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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by Chair, Christine Lewis, at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center, Mercer Island, WA  98040.
Roll Call
Members Present: Jane Ditzler, Christine Lewis, Susan Szafir, Shelly Krispin, Mireya Lewin
Arrived at 6:40: Linda Iwanyk, An Tootill
Arrived at 7:00: Ellen Hochberg, Sandy Glass
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm.
Amber Britton, Staff Liaison; Diane Mortenson, Recreation Superintendent; and Deborah Alexander, Administrative Assistant.
New member, Linda Iwanyk, was introduced to the Arts Council.
There were no appearances.
Approval of Minutes:
Shelly Krispin motioned to approve the minutes of April 11, 2012 as submitted.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  
Chair Report:
Chair, Christine Lewis
Christine Lewis proposed a half day retreat in the fall and presenting the 3 year plan to the City Council in December of this year.
Staff Report:
Amber Britton reported that Mostly Music In The Park donations are coming in. She stated that the installation of both the Space Art pieces and the Reclining Woman sculpture will take place July 30 & 31st.  Parks maintenance staff suggested considering a companion piece and additional landscaping for the Reclining Woman. Once installed, the parks maintenance crew will maintain the landscaping. The Public Art Committee will take the addition of a second sculpture under consideration.
Mostly Music in the Park
Christine Lewis called for volunteers to work MMIP concerts. She reviewed Arts Council member responsibilities at the events. A signup sheet was circulated. Susan Szafir will hold the Mostly Music in the Park and Shakespeare sign-up sheet. Members are directed to contact her for sign-ups.
Susan Szafir, Chair
Susan Szafir reported the film series is wrapped up. The films were well attended with an average of 30 attendees per showing. She is working on the fall series.  Susan reported that the Island Books event was successful. She is looking at doing one or two summer films with Lance Rhoades at Luther Burbank Park on August 30 and September 15.  Mireya Lewin said will be out of town on September 15, so will need someone to cover that film.  Amber said that if she could get at least one Arts Council Member to commit, she could probably get summer staff to help bring the equipment to the park and set it up.
Ellen Hochberg, Chair
Sandy Glass reported on the high school AP show. A total of 29 students exhibited art in the show with each artist showing approximately four pieces. Feedback indicated that show was well received and didn’t look like a “high school” art show.  Ellen Hochberg commended Sandy on excellent publicity for the event.
Ellen reported there will be a gallery reception for the current gallery show, Shift Collaborative Studio, on Thursday, June 14th from 6-8pm. 
Sandy reminded everyone that there is a lot of work involved in hanging shows and assistance is needed and greatly appreciated.
Public Art:
Jane Ditzler, Chair
Jane reported that the official description of the Apollo art is “Apollo lunar module fuel tanks & fuel lines (NASA surplus)”.  Christine Lewis led a brainstorming session to name the new Apollo art. This resulted in 14 names for consideration. Lunar Module Art, Apollo Art, Apollo Sculpture, Apollo Prototypes, Orbits and Pieces, Flight, Lunacy, Capsule, Apollo Space Art, DaVinci Lands, Art in Science, Colored Space, Space Craft, Lunart.
Ellen Hochberg suggested holding a naming contest for the art.
Christine will circulate the names proposed at tonight’s meeting and there will be further discussion and a decision at next month’s meeting about the possibility of a naming contest during Summer Celebration.
Community Relations
No Report
Special Events
Christine Lewis reported she is in the middle of discussions with True Value about having a mural built for the Summer Celebration! booth. Ellen Hochberg reported she is continuing to work with Amber Britton on craft project ideas for the booth. Volunteers will be needed to staff the booth over Summer Celebration! weekend (July 14 and 15) as well as set up and take down of the tent. Ellen will keep volunteer schedule. There will be additional Summer Celebration! volunteers to assist the kids with the crafts. Shelly Krispin suggested combining the mural and the art naming contest.
3 Year Plan Work Session
Christine Lewis, Chair
This session centered on 1% projects.  Christine indicated that discussion regarding new programming will be addressed next month. The Council will need to spend retreat time on creative financing for any new programs.
An Tootill proposed a purchase of three deer topiaries, and circulated photographs of the topiaries. She reported the approximate cost would be $3,500 including shipping and installation. The topiaries are junipers and would require pruning twice a year. Christine Lewis suggested making purchases part of the 3 Year Plan so the City Council is not approving purchases piecemeal.
Jane Brahm commented that one of the topics of the upcoming City Council retreat is sustainability and being green and how to incorporate it into everything the City does.  She suggested bringing it to the City Council at their August meeting in order to facilitate a fall installation. Amber will attempt to get on the City Council agenda in August.
The Public Art Committee will meet before the July meeting to discuss options for inclusion in the 3 year plan.  Christine asked An to circulate her proposal to the Public Art Committee for comments/edits so that a draft can be circulated before the meeting. Christine then asked that a completed project proposal, including answers to questions that might come from the City Council be brought to the July meeting for discussion and a vote. .
Mireya Lewin reported that she is continuing to work with ArtTech on the archiving project. She has nothing new to report at this time, but is hoping to have more by August, and would like to have something to take to the City Council in September. Amber is awaiting the contract for the first phase.
The meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm.

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