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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Jane Ditzler, at 6:42pm at Aljoya, 2430 76th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Roll Call
Members Present: Kevin Curry, Jane Ditzler, Ellen Hochberg, Shelly Krispin, Sara Liberty-Laylin, Helen Martin, Katalin Pearman, Fred Poyner and Pam Rock. Absent: Megan Hand and Natalie Neubert

City Council:
Councilman Dan Grausz was absent.

Amber Britton, Staff Liaison; and Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant

Approval of Minutes:
Sara Liberty-Laylin motioned to approve minutes of November 10, 2010 as submitted. The motion was seconded and passed.

Chair Report:
Jane Ditzler, commented that as this is her last meeting as the Chair, she is happy to know that the budget passed and is now secure for 2011. It was agreed that the Arts Council will need to work hard fund raising in order to close the gap between the budget and revenues next year. Jane commented that there was good support from island organizations and citizens to restore the proposed budget cuts to the Mostly Music in the Park and Shakespeare programs.

Jane reminded everyone the Annual Report is coming up. Committee chairs will need to provide information to Amber for inclusion in the report. The 2011 Work Plan will come from the new Chair with the assistance of staff and the past chair. Amber will provide templates for both.

Staff Report:
Amber reported that Bruce had planned to attend tonight’s meeting to give a brief presentation on the budget, but he was unable to make it.

Banner Status:
Amber reported that the banners and poles have been received and are ready to go up. Unfortunately, she has been having some difficulties with Rainier Industries, the company being contracted with to put the banners up. She no longer has the confidence that this is the right contractor for the job. It was agreed that she should look for someone else to put them up – trying to get them up as soon as possible in a professional manner. Amber thought that Art Tech might be able to give her a recommendation, and she could contact other cities that have had them installed.

Jane Ditzler nominated Pam Rock for Chair in 2011. There were no additional nominations. Pam was elected by a unanimous show of hands.

Jane was praised by Arts Council members for her contribution as Chair over the past two years. She indicated that though she is stepping down from the Chair position, she plans to remain on the Arts Council.

Helen Martin nominated Jane Ditzler as Vice-Chair in 2011. There were no additional nominations. Jane was elected by a unanimous show of hands.

Program Appointments:
Fred Poyner stated that he will not be in a position to renew his membership to the Arts Council at the end of his term in May, 2011. He stated that he is pleased to have been able to make a contribution in the time he has been on the Arts Council. Fred also stated that he would, at this time, like to step down as Public Art Chair.

In accordance with the bylaws, program position interest forms were distributed. Members were asked to select their three preferred position interests and number them as to preference (those who did number by preference are noted). The results were as follows:

Program Positions Associate Positions

Mostly Music in the Park Chair
Helen Martin (1) Shelly Krispin (1)(2), Kevin Curry (1) and Jane Ditzler

Literary Chair
None Fred Poyner (1) (until May 31, 2011)

Gallery Chair
Ellen Hochberg (1)(2)(3) Katalin Pearman, Sara Liberty-Laylin and Fred Poyner (2)

Public Art Chair
Jane Ditzler Katalin Pearman, Helen Martin (2), Kevin Curry (2), Sara Libery-Laylin, Jane Ditzler

Community Relations Chair
Natalie Neubert Helen Martin (3), Fred Poyner (3)

Special Events Chair
Sara Liberty- Laylin (1) Kevin Curry (3), Shelly Krispin (3)

Chair-elect, Pam Rock, and staff will brainstorm to fill the Literary Chair position. It was noted that this position can be changed to lighten the program load for the chair. There is also the possibility of co-chairs for this position.

Final appointments will be made at the January meeting.

Mostly Music in the Park
Chair, Helen Martin, reported that nine concert dates have been chosen with the last one being on August 19th. The budget is the same this year as last. Only $8,600 was spent. The committee will know by the first concert whether or not MMIP will be able to break even for the year. Any anticipated difference will require some creative fundraising such as passing the hat and soliciting business and individual contributions. Some suggestions included adding a solicitation for contributions to the MMIP signs and posters; soliciting through the city utility bill; and requesting contributions through Northwest Foundation’s website.

Helen reported that the MMIP Committee will hold its first meeting to listen to music submissions on December 21. There will be additional meetings on January 3 and 4th and January 18th or 19th. The concert lineup should be complete by January 20th in time for the Recreation Guide.

Pam Rock requested ideas and input for Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration. She reported that it was held over two days at Aljoya last year, but Aljoya has requested to do just one thing this year. Pam suggested Thames Allen. Shelly Krispin suggested holding a monologue contest. Helen suggested that YTN could be asked to make the announcement for the contest in their programs. YTN Director, Manny Cawaling, has indicated in the past that the theatre might be available for Arts Council programs on Sunday evenings. It was thought this might be a good venue. Shelly Krispin and Katalin Pearman will work with Pam to come up with a program.

Ellen Hochberg reported that she was at the Community Center last Saturday, December 4th, and moved the four pieces of art from the front wall inside the front door. This was in response to a request from the Community Center manager. The Community Center is planning to put in a public information area in that space.

Ellen reported that a new show will be hung on January 2nd. She requested assistance anyone that is available. The reception is scheduled for Friday, January 7th, from 6-8 pm. The artists for this show are Scott Moore and Katherine Foster.

Public Art
No Report

Community Relations
Helen Martin reported that staff has undertaken a project involving public art on the island. Amber Brittan further explained that she currently has one of the Parks & Recreation interns working on a project to update the Public Art Files. She is taking photographs of all of the public art pieces on the island, noting their location, and indicating their condition. The files that we currently have are missing many pieces and a lot of information. They are hoping to remedy that.

Helen reported that she has passed everything to Natalie, the new Community Relations Chair. Helen said that Natalie is planning her first meeting for January.

Special Events
3rd Thursday: Sara Liberty Laylin reported that she will be meeting with community members on Friday at the Community center at 11:00 am. She is on track to revamp 3rd Thursday for next year, and said we can expect some changes to the format. She will put plans forward after her meeting with the merchants.

In Megan Hand’s absence, Jane reported that Megan now has the Art Bus Logo and she has gotten some matching grants.

Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 12, 2011.


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