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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Call to Order
A quorum was reached at 7:00 pm, and the meeting was called to order by Vice Chair, Jane Ditzler, at Mercer Island Library, Mercer Island, WA  98040
Roll Call
Members Present: Kevin Curry, Megan Hand, Ellen Hochberg, Jane Ditzler and Sara Liberty-Laylin. Absent: Pam Rock, Helen Martin, Shelly Krispin and Fred Poyner.
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm was present.
Amber Britton, Staff Liaison; and Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant
There were no appearances
Approval of Minutes:
Katalin Pearman motioned to approve the April 13, 2011 minutes as submitted. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
Pam Rock, Chair
Presented by Amber Britton
  1.  The MI Library did receive a grant for their Literacy Garden.  There are currently three meetings scheduled as they go forward.  Amber has information for anyone that would like to be involved.
  1.  Report on Congressman Reichart’s Art Contest. First prize and three runner ups were from Tahoma High School. There were no entries from Mercer Island and just a few from Bellevue. The Winner this year was entitled “puddle:” Mercer Island Council participation was recognized and appreciated.
  1.  The Chair asked Amber to relay the fact that she would like to use next month’s meeting as a mini planning meeting to determine what the Arts Council priorities should be until the council numbers are back up again. There is one current vacancy and two members are rotating off of the council resulting in a total of three vacancies. This meeting will be a chance to brainstorm and be realistic. Everyone should come prepared and bring summer calendars so we can brainstorm. Hopefully this will help the Arts Council get through the upcoming busy season.

     Jane asked if the number of positions on the Arts Council could be increased. Amber stated that the Arts Council is currently the largest Council or Commission.  She felt the Council needed to really utilize the committees the way they are designed to be used. There was some discussion about how members are chosen, how long it takes to bring them on board, the possibility of having a kid as a member. Amber said one of the other Councils does have a kid on it.  He/she cannot vote.  It was suggested that vacancies be advertised on Facebook and  as well as word of mouth. Shelly has a candidate with marketing and communications skills and experience who is interested in being on the Arts Council.
  1.  Amber reminded council members that recreation guide information is due the middle of July for the fall winter publication.  The decisions made at next month’s meeting will be a guide for what is featured.
  1.  Summer Celebration:  Megan and Amber met to talk about the Arts Council role in Summer Celebration!  Megan reported they want an interactive booth. We are thinking about decorating the tent with posters of arts council activities and having three crafts for the kids. Maybe shields for the boys and princess crowns for the girls.  Amber came up with a monster mural idea for something interactive that everyone can paint on.  She researched and found the prices and information on the web. She distributed information on some of the options she found. The overall budget for an activity and to decorate the booth is $2300.  We want something to give to the kids with arts council marketing on them. Megan said she has some freebies to give away as well.  By unanimous consent, Amber and Megan have been empowered to choose a mural design

    There will be ample volunteer adults and kids to man the booth and supervise the art.  The challenge will be to get Arts Council representatives both days. Council members will decorate the booth, zip tie the art up, talk to people that come through the booth.  Maybe have specific things at a set time for people to come by and see – artists working, authors, etc. It is anticipated that only one Arts Council member will need to be at the booth at a time.

    It was noted that VOICE will be volunteering to help with the art.
Staff Report:
Amber Britton
Amber advised the Arts Council that Eileen will be on vacation in June.  Deborah Alexander will be taking the June meeting minutes. Unfortunately Deborah had to leave before introductions could be made.
Amber stated that tonight is Katalin Pearman’s term on the Arts Council has expired, and she will not be renewing.  On behalf of the City and the Arts Council, Amber thanked Katalin for her dedication and hard work on the Arts Council for the past eight years. Katalin was presented with gifts from the city and the Arts Council.  Amber stated that Fred Poyner’s term on the Arts Council is also ending and he will not be renewing either.
Mostly Music in the Park
Helen Martin, Committee Chair
No report.
Megan Hand, Committee Chair
Megan reported that for fall there will be an economy of scale documentary series with Lance Rhoades doing a lecture series on the art of documentaries.  The Orson Welles series went really well.   The food film series didn’t do as well; maybe because the films were recently popular and most people may have already seen them.  Documentary films are not as popular so people haven’t seen them and may be more likely to attend. Lance and Megan have talked about doing a whole series on painters this winter.  Meet the Author with Erica Baumeister was extremely good. Megan really liked Erica Baumeister, and thinks there is an opportunity there for a continued partnership of some sort.
Ellen Hochberg, Committee Chair
Ellen reported that the NWS gallery show is coming down Saturday.  Seattle Co-Arts is going up on Sunday.  Their reception will be on May 21, 2-4:30 pm. Ellen is going to be out of town for the Deb Casso Ian Painter show starting in August. Katalin Pearman said she would like to handle it. Jane Ditzler offered to assist Katalin if she is in town. She will check her schedule and advise.
Public Art
Jane Ditzler, Committee Chair
Note:  This report was presented at 6:30 pm prior to reaching a quorum.
Jane presented additional possibilities for consideration of pieces of the Apollo 8 for public art. The first piece reviewed at the April Arts Council meeting was not considered acceptable. Jane circulated pictures taken by Dale Cox for review. There are a lot of parts to choose from – Jane liked the fuel rods. These pieces are made of titanium, which is expensive, and could be a potential target for thieves.  The Arts Council questioned whether some or all of the pieces might be donated to the city.  They are very light, but shipping might be a consideration as some of the pieces are located in California. Jane stated that she could go through several avenues outside of the city for money.
 Amber stated that once art is donated it becomes public art and the city would be responsible for maintaining it. Locations discussed included the outdoor sculpture park, the Upper Luther Burbank Trail (possibly room in master plan), Mercerdale Park, Peak or the Library.  Jane is going to proceed to find out what pieces are available. She will then bring her ideas back to the Council.
Community Relations
Kevin Curry, Committee Chair
Kevin wanted to put out for consideration what community relations for the Arts Council should look like. How we want to communicate.  Should be we be finding a way to make people more aware of the Arts Council since we are looking to get new members.  It was agreed to address this at the next meeting.
Special Events
Sara Liberty-Laylin, Committee Chair
3rd Thursday:
Sara reported that there will be 75 pieces of middle and high school art at the south end shopping center for 3rd Thursday.  It will include six different stores with six separate shows.  Each of the six businesses has their own display. Guitar music will be featured in front of El Sombrero for an hour, and a middle school & high school one hour concert near Starbucks.  Advertising includes list serve, and the Mercer Island Reporter.  Posters have been put up thanking the participating businesses.  Amber said it is also going to be featured on the Parks & Recreation facebook page.  All 16 of the sandwich boards are clean and up. Special thanks to Sara’s husband.   Sara will be starting on the June event next which will feature the northwest sector. 
Jane suggested everyone go to the first one at the south end in support of this event and Sara for all of her hard work.  Wear your name tags!
Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.
The next meeting is scheduled to be held at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center on June 8, 2011.

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