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Open Space Conservancy Trust - Minutes     
Thursday, August 11, 2011

Call To Order:
Chairperson Debbie Bertlin called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.
Roll Call:
Debbie Bertlin, Chairperson; Don Cohen; Bob Thorpe, Secretary; and Peter Guyer, Vice Chairperson; Dan Grausz, Council Liaison, Tina Lanzinger and Elliot Newman were present.
Staff Present:
Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director
Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator
Deborah Alexander, Senior Administrative Assistant

  1. It was moved by Trustee Thorpe, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:

Approve the minutes of July 14, 2011 as submitted.
Motion passed 7-0
There were no public appearances.
Regular Business:

  1. Letterboxing Update Elliot Newman

Trustee Newman reported that the program will be ending in August and that the committee plans to recognize the participants. He said he would have more information next month.

  1. Kiosk Area Porous Pavement Update Paul West/Bob Thorpe

Paul West reported that at the end of the last meeting the Trustees discussed costing out various options for the proposed paved area near the kiosk in Pioneer Park. He met with a contractor and Jason Kintner, Parks Superintendent to get estimates.
The basic option is an asphalt driveway that measures approximately 10 x 20 with a 6 taper at the street. This basic option is estimated to cost about $2,000. Coloring or stamping the asphalt would be an additional $3,000.
Another option is a product called Turfstone, which is approximately 18 square grid and allows water to percolate and is filled with gravel. The cost to install this product in-house is approximately $9,500.
The third option is a product called Grasscrete which is a poured grid of concrete that would be more durable than the Turfstone. This option is estimated to cost $14,000.
The contractor advised Paul that the porous concrete was not a good choice because of the dense canopy of pine trees in that location.
Trustee Thorpe reported that he went out to the location with a landscape architect and said that a 5/8 fractured (rock) could still be used with a sealer to bind it. He believes this is a low cost alternative. He also talked about a crushed granite product that is earth tones. It is a little more expensive than crushed rock, but might work.
Chair Bertlin summarized the options laid out by Paul and Bob. The Trustees discussed the pros and cons of the options and the periodic maintenance required of each product.
It was moved by Trustee Cohen, seconded by Council Liaison Grausz, to:
Authorize the staff to contract for the basic asphalt model at a price of no more than $2,500 plus tax.
Motion passed 5-0, with two abstentions.

  1. Trails Signage Paul West

Paul presented a brief summary of the discussion about trail signage in Pioneer Park to date. He presented some options for some rustic natural signage that could be placed on the Woodpecker Trail in the NW Quadrant, where staff has identified that park users are most likely to get disoriented.
The Trustees discussed the merits of implementing directional or safety signage.
It was moved by Council Liaison Grausz, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:
Not put any signage up in the Northwest Quadrant.
Motion passed 5-2
It was moved by Council Liaison Grausz, seconded by Trustee Thorpe, to:
Have staff come back to the Trust Board with a proposal for appropriate safety and directional signage on the Ravine Trail.
Motion passed 4-3

  1. North Star Acquisition Paul West

The Trustees and staff went out to view a south facing portion of the North Star Property to discuss why it has value to the City. He pointed out several invasive plants in the understory. He described something that ecologists call edge effects which describes greater vulnerability to invasive species due to higher light levels, less water and more exposure to winds. This edge effects condition would likely affect the Engstrom Open Space if this portion of the North Star property were developed.
Paul showed some diagrams to illustrate potential impacts if the property was developed and the benefits of a conservation easement.

  1. Bridge Streambank Stabilization Paul West

The Trustees and staff continued on to the bridge on the Ravine Trail to view the ravine bank and the damage resulting from a fallen tree. Paul explained that when the tree fell it not only damaged the bridge, but it also compromised the soil stabilization on the slope. He said that the soil mass on the slope and under the bridge is now slightly detached. He reported that some logs will be installed and anchored at the base of the slope to help address the issue of more soil sliding into the stream, and to help keep the stream from undercutting the bank even further. Part of the plan is also to do some more planting, but he is concerned that if he cannot keep traffic off the slope that the plants will not have a chance to get established. He said it is also a north facing slope under a full canopy and plants are likely to take longer to establish than they would under more advantageous conditions.
The original recommendation was to install a post and rail fence with a chain link backing. It was suggested that the fence could match the bridge detail. It was decided that the topic would be discussed again at the October meeting. Chair Bertlin suggested that the staff report include photographs of the options and associated costs. It would also be important to include the length of the fencing.
There was some previous discussion about possibly providing a stairway or trail for creek access, but the consensus was that the slope was not the ideal location for that.

  1. Next Meeting Debbie Bertlin

Paul proposed the September meeting be cancelled due to scheduled vacations, and the October 13th meeting be held as scheduled.
Adjournment:7:30 pm


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