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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Commissioner Steve Bryan called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 
Commissioners John Andersen, Steve Bryan,Susanne Foster, Bert Loosmore, and Tami Szerlip andwere present. 
Due to the absence of Chair Maloof, the Design Commission elected Steve Bryan as the acting Chair for the meeting.
Shana Crick, Planner, and Jenny Ngo, Sustainability Policy Intern, were present
Commissioner Szerlip motioned to approve the minutes from April 13, 2011. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
AGENDA ITEM #1 – Open record public hearing: Jacksons Food Store Transformer Enclosure
Shana Crick, Planner, gave the staff presentation and responded to questions from the Design Commission.
Caryl Mattson of Barghausen Consulting Engineers, Inc., located at 18215 72nd Avenue S., Kent, WA, gave the presentation for the applicant and responded to questions from the Design Commission.
Acting Chair Bryan opened the hearing for public testimony at 7:22 PM.  No one requested to speak, and the public hearing was closed at 7:22 PM.
Commissioner Loosmore moved to grant final approval for the installation of a new transformer and associated enclosure as demonstrated in Exhibit 1 in the August 10, 2011 staff report to the Design Commission and any modification thereof relating to MICC 19.11.020(D) approved by staff, subject to the following conditions of approval, and authorize the Design Commission Chair to sign findings of facts on behalf of the Design Commission.
1.   If the applicant has not submitted a complete application for a building permit within two years from the date of the notice of the final design review decision, or within two years from the decision on appeal from the final design review decision, design review approval shall expire. The design commission or code official may grant an extension for no longer than 12 months, for good cause shown, if a written request is submitted at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. The applicant is responsible for knowledge of the expiration date.
2.   All landscaping depicted in Exhibit 3 shall be maintained in good condition. Maintenance shall include regular watering, mowing, pruning, clearance of debris and weeds, removal and replacement of dead plants and the repair and replacement of irrigation systems.
3.   The applicant shall make all reasonable best efforts to retain the tree in the City right-of-way proposed to be removed.
4.   A tree permit is required to remove trees on site. No tree removal shall take place prior to a site inspection by the City Arborist and tree permit issuance. The tree replacement ratio will be determined at the time of tree permit review.
5.   Proposed landscaping shall meet the requirements of MICC 19.11.100(B)(1), which states “indigenous, drought tolerant or plant species proven adaptable to the local climate should be used.”
6.   The proposed location and structure be in compliance with MICC 19.11.020(D) as determined by staff.
Commissioner Andersen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously with five ‘yeas’ and zero ‘nays’.
Councilmember Bassett gave the Council Liaison Report. He clarified his role within the Design Commission as liaison. He also stated that two ordinances related to design review will be in front of the City Council on September 6, 2011. The City Council will hold first readings of two ordinances. The first ordinance proposes to change the decision authority for design review of minor exterior modifications in the Town Center from the Design Commission to the Code Official. The second ordinance would change the decision authority for design review of wireless communications facilities from the Design Commission to the Code Official.
Shana Crick informed the Commission that a zoning text amendment had been submitted by AT&T Wireless to remove the requirement that all wireless communications facilities in the Island Crest Way Corridor be microcells.
ADJOURNMENT:          7:56 PM

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