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Open Space Conservancy Trust - Minutes     
Thursday, March 20, 2014

Call To Order:
Vice Chair Thorpe called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm in the City Court of City Hall.
Roll Call:
Vice Chair Thorpe, Trustee Lanzinger, Trustee Weiker, and Trustee Wachs were present, Chair Newman and Council Liaison Senn were excused. Secretary Poor joined the information part of the meeting by telephone until she arrived.
Staff Present:
Jason Kintner, Parks Superintendent
Diane Mortenson, Recreation Superintendent
Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator
Alaine Sommargren, Natural Resource Specialist
It was moved by Trustee Weiker, seconded by Trustee Wachs, to:
Approve the minutes of November 21, 2013.
Motion passed 5-0
Brooke Thorpe of the Boy Scouts reported on some sign refurbishing work he has been doing in the NW quadrant of Pioneer Park. He reported that the signs have been cleaned, the corner molding has been stained and replaced, and they will be covered with plexiglass. He also stated that they may possibly plant indigenous plants around signs. Some plastic strips will be placed around the edges to prevent moisture from getting in between the plexiglass and the signage.
Regular Business:
  1. 2014 Work Plan – Paul West
Paul West included a work plan draft in the agenda packet for the Trustees to review. Paul invited the Trustees to make any suggestions for items to add. Trustee Wachs suggested doing an educational campaign about the restoration work in Pioneer Park. Paul will make the changes suggested to the work plan and take it to Council on April 21st..
  1. Election of Officers – Robert Thorpe
It was moved by Trustee Lanzinger, seconded by Trustee Weiker, to:
Nominate Vice Chair Thorpe for the position of Chair.
Motion passed 5-0
It was moved by Trustee Lanzinger, seconded by Trustee Weiker, to:
Nominate Trustee Wachs for the position of Vice Chair.
Motion passed 5-0
It was moved by Trustee Lanzinger, seconded by Vice Chair Thorpe, to:
Nominate Secretary Poor to retain the position of Secretary.
Motion passed 5-0
  1. 2013 Annual Report– Paul West
Paul West reviewed the draft annual report in the agenda packet. The Trustees asked a few clarifying questions and had a some suggestions for details to add. Paul will revise the Annual Report and take it to Council on April 21st.
  1. Leap for Green Participation – Paul West
Paul West applied for a Leap for Green booth on behalf of the Open Space Conservancy Trust Board. Staff has literature available including maps, volunteer schedules, etc to put at the booth. Trustee Lanzinger requested a copy of “Pioneer Park a Natural History” be at the booth too. Trustee Lanzinger offered to staff the booth on behalf of the Trust Board. Vice Chair Thorpe said he might be able to get a few scouts at the booth. Trustee Lanzinger and Alaine Sommargren will work together on a Pioneer Park FAQ project.
  1. Letterboxing Update – Joel Wachs
Trustee Wachs reported that the Letterboxing committee is looking for sponsors. Trustee Weiker said he might have a scout who would be willing to construct some boxes for the program. Trustee Weiker agreed to contact the scout interested in the project to give him more details.
  1. Trail Signs – User Survey By Trustees – Paul West
Paul West checked in with the Trustees to see if they’re still interested in conducting a survey to determine if trail signage is needed in Pioneer Park. Trustee Wachs suggested developing a survey for the Leap for Green event. Trustee Lanzinger suggested that a survey (using a service like Survey Monkey) could be developed and advertised in the Reporter or the weekly. Trustees should bring ideas back to the next meeting.
  1. Pioneer Tree Work Briefing – Paul West
Paul West reported that 79 trees were worked on. Two trees were saved (after inspections). Snags were left where possible.
  1. Dogs Off Leash Update – Jason Kintner
Jason Kintner reported that off leash dog complaints are increasing. Many of those reports are from residents using Pioneer Park. Parks staff has been working with the Police Department to try to manage the situation. Trustee Lanzinger expressed an interest in communicating to the City Council that the Trust Board recommend that both the north quadrants be on leash because of how they are being used. Jason stated that the Parks & Recreation Subcommittee will be informed that this is becoming a bigger issue and might need to be addressed at City Council. Jason said he’ll report back at the next meeting about how the Parks & Recreation Subcommittee responded.
  1. Quadrant Reports – Trustees
Trustee Lanzinger reported that she gave her report to Jason earlier. Secretary Poor reported that the NE Quadrant has a new boardwalk. Paul West said that staff put some mesh grating down on the boardwalk recently. Trustee Wachs reported that he has not been through the SE Quadrant in about four weeks.
  1. Next Meeting – Chair
The next meeting had a scheduling conflict with Council Chambers and staff is recommending the meeting be moved to Thursday, May 22nd.
Adjournment: 7:45 pm

Download File
OSCT Agenda Packet March 2014.pdf


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