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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by Chair Paulette Bufano.
Members Present: Paulette Bufano, Anna Gordon, Linda Iwanyk, Karen Kaser, and Erin Vivion.  Absent: An Tootill, Suzanne Zahniser and Jack Emick
City Council: Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm.
Staff: Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Lance Rhoades, Arts Council Classics on Film
Mr. Rhoades appeared in front of the Arts Council with a request for financial support in expanding the Classics on Film series of the Literary Committee to the High School French Class before they are exchange students to Mercer Island’s sister city, Thon on les Baines.  This would involve a one-time showing and discussion of a French sub-titled film similar to what is showing at Aljoya. This is part of the on-going effort to expand this program to people in the community who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate.  Other potential venues for expanding might include showing more outdoor films, having a cinematic retreat at the Veterans’ Hall showing films at the Stroum Jewish Community Center which has an auditorium that is specifically suited to this.
Joy Langley, Executive Director, Cultural Access of Washington
Mercer Island Resident
Ms. Langley stated that access to science, heritage and arts experiences advances education, enhances the economy, enriches our quality of life and strengthens our communities. Communities that are home to vibrant cultural organizations are more competitive for high paying jobs and high quality workers, and enjoy greater economic prosperity. Studies show that students who are engaged in cultural activities excel in school and are more comfortable working in diverse communities.
The Cultural Access Washington coalition, an alliance of business, non-profit, educational, labor and government leaders across the state, is supporting legislation that would make this possible. The goal is to increase access to cultural experiences (from arts organizations to science centers museums and zoos) for children and adults across Washington. In addition, cultural education programs for students and residents would be widely available, and school transportation would be provided to these experiences. 
Ms. Langley asked the Arts Council to support 2015 legislation (specifically HB1107) to support giving Washington communities the ability to establish programs to fund the creation and expansion of access to cultural organizations, from arts to zoos.  HB 1107 will add 1/10 of a cent on sales tax of $10 to support public funding for the arts. Every county will be able decide whether or not they want to participate, and even if the county does not want to participate, cities can choose to do so.  She asked members of the Arts Council to reach out to elected officials and urge them to pass HB 1107.  There is state report for it; sponsors are J.T. Wilcox (r) and Gary Springer (d). She agreed email a complete list of sponsors to Amber for distribution.

Ms. Langley indicated that Arts Council members can connect with her via email at  The website is
Maggie Bennett – Observer, guest of Karen Kaser
Mercer Island Resident
Karen Kaser motioned to approve the regular Arts Council minutes of December 10, 2014 as presented.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair, Paulette Bufano
Paulette reported that new member, Jack Emick, was not able to make tonight’s meeting.
Paulette stated that she will be touching base with each program chair over the next month to talk about programs and the coming year.

Anna Gordon, Chair
Anna reported that she would like to see more opportunities to expand the literary and film programs into underserved areas of the population.  She indicated that she will approach Stroum Jewish Community Center to see if there is a possibility to do something with them.
Mostly Music in the Park (MMIP)
Karen Kaser, Chair
Karen reported that there have been over 30 submissions received to date.  Additionally, the JayMarc Homes representative is planning to survey residents to find out what kinds of music they would like to see represented.  The submission deadline is tomorrow.  The MMIP Committee will be meeting to review submissions and choose five bands for the 2015 season on January 26.   In addition to Karen, Erin, Suzanne, Anna and Paulette can attend. Amber reminded the Arts Council that in order to keep this a subcommittee meeting, there can be no more than 4 Arts Council members in attendance as five or more members would constitute a quorum.  Both Anna and Paulette agreed to be alternates. Karen will let them know. Amber asked that bands considered to be good, but not chosen be forwarded to her for consideration for Summer Celebration.

Karen will advise the bands via email as to whether or not they have been chosen.  It will also be posted on the website.
Indoor Gallery:
Linda Iwanyk, Chair
Linda reported that the latest show to be hung was on Saturday, January 3.  There are two artists – Randy Rehn and Gregory Shields.  The reception is tomorrow night, January 15, 2015.  She invited everyone to come to see the show.  She also thanked Karen Kaser, Maggie Bennett and Eileen Hemmis Trifts for hanging the show.
Public Art
An Tootill, Chair
No Report
Community Relations:
Chair, Vacant
No Report
Amber Britton
The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

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