteered to take it over in the future.


25th Anniversary Party – the city has approved the Arts Council request to close the 78th street plaza.  Jane provide publicity for the Mercer Island Reporter.  There are three bands planned: (1) Aljoya is sponsoring Route 66, a swing band.  They will also provide a buffet; (2) There will be a steel drum band at The Mercer around pool; and (3) The Black Army Ant Band, a dance band will be on 78th.


MIVAL is planning to have an art show in the windows in the 77th Central building.


Aljoya is paying for their band, for the flyers and an ad in the Mercer Island Reporter.

The Banner will go up on the Mercer Next week. 


Ellen and Katalin will come up with some ideas and get pricing for a simple give-a-way that will identify the Arts Council.  They will email to Jane.


Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 11, 2010.


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