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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm by Chair, Jane Ditzler, at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center, 8236 SE 24th St., Mercer Island, WA  98040.
Roll Call
Members Present: Paulette Bufano, Jane Ditzler, Ellen Hochberg, Linda Iwanyk, and Mireya Lewin
Members absent:  Bonnie Bradley, Susan Szafir, and An Tootill.
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm was absent.
Diane Mortenson, Recreation Superintendent; Eileen Hemmis Trifts, Administrative Assistant.
Approval of Minutes:
Ellen Hochberg motioned to accept the January 9, 2013 minutes.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
No appearances.
Raleigh Nowers, MIVAL liaison.
Chair Report:
Jane Ditzler, Chair
Jane presented Ellen Hochberg with a “thank you” gift and gift certificate from the Arts Council for her years of dedication and hard work. Ellen will be greatly missed on the Council.  Ellen indicated that she would be willing to assist in the transition of the Gallery Chair position and to assist with the Gallery as she is able.  She is still very much interested in the Arts Council and plans to stay involved.
Jane announced that the Arts Council History Video scheduled on tonight’s agenda has been postponed until additional Council members are appointed to fill vacancies.  The Arts Council has four vacancies as of today.  Shelly Krispin, Sandy Glass and Christine Lewis have handed in their resignations.  Tonight is Ellen Hochberg’s last meeting.
The February Arts Council retreat has been postponed until there is a full Council.  It is anticipated that it will be in September. It was agreed that new Council Members will want to have some input.
Jane announced the following Committee Chair appointments.  Both have accepted, and requested assistance from experienced Arts Council members.
  • Paulette Bufano, Mostly Music in the Park
  • Linda Iwanyk, Gallery
Jane reported that there are several new artwork possibilities; one at the new south end Fire Station, as well as at the Lid in the outdoor gallery. More on these in the Public Art report later.
Status Report on Work Plan and Annual Report.
Jane asked members to review their copies and get additions to Amber within the next 10-14 days.  Diane suggested that the copies of the 2012 Work Plan and 2011 Annual Report that were distributed as part of tonight’s agenda package can be used as a template for 2013.  Mark it up and get them back to Amber. 
Ellen Hochberg requested that the Annual Report reflect (1) that the Arts Council coordinated and hosted the Arts and Crafts tent at Summer Celebration and (2) that the January gallery show be added as it has been omitted.
Staff Report:
Diane Mortenson, Recreation Superintendant
An election was called for the Vice Chair position.  Ellen Hochberg nominated Paulette Bufano.  There were no additional nominations from the floor.  The nomination was seconded.  A vote was taken and Paulette was elected unanimously.
Diane reported that a request has been received from Mercer Island residents Pete and Brandy Nordstrom to donate a bronze dog sculpture for the off-leash area at Luther Burbank Park.  The sculptor is Georgia Gerber. It is a sculpture of the Nordstrom family dog, Stan. It was noted that Stan is still alive, so this would be an honorarium rather than a memorial. 
Ellen Hochberg motioned that we accept the donation of the dog sculpture from Pete and Brandy Nordstrom.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Diane reported that the theme for this year’s Summer Celebration is “Magic”.  She indicated that a lead is needed, and asked if anyone was interested in filling that position.  There were no volunteers at this time.  However, Mireya indicated that she knows a magician from here on the island, and she could contact him for ideas or to see if he would be interested in performing.
Susan Szafir, Chair
No Report
Paulette Bufano, Chair
Paulette reported that she met with An Tootill, Bonnie Bradley and Linda Iwanyk to review nineteen submissions for Mostly Music in the Park. They were successful in narrowing it down to five very different bands.  In addition it was noted that the Russian Chamber Orchestra will play on August 25th.  With only five concerts this year as opposed to nine last year, Paulette suggested the concerts be held on Thursdays.  She indicated that Key Bank has been one of our best sponsors for Mostly Music in the Park in past years.  They have historically only attended the Thursday concerts so that their employees were not asked to work on their days off.
Ellen Hochberg motioned to schedule the five MMIP concerts for five Thursdays in a row beginning in July.  The motion seconded and passed unanimously.
Linda Iwanyk, Chair
The current show in the Gallery, Twelve Muses, will be coming down on February 23.  A new show of four very different artists will be hung the same day.  Linda asked for volunteers to help with the hanging.  Jane Ditzler said she could be there.  Linda will contact Bonnie Bradley to see if she can help as well.  No reception date has been set.  As soon as it is set, Linda will be sending out a call for assistance at the reception.
Public Art
An Tootill, Chair
In An’s absence, Jane Ditzler reported that the sculpture “Call of the Wild” is now in our possession.  She also reported that the fire station on the south end of the island has some money to go toward a new piece of sculpture. Diane indicated that the Arts Council can do a “call for artist” for this piece.
Public Art Project
Jane reported that Amber has put all of the information she has been able to gather together in binders for Artech.  The first process of the project, a survey, could take up to 3 months.  Mireya asked that the Arts Council agree on a name for this project.  It was agreed to refer to it as “Collections Management” in the future.
Jane reported that An Tootill would like to do a facelift and update the outdoor sculpture gallery on the lid with new pieces.  Diane stated that we could rotate out some of the older pieces, but we wouldn’t be able to relocate them. She encouraged the Arts Council to bring in some new pieces.
Light rail is coming to Mercer Island in 2023.  Sounds like a long way off, but 4Culture is on the ball to choose art and integrate it into the planning stages.  They will have a meeting on February 25th to review packets for a lead artist. This person will spearhead the entire project, supervising all of the art.  On March 4th there is a follow-up meeting to interview artists.  Diane indicated that she will attend on the 25th and Amber will attend on the 4th. She asked for interested Arts Council members to attend as well.  Mireya Lewin and Jane Ditzler are able to attend on the 25th. They would like to split the day. Diane will contact 4Culture and let them know.
There were no announcements
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

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