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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Chair Jane Ditzler at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center, 8236 SE 24th St., Mercer Island, WA  98040.



Roll Call

Members Present: An Tootill, Anna Gordon, Bonnie Bradley, Jane Ditzler, Julian Trejo, Karen Kaser, Linda Iwanyk, Mireya Lewin, Susan Szafir



City Council:

Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm



Amber Britton



Approval of Minutes

Approval of the May minutes was postponed until the July meeting.




Elly Winer

An appearance was made by musician and island resident Elly Winer for the purpose of introducing himself to the Arts Council.



Chair Report:

Jane Ditzler, Chair

New Arts Council members Anna Gordon, Julian Trejo and Karen Kaser were introduced and welcomed to the Arts Council.


Fire Station 92 Artwork:  Jane reported that she chaired the artist selection committee to chose artists for the Fires Station 92 artwork.  The group has met twice and an artist team has been chosen.



Staff Report:

Amber Britton

Rising Times Relocation:  Amber reported that Artec submitted a bid of $31,187 to move the Rising Times Sculpture. The contractor has declined to move it.  The piece that sticks out no longer meets code. Unless the Arts Council wants to spend the money to move the piece, it was suggested we might be able to move or remove only the pieces that stick out and are not up to code. Jane Brahm wondered if since this is existing piece it can be grandfathered in?  Amber agreed to ask Developmental Services Group the following questions:

Can it be grandfathered in as it is?

If we take the non-code pieces out does that meet all of the requirements?

Who pays if it is damaged, and if so, does the Arts Council have a say in how it is repaired?

Amber hopes to have the answers to these questions at the July Arts Council meeting.


Brick for LB Playground: Amber reported that she submitted a purchase request for a brick for the Arts Council at the Luther Burbank Park Playground.  She requested it be inscribed “Mercer Island Arts Council 2013”.


Collection Management Project:  Amber presented an update for Mireya in her absence.  Artech has pretty much completed all three phases of the project.  They will be training staff on the software program on July 17.  Amber should be able to make a presentation at the August Arts Council meeting.

Thanks and Extraordinary Journey updates:  Artech made a proposal to repaint and permanently repair the flower attachments on both sculptures for $2,500.  Both pieces should be repaired in the next month or so.


I-90 Sound Transit Eastlink Mercer Island Station Update:

Sound transit has asked for two members of the design commission and two members from the arts council.  Jane will be out representative.  Amber will email info regarding the committee for anyone that might be interested in participating.


Deane’s Children’s Park Dragon:  This popular piece of interactive children’s art is in need of repair. It has been determined by Artech that it would cost $30,000 for them to repair the dragon.  The Parks Department does not have the budget to make the repairs.  The Parks Superintendent asked if it might be something the Arts Council would like to do with 1% for the Arts Funding. Amber was able to contact the artist, Kenton Pies, who created and installed the Dragon. He said he could totally rebuild it in a newer and bigger and better version. He is very excited about it. The caveat is that it will cost around $60,000.  It was noted that the Parks Department will fund bringing the surface around the slide up to current code.

Bonnie Bradley made a motion to approve going forward with a new Dean’s Children’s Park Dragon. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


City Council Meeting July 1:  Amber has been able to reserve time on the 1 July City Council agenda request to present requests for upcoming projects




Susan Szafir, Chair

Susan reported that author, Jonathan Evistan, appeared at the bookstore on May 7th.  He stated that he was very pleased with the turnout.  Dale Cox Sr. has written some books based on his experiences in the Air Force and with the Space Program.  He will speak at Aljoya on August 9th.   Susan indicated that she needs help with the upcoming Shakespeare presentations in July and August.  She needs a volunteer for each performance.  She will send out a list of the dates.  Amber stated that volunteers will also be needed for Mostly Music in the Park performances and at the Arts Council tent during Summer Celebration. Mireya will include these in her email as well.



Mostly Music in the Park

Paulette Bufano, Chair

No Report




Linda Iwanyk, Chair

Linda reported that there is a new summer show in the gallery and it will run through July 19.  The reception is tomorrow, June 13.  She asked for volunteers to assist with the reception.  Jane suggested that new members might want to drop by.



Public Art

An Tootill, Chair

Tennis Wall Mural

An reported that she has a proposal ready for the Luther Burbank Park tennis wall mural.  She is hoping to have $12,000 from the 1% for the Arts Fund approved by the City Council for the project. 

The Chair called for a vote to approve presenting the proposal for the tennis wall mural to the City Council.  The vote to proceed was unanimous.



Collections Management Project

Mireya Lewin

No Report.



Community Relations

Chair, Bonnie Bradley

Children’s Playground Mural Project:  Bonnie reported that an opportunity presented itself to apply for an interagency collaborative project grant from 4Culture.  The Preschool Association indicated that they would be interested in a collaborative project, so Bonnie submitted the grant request. The project is a tile mural in the new children’s playground at Luther Burbank.  The amount requested was $5,000.  She suggested the remaining funds, approximately $4,000, could possibly come out of the 1% for the Arts funds.  It was agreed to advertise the project at the grand opening of the park.  Once we know that we have been awarded the grant, the decision on where to try to obtain the remaining funds can be made.







The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm


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