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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair, Jane Ditzler, at 6:30 pm at the Parks & Recreation Administration Offices, Luther Burbank Park, 2040 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA  98040
Roll Call
Members Present: Kevin Curry, Megan Hand, Ellen Hochberg, Shelly Krispin, Helen Martin, Jane Ditzler and Sara Liberty-Laylin. Absent: Katalin Pearman, Fred Poyner and Pam Rock.
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm was absent.
Amber Britton, Staff Liaison; and Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant
There were no appearances
Approval of Minutes:
Sara Liberty-Laylin motioned to approve the February 9, 2011 minutes as submitted. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Ellen Hochberg motioned to approve the March 9, minutes as submitted. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
Pam Rock, Chair
presented by Amber Britton

  1. Senator Reichart will not be continuing as our representative when his term ends.. Pam is working with his office to find grant opportunities. They want to do something with the Arts Council before he leaves.

Jane suggested talking to them about public art.

  1. Pam expressed support to the Library and asked to be kept posted.  Katalin has expressed an interest.
  2. Pam sent an email with local author’s workshop. Pam is willing to do a presentation after the film – maybe in place of doing a movie in the fall. Megan was wondering how we would promote it to get people to come see it.  It would be at Aljoya. Jane suggested, Patch, Farmer’s market, etc for promotion. Helen mentioned that the Reporter might do a story. Pam is looking for feedback because she needs to get back to them.  Megan would like to see it as an addition instead of a replacement.
  3. Summer Celebration Sub Committee – anyone that wants to be a part, we can meet to establish a budget and work out what we want to do. Jane Ditzler said she would be interested. Megan mentioned some supplies that might be available as freebies.
  4. Outdoor Gallery – Pam wants to talk about a plan for getting new art into the gallery.  The art repair budget will allow us to pay for installation of several pieces.  Jane talked about a piece of the Apollo space craft that a couple has that they would like to consider it for Mercer Island.  Jane hasn’t seen it and doesn’t know if they will donate it or if it would be too expensive.  It is called the “space tank” and provided the altitude control for Apollo 8.  It is titanium, 15 feet high and 4 feet wide.  They are trying to find a permanent home for it. Not sure why it is moving from California.  We are also interested in rotating some art out and get some new art in.  Jane would like us to make a placement plan. Amber mentioned that sometimes the artist preference makes a difference,
    Staff Report:
    Amber presented copies of the final MMIP brochure to the Arts Council.  They are going to print soon.
    Amber reported that MMIP Sponsorship is down this year from last year with only one title sponsor compared to 4 title sponsors last year.  We budgeted $15,000 for revenue, so we are only at half to date.  It looks like it would have to be about $22,000 in order to break even.  The good news is that Amber recently found out that there is a way we can roll money over to next year if we go over for some reason.  Other ways of raising revenue besides sponsors include soliciting donations at the concerts and we also added a “save our concerts” donation opportunity in the brochure. Helen suggested using some t-shirts from past concerts and advertising that with a $20 or more donation you get a free t-shirt. Amber said we have some t-shirts and a lot of posters.  Individuals can donate through Northwest Parks Foundation, but they take a percentage of any donations that go through them, so we will encourage people to donate at the concert. Ellen mentioned that Shakespeare has been very successful passing the hat. The performers went through the crowd after their performance and collected $14,000 at one play. There was some discussion as to how donations could be collected.  Amber stated that we have two donation boxes – one of which could be placed up in front of the band and the other at the booth.  Suggestions for making them more visible included wearing wild hats, using balloon bouquets or having Leap there to identify the donation areas.  Helen suggested something in the Fall Rec Guide saying this is your last chance to support MMIP.
    Amber reported that the Arts Council will be meeting at the Mercer Island Library next month due to unavailability of a room at the Community Center.
    Mostly Music in the Park
    Helen Martin, Committee Chair
    No report.
    Megan Hand, Interim Committee Chair
    No report.
    Ellen Hochberg, Committee Chair
    Ellen reported that the current gallery show is the regional Northwest Watercolor show.  They had a very nice reception which Kevin came to set up. Unfortunately, 3 pieces of art were disqualified because they were more than 2 years old or were improperly framed.
    Amber Britton reported that the gallery has brought in just over $3,000 in revenue since beginning of year.  Ellen reported that she is encouraging MIVAL to show smaller more gift priced items for their Holiday show.
    Public Art
    Jane Ditzler, Committee Chair
    Jane said she said she is proud and pleased with the banners.  She looked at banners in the u district and theirs were the same size, however, there is a piece that can be added to the top to make them seem larger. Amber didn’t think this was a possibility for Mercer Island because of the fact that the poles were retrofitted and the city had to figure the wind bearing load ability of the poles.
    Community Relations
    Kevin Curry, Committee Chair
    No Report.
    Special Events
    Sara Liberty-Laylin, Committee Chair
    3rd Thursday:
    Sara reported that Shelley has been assisting her with 3rd Thursday.  The May 19th south end event is coming along nicely. We have guitar students playing in front of El Sombrero, a jazz band in front of Starbucks, and a group of strings in front of Belle Spa.  They will play at different times.  It looks like 5 businesses want children’s arts.  Out of 16 businesses, 11 have signed up.  QFC will do the drawing.  There will be a separate brochure out for each of the four events with a list of businesses and people for each. People will get their brochure stamped at each business and be eligible for the prize drawing.  There will be a generic poster available that businesses can put in their windows “this Business supports art and music on Mercer Island”.  Sara will be starting to work on the publicity next.  There are 3 great stories for the reporter: The children’s’ art, the performance of two choir directors from churches on Mercer Island, and the performance by the Manager of 77 Central.  Sara said she would appreciate help from anyone that is interested.
    The May Arts Council meeting will be held at the Mercer Island Library.
    Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.
    The next meeting is scheduled to be held at the Mercer Island Library on Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

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