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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chair Richard Erwin called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 
Chair Richard Erwin, Vice-Chair Colin Brandt, Commissioners Susanne Foster, Nadine Laszlo, Lara Sanderson, Tami Szerlip, and Hui Tian were present.
Scott Greenberg, Development Services Group Director; Christina Schuck, Assistant City Attorney; Travis Saunders, Planner; and Shana Crick, Senior Planner, were present.
The Design Commission reviewed the minutes from the February 26, 2014 meeting. Commissioner Foster motioned to approve the minutes. Commissioner Szerlip seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.
PUBLIC MEETING – Mercerwood Shore Club – 4150 East Mercer Way
Shana Crick provided the staff report and responded to questions from the Design Commission.
Ed Weinstein of Weinstein | AU gave the applicant’s presentation and answered questions from the Design Commission. 
Landscape Architect, Karen Kiest, spoke to the Design Commission about the proposed landscaping.
Adrienne Watkins of Weinstein | AU responded to questions from the Design Commission about mechanical equipment.
The Commission discussed the proposal and Commissioner Brandt moved to grant the Mercerwood Shore Club preliminary design approval for a new two story, 8,185 square foot clubhouse upon demolition of the existing clubhouse located at 4150 East Mercer Way, as shown in Exhibit 1, and as conditioned by the March 12, 2014 staff report to the Design Commission. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Sanderson.
Commissioner Tian moved to amend the motion by requesting that the applicant provide to the Commission prior to final design review further studies of roof form as well as additional supporting information regarding whether the proposed roof material will create glare. Commissioner Szerlip seconded the motion. The amendment to the motion failed 2 (Szerlip and Tian) to 4 (Brandt, Foster, Laszlo, and Sanderson).
The original motion to grant preliminary design approval passed with five yeas and 1 nay with Commissioner Tian dissenting.
STUDY SESSION – Five Unit Townhomes – 7420 SE 27th Street
Travis Saunders gave the staff report and answered questions from the Design Commission.
Chair Erwin gave an exhibit to Mr. Saunders to include within the study session.
Gary Nash of Nash and Associates Architects presented and responded to questions from the Design Commission.
The main issues of concern to the Design Commission included:
  1. The gradient and condition of the proposed access
  2. Amount of grading proposed and maintaining the natural topography
  3. Placement retaining walls in setbacks
  4. Whether a licensed landscape architect is required to prepare the landscaping plan
  5. The upper floor is not set back from the adjacent single family residential zone, which is mandatory
  6. The proposed amount of grading and fill on site is creating an additional story, which would not be allowed
  7. Each unit should follow natural topography instead of using fill to bring entire site up to the same level
  8. Building height and the number of stories must be measured from existing grade instead of proposed grade as shown in the project materials
  9. Show how the building interfaces with the street, as there is no sense of entry
  10. Pedestrian access to the street is not shown, and must be clear and safe
  11. The proposed structure exceeds 35 percent lot coverage allowance
  12. Wall next to single family property will appear to be nine feet tall and monolithic
  13. Hydrology of hillsides on Mercer Island is complicated and changing
Staff had no additional comments.
The next regularly scheduled meeting is March 26, 2014. Vice Chair Brandt will be absent on April 9, 2014.
ADJOURNMENT: Chair Erwin adjourned the meeting at 9:42 PM.

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