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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by Acting Chair, Ellen Hochberg, at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center, 8236 SE 24th St., Mercer Island, WA  98040.
Roll Call
Members Present: Bonnie Bradley, Paulette Bufano, Sandy Glass, Ellen Hochberg, Linda Iwanyk, Shelly Krispin, and Mireya Lewin.
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm.
Amber Britton, Staff Liaison; Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant.
Approval of Minutes:
Paulette Bufano asked for an amendment to the minutes.  Under the Gallery report, first line, “Paulette” should read “Linda”.  Paulette then made a motion to accept the minutes of August 8 as amended.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Special Report:  ARTECH Collection Management/Care Proposal
Jess Gettler, Collections Coordinator and Denise Biso, Senior Account Manager, ARTECH, presented a public art collection management/care proposal to the Arts Council.
After an initial evaluation of our records.  The obstacles they detected included: 
  • Uncertain and incomplete inventory
  • Incomplete records and documentation
  • Lack of collection digital management
  • Lack of public access and online visibility

A comprehensive scope of work is recommended:
Phase I – A full collection survey to provide accurate data needed to update and maintain proper records and documentation that can be migrated into a digital data base.
Phase II – Digital Database and Management
Phase III – Online Visibility
Jes Gettler stated that the critical first step on the path to getting Mercer Island’s Public Art Collection properly documented and maintained is a full collection survey.  The collection survey includes:

  • Confirming tombstone information
  • Photographic documentation
  • Field risk management assessment
  • Location standardization
  • Paper record inventory
  • Yearly maintenance schedule

Upon completion of Phase I, two separate systems will be created.  The first being Phase II, a digital database that includes all of the information for all public art.  It can include notes, images, maintenance history, and anything else that is desired.  The database will not be available to the public, but rather a resource for the Arts Council and Parks & Recreation Department.  Phase III will be a separate website, with less information, available for viewing by the public.
Discussion of the proposal followed the presentation after the presenters left the meeting.  Mireya stated that she felt going forward with the project is a necessity. She said Artech has a great reputation in the art world and that they are very well organized.  Amber commented that the total dollar amount of $12,950 for all three phases is very reasonable considering where we are starting from.  She stated that in order to meet the budget deadline by last Monday, she submitted a request for $13,000.  She said that if the Arts Council determines that they do not want to go forward, it can be withdrawn or amended. The money will come from the 1% for the Arts Fund, but rather than having to go to the City Council again, it will already be a part of the budget if it is approved.
Sandy Glass motioned that the Arts Council approve the Artech Phases I, II and III, and budget $13,000 from the 1% for the Arts Fund to pay for this.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
Christine Lewis, Chair
No Report
Staff Report:
Topiary Proposal:  Amber reported that the topiary proposal was approved by the city council on September 4th. The original motion made by the Arts Council for approval stated that the total cost will not exceed $4,000.
A small public works roster requirement, that we were not aware of at the time the motion was passed,   increases the cost by about $500. The proposal submitted to the City Council asked for $4,500.
Shelly Krispen motioned that the previously approved budget amount for the Topiary purchase be amended from $4,000 to $4,500.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.   
Amber reported that she has, with the Superintendent of parks, Jason Kintner, written a scope of work for the project.  She anticipates an RFB will go out next week.  Bids will be due by October 4, with the work being done by early November. The farm will be able to dig the topiaries up within 30 days. Then we need to coordinate shipping and planting as soon as they arrive. 
Plaques for Orbits and Pieces and Reclining Woman:  Artech will be providing us with a proposal.  It will include the price, and recommendation for attachment and location.
There was some discussion about children climbing on the Reclining Woman and how to discourage this.  It was suggested that the landscaping around the plant might be adequate with signage to the effect of asking them not to trample the landscaping.
Budget:  Nothing has been finalized yet. Everything went through the subcommittees and finance. We will be making the final pitch to the City Council on October 29th.  It won’t be adopted until December.
Christine Lewis has announced that she will be stepping down as chair.  She plans to stay on the Arts Council, but her life has gotten so busy that she doesn’t feel she can continue to devote the time she wants to being chair.  Amber stated that this means next month we will need to nominate and elect a new chair.  This means we will probably not go ahead with the retreat in October since the chair is the one that runs the retreats.  Christine has been compiling everything we have already discussed for the three year plan. In response to a question from the floor, Amber indicated that she did not know the protocol on whether or not Jane could remain as the interim chair through the end of the year, and chair the retreat.  She will check with the City Clerk, and also see if Jane will be available.
Amber reported she will be gone the first week of October, so will send out some dates for late October, early November for consideration as a retreat date.  It was agreed that the retreat could be in lieu of a regular monthly meeting.
Public Art
Jane Ditzler, Chair
Amber reported in Jane’s absence that she is meeting with Public Art Committee members to finalize projects they want to bring forward for the 3 year plan.
Susan Szafir, Chair
Amber reported for Susan. They had their first outdoor film last week.  It was not very well attended. However, Lance Rhoades did a great job so the people that were there enjoyed it.  The second outdoor film is scheduled for this Saturday, September 15th.  The committee likes the format, and would like to continue it again next year – maybe a little earlier in the year so it is warmer.  This could work out well as the Parks & Recreation Department doesn’t have any outdoor films budgeted for next year.
Chair Ellen Hochberg
Ellen reported that Sandy, Mireya and An helped hang the Juried Art Exhibit last Saturday.  The juror, Paula Stokes, chose 51 pieces created by 44 different artists.  Sixteen artists are from Mercer Island.  There were 62 artists that submitted applications at $25 each for a total of $1,550 in revenue.  The only expense has been $600 in awards.
Three Year Plan:
No discussion.
There were no announcements.
The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm


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