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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair, Pam Rock, at 6:39pm at the Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA  98040
Roll Call
Members Present: Kevin Curry, Jane Ditzler, Megan Hand, Ellen Hochberg, Shelly Krispin, and Pam Rock.  Absent: Helen Martin, Sara Liberty-Laylin, Natalie Neubert, Katalin Pearman and Fred Poyner.
City Council:
Councilman Dan Grausz was absent.
Amber Britton, Staff Liaison; and Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant
Approval of Minutes:
Ellen Hochberg motioned to approve minutes of December 8, 2010 as submitted. The motion was seconded and passed.
Chair Report:
Chair Pam Rock confirmed committee appointments from the December meeting.
She stated that she would like to add the appointment of Megan Hand as interim Chair of the Literary program. Pam stated she will follow up with Natalie to be sure she still wants to be the Communications Chair.
Jane Ditzler asked to be added as an associate to Literary Committee.  Amber suggested when we advertise to fill the positions that are rotating off the council in May that we let prospective applicants know that we are looking for people who are interested in literary or public art.  We would not limit it, but just let them know these positions are open. Jane suggested interim support might be to ask everyone on the council to sign up for at least one literary event.
Work Plan:  Pam will schedule meetings with each chair to go over 2011 work plan.
2010 Annual reports are due to Amber by Wednesday of next week.  The report is scheduled to go to City Council on February 22.
Veteran’s Event – Pam reported that last year the VFW indicated that they are willing to take over the Veteran’s Event. The question is are we ready to let that go or do we want to keep it as a part of the Arts Council.  It was agreed that it seemed more appropriate as a VFW project.  It seems to fit more with their agenda. Judy Leithe has indicated she would like to do it again this year.  It was felt that she could work with the VFW.  Amber will be sure they still have time and a slot in Summer Celebration.
Arts Council retreat:  Pam stated that the last retreat was held in December 2009.  She would like to get one scheduled for 2011.  She would like to see the agenda emphasize the history and legacy of the Arts Council and recognize some long-standing programs.   Amber stated that at the last retreat we changed our bylaws and refined our mission statement.  We would like to eventually get a 5-year plan. Maybe that could be something we want to focus on this time.   Pam suggested a fall date, like late September.  It was noted that the retreat will have to be open to the public and an address provided. It was agreed that a local address is preferable.
Pam reminded everyone to get their agenda items in. It would be great if every chair could have one or two items on the agenda.  She also reminded everyone that the deadline for the Rec Guide is fast approaching, and to be sure to get anything you want included in to Amber.
Following a brief discussion, it was determined that the Arts Council would like to skip the annual Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration this year.
Ellen motioned to postpone the Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration this year and have it next year.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Shelly said she would like to do it next year.
Staff Report:
Amber passed out the new budget spreadsheet. She now will go to finance and get these numbers plugged into our financial software.  Money was added to the gallery for receptions, music and postcards as we had one extra show this year. Also we will have a few pieces going into the sculpture garden which will add installation costs. We have a new expense; room rental at the CCMV. The Community Center has a wait list and is turning people away. Wooden O has historically used several rooms as a partial trade for performances.  The CCMV will not charge them for use of the Art Room, but will now charge a non-profit fee for the Slater Room which is a rentable room.  In this budget there is $1,000 budgeted to help offset the cost of that room. Amber is trying to have Wooden O declared a Mercer Island non-profit rather than an off island non-profit, as this will mean a lower rate. 
The budgets set for Classics on Film and Shakespeare last year were blended. Best guess will be made for the budget of these two programs in 2011.
Mostly Music in the Park
Amber reported in Chair, Helen Martin’s absence.  To date, the committee has confirmed at least 6 bands. January 15 is the final deadline for submission of CDs. The Committee will meet again after that. They are moving right along and are pretty excited.
Part II of the Orson Welles film series starts on Friday night at Aljoya.  Lance Rhoades will be facilitating.
In the spring we will be centered on a food theme.  Movies will include Barbette’s Feast, Big Night, and Julie & Julia. Meet the author will feature Erica Bauermeister, author of “The School of Essential Ingredients.” She is a local author who is about to put out a new book in June, “Joy for Beginners.”  She’ll include a sneak peak at it.
In May there will be a 2-part lecture on Mary Shelly’s Gothic tale, “Frankenstein.”  Lance Rhoades will be the lecturer.
Shelly asked if anyone would be willing to go with her to meet with Manny at Youth Theatre Northwest. She will meet with Manny not only about Shakespeare but other projects to involve the kids. The idea she had is to do some monologues with some of the kids on the island.  If we aren’t going to host Shakespeare’s Birthday until next year there should be plenty of time to plan. Shelly would like to get it out into the community. One of the places they have talked about holding it is Moe’s Pizza.  Shelly felt that if she has more time to plan, she could have people in costume, musicians, etc.
Ellen Hochberg, Chair, reported that the current show features Catherine Foster and Scott Moore.  As of last Thursday there has been $2400 worth of sales.  Eileen will send the 2011 Schedule out to everyone.
Public Art
No Report.
Community Relations
No Report.
Special Events
3rd Thursday:
Amber presented Sara’s written report in her absence. Amber reported that Sara recently met with 3rd Thursday group, businesses and anyone that was interested in being a part of 3rd Thursday. An effort was made to break the events up into logical zones, each to be featured on a different 3rd Thursday. Once approved, we will get maps drawn up by the City’s GIS Department.
The dates agreed on are May 19th at the south-end shopping center, June 23rd, July 21st and August 18th in the town center.  They want to feature kid’s art at the May 19th 3rd Thursday.  Shelly said she could help with this.
Amber stated that it is exciting to see this going in a new direction. It will mean less walking and there will be more going on in the same area.
3rd Thursday won’t be advertised in the MI Reporter any more.  Terry from the Chamber of Commerce said she can get it in the Seattle Times.  We will also be sending it to  Instead of balloons, which were very expensive, the 3rd Thursday committee is thinking of using pinwheels or something they can reuse.
Amber said she thought they were looking at $60 for a vendor to participate, which is really reasonable.
Art Bus:
Though not an Arts Council project per se, at the Arts Council’s request Megan Hand gave a brief update on Art Bus project that she is overseeing.  She shared the new logo for the side of the bus, ideas for buttons, and more.  She reported that they are starting over with a new architect for the retrofit of the bus. The first bid came in too high, and they want to be able to fit 26 kids in the bus.
The Art Bus project was in the top 5 for the Microsoft grant.  We didn’t get it, but they have asked to use us in their power point presentation to teachers to show them what is being done in other communities.
Megan hopes to have the bus and artwork this month to help with fundraising.  Megan did get the matching grant for $60,000.  That could go up to $120,000 for every dollar raised up to $60,000.
Megan is going to work with a grant writer and plans to go after more grants.
Jane and Pam are going to the Washington States Arts Alliance in Olympia on February 1.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 9, 2011.
                                                                                                            _______________________________                                                                                                      Pam Rock, Chair
Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Scribe

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