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Open Space Conservancy Trust - Minutes     
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Call To Order:
Vice Chair Thorpe called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.
Roll Call:
Vice Chair Thorpe, Secretary Poor, Trustee Lanzinger, Trustee Weiker and Trustee Wachs were present. Chair Newman and Council Liaison Brahm were absent.
Staff Present:
Jason Kintner, Parks Superintendent
Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator
Alaine Sommargren, Natural Resource Specialist
It was moved by Trustee Wachs, seconded by Secretary Poor, to:
Approve the minutes of May 16, 2013.
Motion passed 5-0
There were no public appearances.
Regular Business:
  1. Dog Off-Leash Follow Up – Paul West
Paul West, Parks Natural Resources Coordinator, reported there have been no complaints about dogs off leash since the signs were posted approximately four months ago. He reported that the signs will now be removed per the Trustees’ wishes, since they seem to have achieved the goal.
  1. Policy for Special Events – Paul West
Paul West reviewed the details in the staff report including follow up to the issues raised at the last meeting. After reviewing these details he asked the Trustees for comment and discussion about the changes to the policy. After some discussion it was decided to defer the official adoption of the policy until the Chair and Council Liaison could be present.
  1. Trail Accessibility Project – Paul West
Paul West presented the possibility of putting in a signed handicap parking space for the Northwest Quadrant. There is potentially some budget for this in 2014.
It was moved by Trustee Wachs, seconded by Trustee Lanzinger, to:
Ask staff to develop a preliminary design for the parking space.
Motion passed 5-0
  1. Root Rot Management – Paul West
Paul West reported that the Trichoderma treatment was applied per the Trust Board’s approval last fall. Staff is waiting to see what the results will be.
  1. Letterboxing Update – Joel Wachs
Trustee Wachs reported that the Trails Day event was a success. 250 clue books have been distributed. There are still complaints of missing or damaged letterboxes.
Trustee Wachs reported that he attended a Design Commission meeting to request that the bicycle rack not be relocated in Pioneer Park. There was discussion during that meeting about placing the bike rack near the bus stop on the adjacent shopping center property. The crosswalk was also discussed, and it is possible that a crosswalk will be placed midblock as discussed in a previous Open Space Conservancy Trust Board Meeting. Jason Kintner reported that the City planners do not feel a crosswalk is needed in the midblock location, but is still open to discussing the possibility with the Trustees. Jason agreed to relay the concerns discussed about the bike rack and crosswalk issues to City staff that is working on the Fire Station project.
  1. NW Quadrant Trail Surfacing Project – Paul West
Paul West reported that an Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 66 put down 13 tons of gravel on the Woodpecker Trail on June 22nd. The project was successful. Staff is slowly working through the drainage issues on those trails.
  1. Quadrant Reports – Trustees
Secretary Poor reported that she noticed the corrected signs in the NW Quadrant. Trustee Lanzinger expressed a desire to have the Trust Board send a letter of appreciation to the scout who completed the work on the Woodpecker Trail. Paul West reminded the Trustees that there is a scout appreciation ceremony scheduled for the November meeting. Paul agreed to provide Secretary Poor the information needed for the letter, which Secretary Poor will complete.
Trustee Lanzinger reported that she gave some notes to Alaine Sommargren regarding the SE Quadrant before the meeting.
Alaine Sommargren reported that a large patch of knotweed has been discovered in the SE Quadrant of Pioneer Park. It may have been introduced into the park via a plant. She reported that it will be taken care of in August.
Trustee Lanzinger reported seeing some patches of newer plantings showing distress from the dry weather and agreed to report these areas to Alaine Sommargren as she notices them.
  1. Next Meeting – Chair
The next meeting is scheduled for September 19, 2013.

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OSCT Agenda Packet July 2013.pdf


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