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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Chair, Jane Ditzler, at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center, 8236 SE 24th St., Mercer Island, WA  98040.
Roll Call
Members Present: Bonnie Bradley, Paulette Bufano, Jane Ditzler, Linda Iwanyk, Susan Szafir.  
 Members absent:  Ellen Hochberg, Mireya Lewin, Christine Lewis and An Tootill.
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm.
Amber Britton, Staff Liaison; Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant.
Approval of Minutes:
Amendment:  Under the Chair Report, 2nd paragraph, first line, Insert the letter “r” in the fourth word to change it from fee to free.
Amendment: Under Literary Chair Report: 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence, delete the first two words, “the next” and replace with “A”.
Bonnie Bradley motioned to accept the December 12, 2012 minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Raligh Nowers was introduced. She will be attending Arts Council meetings this year as the MIVAL liaison.
Chair Report:
Jane Ditzler, Chair
Committee Chair Appointments: 
Jane announced the following Committee Chair appointments for 2013:
  • Mostly Music in the Park:  Christine Lewis
  • Special Events:  Paulette Bufano
  • Community Relations:  Bonnie Bradley
Additionally, Jane asked Linda Iwanyk to consider taking the Gallery Chair position. Linda indicated that she will consider it, and make a decision by the February Arts Council meeting.  Members of the Arts Council agreed to support her in hanging shows and holding artists’ receptions.  Additionally, Paulette said that her husband owned three galleries and she thought he would be interested in helping with show hangings.
Susan Szafir stated that she may know of someone that would be interested in being on the Gallery Committee and/or the Outdoor Gallery Committee.
Jane will add a discussion involving getting committee volunteers to the retreat agenda.
Confirmation of Retreat Date/Time:
Jane requested confirmation from Arts Council members as to the day and time agreed upon for the upcoming Retreat.  It was confirmed that the retreat will be scheduled on Saturday, February 2, 2013, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  It will be a brown bag lunch affair.  The location yet to be determined – most likely the Community Center, but the fire station will be considered as a backup should the Community Center not be available.
Retreat Agenda:
Jane asked Arts Council members to email her if they have items they would like on the agenda.
Jane indicated that she anticipates including the following:
  • Work Plan
  • 3-Year Plan (2013, 2014 & 2015) – including the following:
  • Installation of Call of the Wild
  • Continue work on the Public Art Inventory
  • The two wall murals; the Luther Burbank tennis court wall and the one at West Mercer Way
  • Upgrade Luther Burbank Park Amphitheatre (some basic improvements will fall under the Luther Burbank Park master plan)
  • Purchase of a Luther Burbank Park Playground brick by the Arts Council.
  • Committee Volunteers (as noted above under Committee Chair Appointments).
  • Consider new ways of fundraising or bringing revenue producing events.
Bonnie Bradley requested that an item be added to the agenda to address how the Arts Council might be able to get more dance onto the island. Amber indicated the Arts Council does have a history of dance programs. This information will be presented at the retreat in a historical presentation.
Councilman Brahm reminded members that the final design of the Eastlink plan is scheduled in 2013.  The artwork for the project will be included in the final design. She urged the council to be ready to be involved. Amber said that WSDOT has a policy regarding the wall, which they recently sent to her.  She forwarded it to An Tootill, Public Art Chair, for review.
Staff Report:
Amber Britton, Staff
Amber reported the Arts Council will soon have three vacancies to fill.  Shelly Krispin and Sandra have both submitted their resignations effective immediately.  Additionally, Ellen Hochberg will be moving off of the Island so will no longer be eligible to be an Arts Council member.  She plans to attend the February meeting with her resignation being final as of the end of that meeting.
Amber reported that the city clerk has already posted the vacancies, and urged Arts Council members to recommend involvement to anyone they think would be interested in serving on the Council.  Amber said areas where there are vacancies or assistance is needed, such as gallery, can be emphasized to prospective members. 
Jane Ditzler said that she has spoken with Sandy Glass, who is very sorry to have to leave the Arts Council. She is still very interested in the Arts Council, and asked to be kept abreast of what the Council is doing.  She indicated a willingness to volunteer when needed.
Art Dedication: 
Amber will schedule the dedication for two new pieces of public art; The Call of the Wild and Reclining Woman, for this summer in conjunction with one of the Mostly Music in the Park (MMIP) events. She feels this will guarantee an audience since they are both located in Mercerdale Park, and it would provide an added facet to the MMIP event. She thought it could be scheduled before the Spring/Summer Recreation Guide deadline so that it could be included with the MMIP announcements.
Archiving and MMIP Updates:
Amber reported on the status of the Archiving project in Mireya Lewin’s absence.  She reported that the contract has been signed and Artech should be ready to begin the project in early February.
Amber reported on MMIP in Christine Lewis’s absence.  Christine would like to review CD’s received to date on Saturday, January 19th.  She is asking that anyone interested in helping with screening and choosing bands please contact her.  She is flexible on the time.  The deadline for CD submissions is January 11th, so they will all be in by the 19th.
Amber reminded the Council that there are only five bands this year instead of nine bands as in the past.  The selection needs to be completed and contracts signed by early February in order to meet the final Recreation Guide edit deadline.  Amber indicated that this year’s budget is for five bands plus sound.  However, it is possible to have additional bands/performances as long as it can all be done within budget.
There was a discussion regarding MMIP sponsorships.  Amber indicated that the sponsorship packets are scheduled to go out in February.  She stated that with fewer concerts, the sponsorship fees will be less.  It is anticipated that this will result in less revenue from sponsorships than in past years.  If additional concerts are added, she will need to know in time to make changes before the packets are printed.
Jane felt that the emphasis on sponsorship procurement by the Arts Council has fallen off in the past few years.  Bonnie Bradley and Paulette Bufano agreed to work together to come up with a plan to address sponsorship procurement.  It was noted that Amber has the information they will need to work on the plan.  Additionally, Beth Brennan would be a good resource.  While on the Arts Council she was very good at getting sponsors.
Jane asked Bonnie and Paulette to present their ideas at the retreat.
Susan Szafir, Chair
Susan reported that the Spring/Summer list of films has been finalized.  She will send out the list and asked members to let her know if they will be able to be the Arts Council representative at a film.
Susan reported that a meet the author event is scheduled on February 28 featuring the author of The House Girl, Tera Conklin. The event will take place at Island Books.
Chair Ellen Hochberg
No Report
Public Art
An Tootill, Chair
No Report
The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm

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