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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chair Maloof called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 
Chair Emmett Maloof and CommissionersSusanne Foster, Bert Loosmore, Lucia Pirzio-Biroli, and Tami Szerlip were present. 
Shana Crick, Planner, and George Steirer, Principal Planner, were present.
The minutes from the September 14, 2011 meeting were approved by consent.
AGENDA ITEM #1 Public Meeting: AT&T Wireless Communications Facility (WCF) Preliminary Design Review
Commissioner Loosmore stated, for purposes of full disclosure, that his wife works for T-Mobile.  He stated that the felt he could render an unbiased opinion on the application.  The audience was asked if anyone had a concern with any potential conflict of interest or appearance of fairness.  No one from the public stated any concerns.
Shana Crick, Planner, gave the staff presentation. She responded to questions from the Design Commission.  George Steirer, Principal Planner, answered a question regarding review authority.
Becky Todd of Pacific Telecom Services (111 Jackson Street S, Seattle, WA 98104), representing AT&T Mobility, gave the applicant presentation, and responded to questions from the Design Commission.
Chair Maloof opened the hearing for public testimony at 7:10 PM.  No one requested to speak, and the public hearing was closed at 7:10 PM.
The Commission deliberated, asking questions of staff and of the applicant.
Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli moved to grant preliminary and final design approval to the Wireless Communications Facility proposal as depicted by Exhibit 7 for DSR11-013, subject to the following two (2) conditions of approval recommended in the staff report:

  1. If the applicant has not submitted a complete application for a building (or other required) permit within two years from the date of the notice of the final design review decision, or within two years from the decision on appeal from the final design review decision, design review approval shall expire. The Code Official may grant an extension for no longer than 12 months, for good cause shown, if a written request is submitted at least 30 days prior to the expiration date.
  2. If the WCF becomes obsolete or unused, it must be removed within six months of cessation of operation at the site.

Commissioner Loosmore seconded the motion. The motion passed with 5 yeas and 0 nays.
The next regularly scheduled meeting is October 26, 2011. However, no agenda items are anticipated. 
ADJOURNMENT:          Chair Maloof adjourned the meeting 7:21 PM.

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