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Open Space Conservancy Trust - Minutes     
Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call To Order:
Chairperson Debbie Bertlin called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.
Roll Call:
Debbie Bertlin, Chairperson; Dan Grausz, Council Liaison; Tina Lanzinger; Elliot Newman; Don Cohen; and Bob Thorpe, Secretary were present. Peter Guyer, Vice Chair was absent.
Staff Present:
Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director
Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator
Alaine Sommargren, Natural Resources Specialist
Trustee Thorpe suggested adding “Board member Robert Thorpe indicated his most probable use analysis would result in a similar lot yield. However, access would be more likely from the south side of the property rather than the north side.” in item IV (North Star Acquisition), to the end of the second paragraph.

  1. It was moved by Trustee Thorpe, seconded by Trustee Newman, to:

Approve the minutes of August 11, 2011 with the suggested revision.
Motion passed 6-0
There were no public appearances.
Regular Business:

  1. Letterboxing Awards and Recognition– Elliot Newman

Elizabeth Cross Nichol briefly explained the letterboxing challenge and reported that twelve participants turned in completed letterboxing booklets, ten of whom were able to attend the meeting.  Trustee Bertlin presented these participants with certificates and badges, and all in attendance enjoyed cake.

  1. Donation Received– Paul West

Paul reported that a donation had been received for Pioneer Park through the Northwest Parks Foundation.  Because the Northwest Parks Foundation is now closed, Paul asked that Board members direct those who would like to make donations to send them directly to the City. Staff will change park maps and information on the website accordingly. Trustee Lanzinger suggested that perhaps there could be recognition of the donation on the kiosk.  Bruce will look into getting permission to recognize this donation the park website.

  1. Trails Signage, Second Report– Paul West

Paul followed up the trail signage discussion from the August meeting with a proposal to place signage in the NE quadrant indicating steep trails and directing park users into and out of the ravine area. Paul presented photographs of the plastic ski signs for the steep trail signage, and several styles of carved-wood signs for direction signage.
Trustees discussed preferences for sign materials and wording.
It was moved by Trustee Newman, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:
Authorize staff to place three wood signs in the NE quadrant of Pioneer Park - one indicating steep slope, one indicating the exit from the ravine to Island Crest Way, and one indicating the exit from the ravine toward SE 68th St - costing equal to or less than $100.
Trustee Thorpe made a friendly amendment, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:
Authorize staff to also replace the ‘more difficult’ sign at the Engstrom Trail with a wood sign costing no more than $100.
Motion passed 5-0, with one abstention.
Trustee Cohen suggested that the Board decide on the specific type of wood sign. After a poll of the Trustees, Chair Bertlin summarized the Board’s preference for the engraved wood sign mounted on a 4x4 post, with a natural/brown background and a lighter, neutral color lettering (not white or yellow).

  1. Bridge Streambank Stabilization Fencing– Paul West

Paul presented a brief summary of the discussion about fencing options adjacent to the bridge in the NE quadrant.  He explained that placing logs on the hillside or log rounds at the top of the slope will not create an adequate barrier to users/dogs in this situation. 
Trustees discussed the various fence options, considering aesthetics, visibility to the stream, and permanence.
Paul clarified that the fence would extend approximately 25 feet, and would need to stay in place for at least five years, depending on the establishment and density of plantings.
Trustee Thorpe moved, Council Liaison Grausz seconded, to:
Authorize staff to construct a fence that is similar in design to the bridge railing, but which is shorter in height (three rails high), with similar posts.
Trustee Cohen moved to:
Table motion, in order to request a drawing of the proposed fence.
No second was offered.
Original motion passed 5-1.

  1. Trail Accessibility– Paul West

Paul gave an overview of two recent pieces of ADA law that may affect improvements to trail accessibility in Pioneer Park:
1. The Department of Justice is now looking at ADA not on project-by-project basis but rather evaluating programs (i.e. cities) on how well they are meeting the intent of the law program-wide (Title II). 
2. In March 2011, a new ruling went into effect, requiring state and local governments to allow power-driven mobility devices on public trails.  This includes power-driven wheelchairs and OPDMDs (Other Power Driven Mobility Devices). 
Paul asked the Board for direction on developing a policy for OPDMDs in Pioneer Park, and making accessibility improvements to the trails. 
Trustees discussed their concerns about the OPDMD law.  Various Trustees requested that the issue be reviewed first by the City, particularly in regards to the legal interpretation, before being brought back to the Board. 
Chair Bertlin summarized that the Board is open to considering specific accessibility improvements, and that Staff should bring them back to the Board on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Letterboxing Report– Elliot Newman

The letterboxing program was more successful this year in involving children.  The steering committee will meet in early 2012 to evaluate this year’s program, and develop new ideas for rewarding participants in the 2012 program.  Trustee Newman will continue to report on the letterboxing program at each Open Space Trust Board meeting.

  1. Next Meeting– Debbie Bertlin

Paul West will send out an e-mail to establish if there is a quorum for the November 10th meeting.
Adjournment:7:31 pm


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